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Ron Rambles….: Liberal smugness may lead to defeat in November.

Ron Rambles….: Liberal smugness may lead to defeat in November.:       Progressives these days  seem to have general agreement on many issues. It seems this  pack mentality can sometimes be irritating no…

Time for "Jeb" to come out of the Bush!

      Let’s be clear. Jeb Bush is fully engaged in the 2012 presidential election. He won’t run as a Republican from the “Republican party”.. ..he never planned to. Jeb is waiting to be “drafted” by American Elect 2012. It’s called plausible deniability. He has the cover he needs to “sell” the country about him doing the “patriotic thing” when AE2012 comes knocking on his door. The call to arms “by the people” will be too much for Jeb ..and he will give in to “popular”  demand and  carry the mantle for American’s Elect 2012. 

  For those that haven’t heard about Americans Elect 2012, and theirs many because the mainstream press isn’t  allowed to discuss it just yet. AE2012 is a third part nominating platform that is setting up shop in all 50 states. This is not the Independent part, or the Libertarian party…in fact it’s not a political party at all. It is the biggest and baddest  “superPAC” of them all. They have unlimited money to spend, and they are NOT required by law to disclose who their donors are.  Jeb is not “leaving” the Republicans. He will still be a Republican..he is just taking the party with him.

       Take sometime and really analyze Open your eyes wide and see what’s really going on in 2012. Forget the bullshit your hear in the media. Corporate America has a well designed plan in place to create maximum excitement this year. Google Peter Ackerman …google Dr Gene Sharp. Read about the non-violent revolution neo con dogma that’s the flavor of the decade. The mainstream press is not about to enlighten you, they are part and parcel of AE2012 and the corporate assault on the current two party system.

  In 2012 , we are going to see if corporate America can successfully privatize the presidential election. Several of the richest families in the world are financing  Americans Elect 2012. Why? Do you think they are interested in furthering Democracy, or do you think they are acting in their own self-interest? 

   Wake up America.!  Forget about the Republican side show and what the mainstream press is selling. Prepare for the real election…Romney is just a distraction, to be pushed aside for a more interesting choice. It’s going to be Bush and corporate America vs. POTUS. This plan has been cooking for years…and the water’s beginning to boil. Time to focus on the real battle of 2012! Time for Americans Elect to show their atleast America can make a choice with their eyes wide open!

Obamacare? Health Care Isn’t about one man-it’s everyman! Stop the name calling!

         Democrats and all other thoughtful Americans, we need to remove “OBAMA CARE” out of our lexicon. Somehow we’ve allowed the debate to be personalized around one person. Health care is in crisis, and it’s about every American..this is not about one’s about everyman.. Allowing ” Obama care” to continue trivializes the debate and  demeans us all.

      Can ordinary Americans like us get the message to the mass media and politicians that we don’t want to play there game. Health care and the debate about the best ways to proceed is an American group decision.
Why not call it what it is ” the affordable health care  act of 2010.” ..or any other sensible moniker that doesn’t demean the critical discussion that needs to happen. The health care act of 2010…will cover about 40 million Americans that never had coverage before. It won’t allow insurance to dodge responsibility when it comes to pre-existing conditions.  Has anyone noticed that the insurance companies DO NOT complain about this new plan. Lot’s of new customers in need of care..and the insurance companies are in business to do business with more people.

   So the biggest rub on the health care plan is that we are going to mandate young people to participate? Doesn’t social security mandate all workers to contribute. Where would we be without social security and medicare? Why is this such a bad thing that we ask all Americans to be part of the solution?

  The rank and file Americans like us need to chime in . Let’s re frame the debate to the benefit of all Americans. Health care isn’t about one man..let’s send a message …that we want a more thoughtful discussion and let’s drop the name calling!


Sleeper Tuesday- It’s the Mitt Juggernaut (Not)

         OK. So Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican standard bearer…no matter the results from  Tuesday’s primary. . As much as the media wants to make it a horse’s not. Romney will get the nomination.  He withstood a challenge from an obscure ex-senator who thinks its still 1955. He bested a broken down ex-speaker of the house whose Florida flame out will live in infamy. The truth be told, this election has nothing to do with Mitt Romney. Bozo the clown could nail down 40% of the vote in the general in a two way race.This election will be decided by the 20% in the middle..who will judge the POTUS by what happens in two critical areas.

    . What happens to the economy over the next 6 months, and what happens in the showdown with Iran.

       Despite a booming stock market and strong corporate profits, the reality is a much bleaker picture. Real unemployment is dangerously high. The 8.5% number quoted by the government really doesn’t tell the story. People who have dropped out of the work force are not included in this number. I  know many  people between 55 and 65 who are not working..or barely working..and kind of sliding into retirement not exactly of their own choosing. Many young people between in their 20’s and 30’s are still living at home or with relatives. Unlike previous generations, these young people are struggling ..even those with college educations.

   What happens with world event’s may be the biggest factor in November’s election. The Saber rattling  going on throughout the world is unsettling. Romney will be well advised to tone down the fighting words, wars are too easy to start…and never seem to end. While Obama has limited control on what events comes his way, how he handles it will be a key factor in holding together a majority of the electorate. Whatever you think of Iran, they well know a Republican victory will  mean Washington’s  capitulation to the hawks in Israel. Thinking here ..Iran will play  nice until the elections are in the books….they would prefer Obama. Despite stiff sanctions that are having a positive effect..Iran feels Obama may be worth waiting for. Indeed, thoughtful Americans should be resisting the urge to engage in nuclear conflict….nobody will come out ahead …let’s not prove the Mayans accurate.

  So, call Mitt the big winner tonight if you like. The truth of the matter is it really doesn’t matter. This election will be a referendum on Obama,and how he handles these two most troubling issues. Godspeed.  

Biggest Banks exploit disadvantaged for huge profits…

    You probably never heard of ” The Community Financial Services Association ” but they know all about you! This powerful industry lobbying group is the “front” person for all those big banks we know so well.
Their mission in life is to preserve current laws that allow payday lenders to exploit working people’s financial hardship for huge profit.

   To prevent excessive interests rates (usury) 13 states outlaw payday lending entirely. Most of the other 37 states have few restrictions. Companies like “Advance America”,  “Cash America” have had aggressive expansion throughout this country. Particularly in low income ,minority communities these legal “crack dealers” set up shop and engage in predatory lending. Guess who lent money to these whoremongers early on to fuel it’s expansion? Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America. In fact, BOA owns a significant stake in four out of five of the biggest pay day “lenders”. Why are  we allow big corporations to exploit and destroy working families. … to literally rape, pillage and plunder? These are the same banks we bailed out due to  predatory mortgage practices!  These banks that borrow at 1%..and re loan money out at interests rates of 300% or more? Do the voter’s of this country really want to sanction this type of business practices?

  Here’s a real world  Someone  close to me had a drug problem, and was hiding it from the world. To finance his/her cocaine addiction, this person resorted to short-term payday loans. It started out small at first, a couple hundred dollars here and there. As the addiction to drugs and the money needed to support the habit grew…the borrowing continued. The money kept rolling over as this addict had no way to repay the loan. Several months went by and low and behold, the mother of this addict received a call from  the payday company. The borrower in desperation had used this credit card for a few payday  payments. The payday person explained that money was owed, and the person defaulting would be subject to criminal prosecution if the bill went unpaid. To make a very ugly story short, $32,000 dollars was charged to her credit card. Being a proud person, this elderly person paid the bill, leaving her completely broke as 40,000 dollars was all she had to her name.

  So while the real world can be ugly,all kinds of people are being exploited. Our  biggest banks are  hiding behind lobby’s and front companies, pounding the old people, young people, people of all walks of life. These huge banks continue to exploit financial hardship for profits, and aggressively collect money anyway they can.  I heard  there is an election coming up this year. Do any of these candidates really care about protecting it’s citizens  from predatory lenders? Growth in lending has skyrocketed with Obama, so don’t claim he is any different from the Republicans..because the truth is he’s not. Big banks call the shots in America… Land of the free ..and home of big corporations…bleeding  it’s citizens every day. Is this the kind of country we want moving forward?….are we powerless to make changes ..are we unable to protect ourselves from the wolves?