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The perils of political polarization…Divide and conquer?

With Romney looking more and more like a sure bet for the’s time to consider the ramifications of an Obama/Romney slug-fest. It’s clear their is little common ground between the two. Actually, the amount of common ground that exists between the Republicans and Democrats parties these days is practically non-existent. This sets up for a very divisive campaign.

It’s disquieting to watch the various news accounts about  Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The liberal media describes each in certain terms. Turn on conservative programing, and they have a completely different perspective and take on the incident. These days I turn to neither Fox news or MSNBC…I feel like I’m getting spun on either channel…can someone just give me the news and let me decide how I feel? It really shouldn’t be a Repub vs Dem issue…but it sure feels that what it’s turning into.

The constitutionality of the Affordable Health care act is under formal debate in the supreme court.  However that’s decided, this is more red meat for this dysfunctional country. Progressives and Conservatives each lined up in their intransigent positions. ..some large group is going to be very unhappy. In hindsight, it would have behooved POTUS to include atleast some Republican support in the original legislation. Obama tried to do too much without any bipartisan support…look for old 5 to 4 to hand POTUS a setback. …the perils of political polarization…

Is Romney really against planned parenthood? I find his position shocking and a betrayal to not only all women-but all human beings . Does he honestly feel they don’t perform an important function?  Does Romney realize for millions of women this is the ONLY medical care they might get? This is not a conservative vs liberal issue…at-least it shouldn’t be. Don’t conservative people give birth to girls too? Is health care in America just a privilege? Are we really discussing  the merits of contraception in 2012? Were still debating abortion issues decided decades ago. How can rehashing history move our county forward?

Can we move past the dishonest dialogue of Democrats raising taxes on the rich…and Republicans cutting taxes further for corporation and the well to do? The real debate is much more complicated, and tax policy and this country can’t make progress when we continue to paint each other into the corner. It’s not an all or nothing debate..neither side has an exclusive on the truth..can we forge consensus and make progress.There’s a host of other issues that continue to polarize as well. LGBT issues , lack of equal justice via the death pentalty .gun control and the future of public education. It really does seem that both political sides are both so dug in that real progress might be impossible.

We shall find out in the coming months if the ramifications of political polarization give rise to a new political force in this country. The majority of Americans that find themselves not far right or far left….actually comprise the biggest power group in the country. The “RADICAL MIDDLE” is upset and underrepresented!  With  a big opening right up the middle..does American Elect 2012..plan to divide and conquer…and take advantage of our political polarization?




Is American Elect 2012 dishonest? Are they telling us lies?

   Everyone seems to be selling something these days. So what’s up with American Elect 2012? What’s really going on with this shadowy 501c 4 super PAC? What are they selling?    Americans Elect email- dated 3/27/2012:

    ” The first round of American Elect 2012 is now only 41 days away  and thanks to many
American Elect 2012 delegates,were now 324 donations closer to our goal of 1000 donations!.
Make a donation-every bit helps..encourage friends and family to sign-up and make a donation
. Use facebook/twitter and email get the work out to anyone you might know who wants more power
   in choosing our next leader.In 41 days, you will begin narrowing the field .Not only will you be moving one step closer to directly nominate a presidential will be sending the largest message yet to the parties ..that 2012 is a three-way race.”

How stupid do these ad writers think we are?. They are posturing as this little homespun  exercise in Democracy.  You might ask why are billionaires even bothering to raise donations? ….it’s  because they need to establish some street cred  with the rank and file. They are trying to parlay voter discontent into a “contrived” movement of the middle class. Do you really think they have 324 donations on hand? Do you really think these billionaires lofty goal is 1000 donors? You would imagine these hedge/funds, big banks,oil and coal interests…You would aim higher than 1000 donors? …LOL! …can you feel when your being sold a load of BULLSHIT ?  AE2012 is selling us  hard …to give the appearance of building a grassroots movement. Tell your friends..every bit helps…give me a break…a dozen unnamed fat cats bankrolled this movement to privatize the presidency…..they aren’t really interested in your 20 bucks…that’s just the script.They say “you’ will directly nominate a presidential ticket…by the way..its not  true. AE2012 private councill will officially sanction the final ticket..again..salesmanship. Ma and pa kettle..send the largest message yet that this is a three-way race….and “you” have more power.  Be prepared American voter, this is just a prelude. The mainstream media is set to propel American Elect 2012 into this special “movement’. They’re entry into the mainstream lexicon is just weeks away.

Perhaps it’s time for some questions of American Elect 2012… long can these anonymous donors hide behind the middle class.? Why not just tell us what your really selling…..corporate dominance of the 99%…..the privatization of the presidency….not your hopes in capturing 676 more donations!  

Santorum swan song- Romney reigns for Republicans……..

          The end is near for Rick Santorum. He gave a good effort and added interest to the Republican battle for nomination. With the remaining delegates concentrated in large, big media states… reality is setting in for the upstart from Pennsylvania. If it were not for Romney’s constant self-inflicted wounds..things would have been settled long ago. Santoum’s movement was given “life” time and again by Mitt’s musings..but time and money have finally  run out. The prospect’s of a brokered convention have faded, and very soon, all talk will turn to November’s general election.

    What has been a weakness for Romney all along will now turn in his favor. His “severely ” conservative outlook will soon be magically transformed into a more centrist position. The country is very much split down the middle, with a solid 40% of the vote for Romney,and 40% of the vote for the POTUS.Their is nothing Romney can do to lose the conservative vote. They will not ever vote for Obama, and they will turn out and vote..motivated more against the POTUS than for Romney .  The real election will take place convincing the 20% in the middle which way to turn. The same deal with the states in a two-way election.  Many states are pretty much pre-determined which way they are going to go. No matter what happens in the coming 6 months, Texas is not going for Obama, and California is not going to catch Mitt madness.

   The battleground states of Florida and Ohio will loom the largest. These two major states will determine our next president. These states have had a really tough struggle economically…and should be fertile ground for a Romney economic message that will be tailored made to appeal to each state. Distress over the weak economy is palatable, and the independent vote will follow their pocket book. When push comes to shove, issues like “Obama care” and “foreign policy’ will be largely pushed to the a secondary position.

   It’s all about jobs and survival for many voters. Which ever candidate can instill the most confidence in the voters as to their potential to turn around the economy…will capture the White House. The proof will be in the pudding ..and should the economic malaise continue…Romney will be in a position to win. No longer “severley” conservation, Mitt will soon morph into a center-right candidate ..who will bring more jobs and lower taxes…just what the doctor ordered for Ohio and Florida.

The world is watching you Florida…Can you lead us forward?

      Florida’s 2005 “stand your ground” legislation was embraced  by 21 other states after it made its way through the Florida legislature. Florida’s interpretation of the use of deadly force in “self-defense” is at the heart of the controversy. Florida’s law allows the use of self-defense when there is “reasonable”belief of a threat. With no obligation to retreat first..”stand your ground” is a defense
against criminal charges. It applies not just in your home or car…but any public place. Florida’s loose gun laws,no required registration,unlicensed gun dealers and allowing of  assault weapons…make you wonder if the mentality in the state  encourages  vigilante justice.   It’s hard to figure  with multiple eye witnesses  disputing the shooters story..and the shooter spouting a racial epithet while engaged on his mission ..we allow this man to stay free of jail . He has some legal problems in his past.If he was high or drunk that fateful night when he killed the young 17yr old man..we will never know. Police  managed to drug test the young black man that was killed, but no drug or alcohol test for the killer. Seems uneven…at best.

   The world is watching,-  …it now appears that the shooter may have until  April 10th before he might  be arrested. This could be a big mistake.. The facts seem clear enough…let’s not take a chance this man could dodge responsibilities. Maybe he will grab his passport and disappear ,nothing stopping him now. I  suggest he might be a flight risk  ..and he could make an exit before being his potential arrest. This would really be upsetting,so an arrest immediately and turning over his passport seems to be in order.

How Florida handles this case in the next coming days and weeks will set the tone for future gun legislation..and the future perception of Florida. It would be nice to think some day soon legislation will be balanced ,sensible and fair. Up until now, the NRA has has a disproportionate influence on gun policy. With the world watching this story…one of the biggest stories of the year….Your on  Florida….
time to demonstrate leadership..and show the world why America is such a great place to live.

Shoot first..ask questions later…. ?

      Florida’s “stand your ground” ..justifiable use of deadly force finally going to get the scrutiny that it didn’t receive before becoming law in 2005. The brutal killing of a 17year old , Trayvon Martin has spotlighted the sheer craziness of  this law. This NRA inspired legislation  essentially allows anybody to shoot first if you “reasonably” feel your life is in jeporady. Jeb Bush signed this bill into law..saying in 2005, that to “retreat puts the potential victim in a precarious situation’. Seems the law abiding citizens of the sunshine state are the ones in a precarious situation…especially if the color of your skin doesn’t sit well with the ones handing out “vigilante justice.”

   Not only did the shooter not get arrested, he didn’t even receive a drug or alcohol test after the shooting..only  the victim received a drug screening . Wouldn’t it be standard procedure to make sure the gun wielding supposed “potential victim’..was not under the influence. ? My employer will automatically drug test for any ‘accident at work”…hurt yourself in the warehouse with a hammer..drug test…slaughter an innocent teenager…no drug testing!  This is outrageous..and speaks to the influence of the NRA and the the sheer madness of the lunatics crafting our legislation.

Since enactment of  this legislation, “justifiable” homicides have more than tripled in the state. No federal law prohibits the self-defense justification of  “stand your ground”. It seems to me we do need federal protection from the “states rights” people run amok. . No license required in Florida ,no mandated registration. Florida does not even regulate the sale of assault weapons. The stand your ground bill even extends to public places…you can hunt your prey..kill them..just claim self-defense…and you can’t even get arrested or drug tested at the scene..just claim “self-defense”and your good to go.

  Does anybody really feel if the tables were turned no arrest would have been made? A young black man claiming self-defense…shooting an unarmed light skinned man?  Thinking he would have been arrested and held without bail….that’s if he even made it to the jail in one piece.The federal government has a duty and obligation to protect all its citizens. The NRA has  overwhelmed  common sense …and civic responsibility. . Can we take control of the country and protect all people equally? The shoot first..ask questions later mentality is a serious blunder and perversion of the constitution….time for the people to take control and truly protect  its citizens. Vigilante justice has no place in shouldn’t matter what state you live in.


Forget the endorsement- Bush still a threat….

      Don’t be fooled by Jeb Bush’s belated endorsement of Mitt  Romney. If he didn’t endorse soon..everybody would have been wondering..hey what’s up with that? . Jeb is now free of any scrutiny,and if it comes to a brokered convention or 3rd party draft…he did his part..his hands are clean!! Plausible deniability  doesn’t get better than this.  It’s now more than speculation that we may be  looking at a deadlocked convention. At first blush you might think this is good news for the Democrats…but this could the worst case scenario for progressive hoping to send POTUS back for a second term.

   The Romney machine continues on self-destruct it a dog on the roof or a political advisor seemingly on truth crack. Romney has burnt his bridges..and has diminished his chances of capturing the White House. . Rick Santorum has put in an impressive run, he would have been just an asterisk if Romney had not imploded. Santorum’s is not a real presidential candidate, lets face the facts. His routine  might play well to the religious right, but in a general election he is DOA.

  So, who is waiting in the wings…our man Jeb Bush. What a strong general election candidate he would make. Anybody that pays attention ..knows that Jeb Bush wants to be president…in 2012! Media reports out of China, alleged that Henry Kissinger told the Chinese in January of this year.. ….that American/Chinese relations will be strong again..after Jeb Bush is nominated in a brokered convention. Kissinger reportedly went on to explain “the math” to the astute Chinese…assuring them that the Republicans will be unable to nominate after a first ballot…and that the “powers to be” are waiting to “bailout” the beleaguered conservatives…and bring a ‘gift” to Democracy by dropping Bush #3 in for the nomination.

 This scenario is looking  more likely each day. While nobody months ago could have counted on Romney’s reversal of fortunes..the Bush clan had  already geared  up for big show possibilities. American Elects 2012….. a first time  3rd party nominating platform that will be on the ballot  in all 50 states..As it is with a brokered convention looming.. AE2012 may turn out to be just an insurance policy for the .1% of the 1%! …they now have a much easier opening to the big prize.

  . As much as loyal Democrats would like not to admit…Jeb Bush on a  Republican ticket would be very competitive in a two way battle for the White House. Bush is poised to save the day at the deadlocked convention. Santorum places second on the ticket..and Romney fades into the sunset. Forget the endorsement…this could just be a head fake on the way to the White House.The .1 of 1% that calls the shots means business..they will do whatever it takes to move to front of the line …..!

Mitt should be nicer to dogs. Santorum barks in Illinois

     . The Santorum campaign is riding the wave of a big southern win..helped in part by a cheesy grit named Mitt. The combination of real momentum 7 days before Illinois ..and  rejection of Romney,creates a perfect storm for the upstart from Transylvania.. Toss in the extra bone of Mitt’s cruelty to pets..the writing is on the ball..wooff..wooff… A combination of Rick’s boyish charm and Mitt’s boorish ways have paved the way for what “appears to be”  a surprise standard bearer for the Republicans.

   After spending 50 years in Illinois, and living in all areas of the state…seems the Santorum train will keep on rolling. While the 7 county Chicago area contains about 8 million people..the state is large and another 5 million people live a more rural life. In many respects, those 5 million people, both look and act like the people from Iowa. It’s a very conservative, religious bunch who will be very motivated to pin a star on Ricky S. Turnout in the rural area will be high for Santorum..and subdued for Romney..this adds up to trouble for the “severely” conservative.

  Now, let’s look at the larger group of Republicans that comprise what normally would be safe turf for Romney. These  suburban voters are more wealthy and moderate(and they LOVE their pets) . At first blush it would seem like easy pickings for the Romney rascals..but me thinks it’s going to be much tougher than Romney ever imagined. He is a flawed candidate …whose sinking popularity is irreversible. The voters can sense the insincerity,and the street smart bunch from Illinois knows the score..  Santorum is being  buried in negative ads….  being out spent atleast 10 to 1. Polls show Romney ahead by 10 points going into the weekend…he will be lucky to hold onto any lead at all come Tuesday night.

  It seems like this is a dream scenario for the Democrats. But, when anything looks too good to be true ….it usually is. Obama’s race to the 2nd term will be much bumpier and tougher than conventional wisdom. With the Republicans caught with their pants down, their’s opportunists gearing up. The run to the White House continues..with an unlikely Santorum about to be solidified as the front-runner with a big lift from the prairie state!



Any strong 3rd party bid unseats Obama-"House" rules.

       Here’s the facts. In 1824, no nominee received over 50%  of the electoral college delegates. The 12th amendment then comes into play as the “house” decides the presidential winner, the senate chooses the Vice-President. Almost 200 years later, the electoral college remains the same antiquated system.

   The brain trust over at American Elects 2012 is quite aware of this. They have already made provisions to deal with this. Whoever gets the nomination  from Americans Elect 2012…the opposite party MUST be selected as the Vice-President. Does anyone else think it’s odd that the Bush family is supposedly sitting on it’s hands waiting for 2016? Jeb could have secured the nomination with ease…why didn’t he run? Everyone knows he wants to be president.

  He didn’t “run” because he just needs to be “drafted” by AE2012 Internet nominating process.  The Bush clan and his fellow neo-cons are making an end run around Democracy. They plan to take advantage of this loophole..and use the 12th amendment to steal the White House from Obama by a technical knockout
 All a 3rd party has to do is make sure Obama doesn’t receive 50.1% of the electoral college. Let’s assume their candidate is Jeb Bush….and the SOUTHERN STRATEGY kicks in. Both Romney and Obama struggle in the south…and Jeb figures to take Texas and Florida in a 3 way battle.  So if the Bush clan wins these two states, most of the other smaller southern states..and captures some fly-over western states..the election is thrown to the  Republican friendly “house”. The house decides the vote on a one state-one vote system.Wyoming and Montana count as much as New york and California. As the house tilts to the right..chances of Obama prevailing are slim to none.Even if Obama wins 60% of the popular vote…he can  lose. Yes, the president could  lose with 60% of the popular vote…all that matters is the electoral college. To all thoughtful Americans …time to start asking some questions of all our leaders. It’s painfully obvious the mainstream press is NOT going to educate us. Don’t wait for the New York Times to tell you about this…they are co-creators of American Elect 2012.

  The moral of the story? Let’s expose American Elect 2012 for what they are. Let’s be pro-active and make sure their little scheme doesn’t come to pass. The billionaires behind AE2012 mean business..they are not spending their money out of their “love” for Democracy. . We cannot allow the 1% to pull off this sneak attack …..wake up …wake up… the gangs all here…are we ready for it? .America..time to make sure the people rule..not the “HOUSE”!     

1824 revisited? Electoral college calamity. Election to be decided by congress?

        In 1824, the presidential election was thrown into chaos as a 4 way battle resulted in no nominee being able to capture 50% of the electoral college. Andrew Jackson received 41% of the electoral college delegates…and John Quincy Adams received just 30 %. Since no candidate had a majority of the delegates, the presidential election got thrown back in the House of Representatives. The 12th amendment mandates the house decide the presidential winner by a one state- one vote showdown. The law remains the same today…..and it’s ramifications on  this years election may be immense. .

     In 2012, there will be a 3way battle for the White House. One of these days the media’s is actually going to share that fact with the rest of the country…..but only when the New York Times et all are ready to take us on their journey into uncharted territory. A third party nominating platform will  have ballot access in all 50 states. They will select an Internet nominee through a nominating process. 6 qualified candidates will be ‘drafted” by the public. One lucky politician is going to get “the yellow brook road” to the White House.

   Yes, their is a Santa Claus after all ..just ” follow the money”!!!..The billionaires are lining up behind the 3rd party nominating platform called American Elect 2012. Hedge funds, big banks, oil money are all quietly waiting to take the presidential election private. The insiders choice for Americans Elect presidential candidate is Jeb Bush. Make no mistake, Jeb is running for the presidency…but not in the traditional sense. He will be the “draft” choice of AE2012. How could any patriotic American turn down a “set-up” like this……

 So, let’s  look at reality. Whether it’s Romney or Santorum it makes no difference. The Republican brand is forever damaged..but worry not despots..the 3rd party will fill the void. Romney is very weak in the southern and non-Mormon western states. The only candidate that is weaker that Romney in those states is Obama! You starting to get he picture?? In a 3-way battle for each states electoral votes, who do you think might fair the best in these states? Jeb Bush is idolized in Florida..and has tremendous support here. Obama is not very popular..and the days of the Jewish vote carrying Obama in Florida are over. Apprehension over Israel and Iran are going to neutralize the Jewish vote. The Hispanic vote will go Jeb ..big..and bi-partisian.

  So, Florida goes to Bush. Texas goes to Bush. In fact, I can’t think of a southern states that Bush wouldn’t capture. He will also take small population fly over states in the west.These states  will be the deciding states if this election goes back to the House of representatives.Why? If no candidate secures 50% of the electoral college…the president is selected by the house on a one state-one vote election. So Wyoming will have the same influence as New York!!! The senate has no say so whatsoever..they get the booby prize and select the Vice-president.Do the math. Obama will likely hold Illinois, New York and California..but it won’t matter if he doesn’t lock up 50%. Romney will win a handful of states…a few Eastern  states and a few Mormon hot spots.In a 3 way battle..if this is thrown back to the house of representatives, they will have no choice but to select he will win a clear plurality of the states

Look for this election to go to the supreme court for final disposition. ..and guess what..the 5-to 4 decision that brought American Elect to life(UNLIMITED SUPER PAC $$) ..will surely render Jr. Bush the winner once again. This is a nightmare that is way too’s no dream..history has away of repeating itself!!

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