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Only Romney could turn Santorum into a monster!

     Our beleagured best friend the Democrats ever had, Mitt “goose” Romney is hellbent on turning around his fortunes in Michigan. He and his super pac pals ar buying up airtime in Michigan in numbers never quite seen before. Mark Febuary 28th down as the day the “goose ” gets cooked.

   All the money in the world won’t make Mitt Romney presidential material. If “goose” really wanted to be president of the United States, someone should have told him not to have out-sourced his cash to the Cayman Islands. You think he would have released 12 years worth of tax returns as his father advised all presidential candidates to do.Alas, he wasn’t prepared to release anything until he felt he had no choice.

   Are you as insulted as I feel? Romney had no plans to share with us lots of pertinent information. Only when he was looking at the gates of hell, did he relent to the release of the 2 most santized years of his tax returns. What other goodies do you think lurk behind the 10 years of tax returns the public will never see?
For that matter, what should we think about a man that pretends to take this high road, but then bulldozed Gingrich in an obscence array of negative ads in naive Iowa. While he was blowing up Gingrich with nuclear attacks, and Gingrich responding back as much as he could$$..little Rick Santorum snuck in under the radar and pulled off a big surprise…winning Iowa outright.

   How about Mitt pulling out all the stops in Maine..buying  up all the seats at CPAC convention to rig the outcome of the straw poll…that he barely manged to win despite his cheating ways.This man is disgraceful, and now in Michigan things will turn as ugly as it gets. Negativity will abound, and remarkably enough, Romney’s super packs are still aiming at Newt Gingrich? Newt, he vanished into the wind  after his Florida meltdown,never to be heard of again. Someone should tell Romney’s people what happened…maybe they were vacationing  in the Caymans.

      His even mention of Gingrich at this point just points to Romney’s incompetence. Every vote Gingrich doesn’t get is a vote going over to little Ricky Santorum. Romney managed to take an obscure right-wing ex-senator ..whose claim to fame was his ‘ sticky google issue”..and turned him into a monster. Only Mitt and his people could have pulled this off. Look for the incompetence to continue…..and some goose cooking in Romney’s Michigan meltdown February 28th!

Santorum’s "rolling in the deep"!

    Rick Santorum is the last Republican standing. He’s held steadfast as his two main rivals engaged in slow motion suicide. It’s time for the media to realize the story is no longer about Mitt Romney, best turn your attention to Santorum and his rise to the top of the ranks of the Republican party.

  At the end of 2011, Romney’s campaign had amast nearly 20 million dollars for his presidential run. At the same time, Santorum had all of 280,000. Amost a 20 to 1 edge for the really rich guy. Alas, in the last 3 days, seems everybody wants to back a winner. A million a day keeps the doctor away, and Santorum’s “rolling in the deep”!

           . Gingrich’s departure from the race has ushered in the Rick Santorum movement. The right of center troops have their guy to rally around.  Santorum’s slow steady rise appears to have staying power. He is surging in the next two primaries two weeks from now. If the trends hold..look for an overwhelming win for Santorum in Michigan. Arizona has been solidily in Romney’s corner, but like Colorado earlier, Arizona feels like it’s going to go into the win column for Santorum.

    Even Republicans don’t care for wealthy tax dodgers. Romney talks a big game, but when it comes up to repairing the “net” for the poor,..his money and moral responsibility have been out-sourced to the Camyan’s. Now we all know why Romney was so reluctant to reveal his tax returns. It’s a bad ad and reveals his true level of sympathy for the middle class. No amount of money can turn Romney into presidential timber.

  Rick Santorum is a whole different story. His rags to riches tale will sit very well with the voters. The guy has appeal to independents and conservative Democrats. The sooner we give him the respect for his level of support, the sooner the Democrats will have a chance to hold the White House. BEWARE of demonising somone for his heartfelt religiously based beliefs. While his abortion and gay right stance may be way more conservative than us “progressives” would ever agree with….we need to respect everybodys beliefs. We need to treat Christians with the same respect as everybody else, religious freedom is what makes us great. One man is not defined by one or two issues. We have a myraid of important issues ahead, and Santorums hawkish stance on Iran, unyeilding support of Israel and strong fiscal discipline may be a good combination for our country.  Santorum is here to stay, he’s is just plan on a roll… all the way to the White House?

Romney rejected- The south can smell a cheeseball!

     Romney’s slow and steady fade is not changing directions. His pandering to the “cheesy grits” crowd  in the south was just too much. He even claims today that he is way to the right of Rick Santorum. ..and that’s just an impossibility. There was never any passion for Mitt…and his best days are behind him. If this dude really wanted to be president, why did he park his money in the Cayman Islands?

  Even  Independents and Republicans don’t take kindly to the very rich taking advantage of the tax laws to legally evade  moral responsibility. The media still hasn’t really come to terms with this. Romney says he’s the guy to help mend the safety net for the very poor…so he doesn’t worry too much about them…and by the way,the  money to fix that safety sure isn’t coming via Romney’s offshore account’s. His tin ear towards the working class is almost unbelievable. This man does not belong as the leader of the people.

       Believe it or not, Santorum is clearly now the front runner and all the momentum is full steam ahead .The trend is unmistakable and it will   not be turning around for uncle Mitt. Illinois is coming up soon, and Gingrich will be a non-factor whether he folds or not. This will be a big state showdown..and Santorum figures to give Mitt a real challenge. Sensing here  the wheels are coming off the Romney train.. and give the voters credit for smelling out a fake! . Whatever you think of Santorum, he has his principles and sticks to them..rain or shine.

   Romney’s been a flip-flopping ..plain old liar. He is phony..and everybody knows it.  Only Romney could turn Santorum into a heavyweight contender..but he did just that. All the money in the world can’t turn Romney into a president.He’s a fallen man..and he’s definitely not getting back up!


Health care in America- Lose your job- Lose your life.

   With all our bickering about various issues, it seems there’s a really important issue that I suspect a solid majority of Americans  can agree upon. No matter your party affiliation, all Americans deserve humane treatment. We all deserve access to health care. Everybody wants happiness…and none of us want to suffer.

  Yet we allow corporate America be the purveyors of our health care. Things are out of control. Imagine this story…its all true. You work for the same company for 12 years. Your one of the leaders in your company. You train people,you’ve dedicated your best years to this company.

  Your wife has a heart attack and is recovering in the hospital. You spend your week with your wife at the hospital while also trying to  working your normal schedule.Things are tough and you just have to gut it out,work and care for your wife.

   On Monday during your work day, you receive a 50.00 dollar cash deposit from a client. It’s Monday afternoon..and company policy requires  either same day deposits or first thing in the AM on the next business day. You leave work Monday  and race to the hospital to be with your spouse. It’s a tough, sleepless night and another work day ahead. Tuesday comes and your back at work.
The day is busy..and Tuesday evening you race off to the hospital to be there once again for your spouse.

  Wednesday comes and an email comes in from home office. Loss prevention is looking for a missing deposit. Indeed, the manager in charge did not get the money in the bank until Wednesday…a violation of the rules. The manager takes responsibility for the delay, explaining to his superiors about his very difficult week. Indeed, his district and regional managers both knew about his wife’s illness..

 Never the less, Loss prevention calls on Thursday’s and orders the district manager to terminate employment. Explaining that the company would open themselves up for lawsuit if they gave him a break, the 12 year veteran is terminated. Before the days is completed, home office calls to make sure the employee was dropped from the insurance.

  So there you have it. Now this honorable man has lost his insurance. He has no choice but to either cobra or become a ward of the state. The cobra payment is 50% of  his  pay….of course he no longer has a job. Just to make it worse, because he was fired for what’s consider misconduct the company is fighting unemployment benefits. How could we all sit by and let this happen to our fellow Americans?. We all need health care, rich and poor, young and old. Can we all come together and change the system…why are some people better than others?..were all human beings…we all need to be treated with respect.  


Tax money/food stamps- Junk food junkies?

   Food stamps, otherwise known as electronic benefit transfer (ebt) are now a lifeline to 43 million Americans. While this program has never been more needed, both sides of the aisle really need to look at some sensibles reforms. Why would we sanction the purchase of deadly food via taxpayer money?

  With health care costs out of control, why in the world would we allow our taxpayer money used for Ho-Ho’s and soda pop ? With the advent of computerization and bar codes, it would be quite easy to disqualify foods that are not in the best interest of both the consumers and taxpayers.

   The need for assistance is there, at the same time we know what foods are driving up health care costs. Why can’t the right an left get together and pass some common sense legislation that’s in every body’s best interest. Unhealthy  food  creates obesity,high blood pressure and added costs to our health care system. Why would we allow that?  Do you think Coke and Pepsi and Nabisco are calling the shots here? They  would be upset if their products were excluded!  Time to stand up and say too damn bad.! .These are the same corporations doing everything they can to dodge their tax burden, but push their poison that drives up health cares costs ..leaving 50 million plus uninsured..with taxpayers (mostly what’s left of the middle class) to pick up the tab.

  Kudos’s to state senator Ronda Storms in Florida. She is a conservative Republican with plenty of positions many Democrats can take issue with. Sometimes, the opposition does come up with some good ideas, and we have to be grown enough to realize neither political party is right every time. Storms suggest not allowing ebt cards to be used out of state cash withdrawals. Vacations to the Bahamas on our ebt cards should be prohibited, I don’t think that’s unreasonable.  The cards are basically debit cards. No automated teller machines anywhere close to gambling establishments..and strip club’s (now allowed)  would be able to dispense cash. No ebt funds can be use for alcohol or cigarette purchases..and would exclude the foods with no nutritional value that poisoning Americans. I work with many Europeans and South Americans, they cant believe the lack of restraint and common food sense that Americans display.

Republicans can have good ideas too. This is one of them. We should come together as a country, and protect both the taxpayer and the recipient’s of food stamps. It;s in everybody best interest.Let’s tell our legislators what we want…they work for us…right?  

Why Santorum could win the presidency…

      What a fun race the Republicans are putting on. Herman Cain, Rick Perry..Newt Gingrich,it’s been a real cast of characters. Now it’s down to three…Romney in front despite himself, ,Gingrich is  just about out of gas and  cash… and sly Rick Santorum sitting in a sweet spot. As the last conservative standing, Santorum’s appeal is real. He was an upset winner in Iowa, and leads comfortably in upcoming Missouri.and Minnesota.  After that,some 40 states have yet to speak!
                  Romney’s is going to have major problems in the general election. A smug out of touch tax dodging millionaire doesn’t really sell so well..Polls show as the race moves ahead, fewer and fewer people like the passionless multi-millionaire.  If the Republicans are going to win in November, they need  support from middle America.  Rick Santorum public school upbringing  and his non-millionaire persona is just what the doctor ordered for Republicans. Joe “lunch bucket  “can relate to Santorum.

     Then there’s a wild card issue that  may change everything. Iran and Israel are in a showdown year, and danger abounds. Santorum is well known for his Iran expertize..having championed legislation that toughend sanctions. He is the most hawkish and most experienced candidate besides Obama in regards to the mideast. Many Democrats are nervous about Obama’s ambivalance in his level of  dedication to the state of Israel. Israel is an issue that ties conservatives with Jewish vote. That can be very key in states like Ohio, Florida and  even New York. Obama and America are going to have some decisions to make, weakness plays intio the hands of Santorum and the Republicans.

      With Romney in a slow and steady death march and Gingrich effectively out of the race, Santorum looms large. As a Democratic supporter , I would love to run against Romney or Gingrich,Santorum’s a different story. Hisc middle class appeal, guts and foreign policy acumen make him the toughest candidate in the general election. ………but shhh…we don’t want to help those Republicans……maybe they will nominate Romney? , he’s a gift that keeps on giving!.  

Republican’s darkhorse nominee?

Written and posted 2/2/2012
   No matter what you think of Rick Santorum’s politics, his debate performance and demeanor
has been a breathe of fresh air. As Gingrich and Romney continue to beat each other silly, Santorum
looks increasing interesting as the dark horse possibility.  Romney has real problems, his tax issues  and private sector  job busting acumen will not play well in the general election. Gingrich is no longer  a viable right wing alternative. His Florida election evening address was downright scary, he effectively ended any chance of ending up as the nominee.

   Intrade currently list Romney as an 88% chance of becoming the Republican nominee. Santorum is given a 2% chance . I think as Romney continues to reveal his true self and Gingrich continues his meltdown, Santorum will gain strength. It’s likely in the next several primaires/causcuses..Santorum’s market share will rise as both Gingrich and Romney negative ad’s and personal foibles add up.

  I’m quite sure a  Santorum/Obama debate would be energetic. Santorum could more than hold his own…he can  bring the right wing together. I think his common man non-millionaire persona will also play well. I can see him  getting some  support from independents and conservative Democrats. He can be a formidable candidate in the general election. Looking ahead in the near term, watch Santorum’s support increase along with his  delegate count. He is staying in this race because he should . Gingrich may fold very soon … he and  his backers will support Santorum,they really don’t like Mitt Romney . Rick Santorum may be a  more electable candidate than  Mitt Romney. You can get about 45 to 1 odds on Santorum winning the nomination…their might be more value to that proposition then meets the eye!

Republican’s reeling….Romney not the answere…..

     Mitt Romney is out of the closet. We suspected he was insensitive to the plight of the poor. Just one day after his Florida victory, he took to national television to say as much. He is “not worried about the very poor”…adding that their’s safety nets in place and if they need some fixing,he’s the guy that will do it!  Right. He’s the POSTER BOY for the last guy that want’s to help. He’s the guy that avoids paying taxes. He’s the guying moving his money to the Cayman islands.

         What do you think Romney considers the very poor? I imagine anyone making 10.00 dollars an hour or less would qualify in his eyes? That’s $26,000 a year or less. Someone might want to let Romney know that over 50% of American’s fall into this category. This man is so out of touch with the country he aims to lead it’s almost laughable,if it weren’t so damn sad.

      Over 40% of the voter’s casting ballot’s in Florida want another candidate to step forward. That’s an unheard number this late into a nominating process. What will the Republicans do?. Stand with  Mitt and watch Obama cruise to an easy victory? Or do they look to the only other possibility to unseat Obama?

   How could they keep Obama out of the whitehouse if Romney isn’t able to seriously challenge.? Well, don’t look now but there is a 3rd party gearing up for a run at the presidency. Corporate America has secured it’s place on the November ballot. So you ask, if there was a serious 3rd party candidate wouldn’t the media be talking about it?  The media is part and parcel of the revolution of the radical middle in American politics. The New York Times and GE are  cheerleaders for American Elect….leading the way towards a bi-partisian whitehouse. .

  American’s Elect 2012 is a nominating platform that will offer up it’s own internet selection. Voters like you and me are supposedly going to pick a candidate, subject to the approval of the board of directors of American Elect 2012.! It’s Democracy, just as long as you pick the candidate that American Elect  would like. An interesting stipulation is that American’s Elect must nominate a representative from both parties. Curious how interested in writing  Jeb Bush has become!.. Writing  op ed colums for the New York Times and the Washington Post..while refusing to endorse Romney in Florida’s Republican primary. One has to wonder if he’s telegraphing some upcoming events?

  It’s long been rumored that Bill Clinton has his ire set on President Obama. What if Hillary resigns as expected sometime in the coming months. Do you think it’s possible that American’s Elect already has it’s ticket? Either Bush/Clinton or Clinton/Bush…with the flip of a coin decided by the “internet?” If you think it’s been interesting so far, hang on to your hat’s. Big-time money is involved in Amiercian Elect they say follow the money..all the way to the Bank…..of America and it’s allies.   


Toast in Texas – Unequal Justice?

            As we  continue to execute death row inmates , questions continue about the fairness of how we decide who lives and who dies.  Decades into the same debate, the public rightly questions how the ultimate penalty is administered. 2012’s  busiest death state,Texas, is  responsible for 33% of the nations executions. 70% of Texas’s death row inmates are minorities.  While the  south has  a history of “separate or unequal” justice, racial disparities exist throughout the entire nation. In Texas however, white victims get the death penalty verdict 4 times more often the a black victim. So what makes Texas different?

    In Texas, the local judges are elected. The “tough of crime” mantra is the way these judges get re-elected.
  These politician/judges tend to be less professional , they are in the judging “business”, not selected on the basis of their judiciary acumen. Texas courts also look to court-appointed attorneys to handle their capital cases. Most of these young attorneys have no experience in death penalty cases. Texas also feature’s  expeditied appeals, so the time between conviction and execution is short. For good measure, add the fact that local prosecutors decide who is good for the death penalty and who is not…and the local prosecutors are over 95% white.The deck is really stacked against the minority population, not only in Texas but throughout the court system.

   So, it’s a combination of politician judges trying to keep their jobs, and weak representation in the court of law, expedited appeals and zealous local prosecutors.  Everybody say’s they’re  interested in justice, and you can make the case that some crimes are so heinous that a death penalty is warranted. However, when were not able to dispense justice fairly, best to err on the side of caution. They southern states have a history of slavery and lynchings, but that’s suppose to be in  the past? Things are suppose to be more advanced today. It’s equal justice under the law..right.? ..even in Texas!