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A billion reason’s the mainstream media swallows..

       Why won’t the mainstream press inform the voters about American Elect 2012 and their dubious intentions to privatize the presidency? There is some powerful information being withheld to the voting public. Is the mainstream media intimidated by superPAC’S?. Is the  media  playing nice so they can ring up some enormous profits for their stockholders? Recent legislation allowing unlimited spending by un-named donors is a media moguls wet dream. Should we be upset that much of the  media has prostituted itself for cash..or is the middle class numb to being left out of the loop?

      The American media is now owned and operated for the benefit of the rich and powerful. . Billionaires with deep pockets are ready to spend an unlimited amount of money…. to hire their own president to run things in Washington. Media  giants are sitting on a big old surprise for us voters. Ever wonder why practically no established Republican speaks on behalf of Romney? If he was such a great Governor and private sector  businessman..why no surrogates on his behalf? The Republican mainstream is solidly behind AE2012.  AE2012 is also  bringing  on board independents and as many Democrat’s as they can (neo) con . Their election bylaws will present 6 candidate’s in May, along with 6 VP choices from the opposite party.

  What’s shaping up is an. all skull and bones ticket ….Jeb Bush and John Kerry..private guns for the private benefit  of billionaires and large corporations. The 63 leaders posted on the AE2012 website ( include Bank of America, hedge funds controlled by George Soros, the Rothschild family,the Rockefellers,..and oil and pharmaceutical interests.The richest and most powerful people and corporations are trying to make an end run round Democracy. We really shouldn’t be surprised…but the middle class can get informed and can take action. The Internet has leveled the playing field..and people have power to change things..we don’t need billionaires..we just need people and passion.

  It’s no surprise that AE2012 has gone to great effort  to not  reveal who is putting up all the big bucks.  Secretive donors and media companies that pretend to be independent set off all kinds of red flags. .The 1% is alive and well, and they want “their” White house back. With the media as their little bitch, corporate America is set to conquer. Should someone say something?


Romney/Santorum both lose Michigan. Jeb waiting in the Bush

         Tonight’s showdown in Michigan figures to be close . Democrat’s and Independents are able to vote in this high profile primary battle. Union anger about Mitt Romney’s “Let Detroit go bankrupt” statement still touches a raw nerve. Along with Enterprising Obama supporters, The Santorum campaign itself is calling Democrats today urging them to send uncle Mitt a message.

     That’s going to be a big problem for Santorum. It’s one thing for the other side to play some mischief, but quite another thing  for Santorum to urge Democrat’s to vote for him. He well knows it’s a cynical vote,but alas no hole’s barred …will do anything to win mentality rules the roost.Iit will take the luster of his strong showing.  Santorum’s mettle’s been tested lately, and he is not holding up well under scrutiny. Only the  incompetence of the Romney campaign is keeping Santorum alive.

     These two candidates both are wounded ducks coming out of Michigan. There is no passion whatsoever for Romney. Even Republicans are put off by Romney’s tax dodging., flip flopping ways. Santorum’s not exactly a man on fire either. His position are so extreme that a good chunk of Republicans and Independents will never get “behind” his run for the White House. So , what happens now?

  Make no mistake about it, there will be another choice. Jeb Bush has been posturing for month’s now. Lately even more vocal about his disdain for the right wing and dislike of the liberal agenda.  and it’s time the mainstream media begin to share this with the voters! . The only questions about Jeb, is he going to run as a Republican…or is he going to carry the mantle for America’s newest phenomenon, Americans Elect 2012.

       American Elect 2012? What’s that…why didn’t I here about it? This superPAC is launching the first ever internet election. Fueled by billionaires, hedge funds, and supported by the mainstream press..look for AE2012 to become a household word very soon. This 3rd party nominating platform will be on the ballot in all 50 states. The leadership of AE2012 is dominated by members of the two Bush presdiency. This is not a coincidence. Ex-govenor Christine Todd Whitman (Jeb’s best gal pal) is quietly leading the effort. Look for one of these two to become the mysterious “3rd party candidates” to emerge by summertime. The non-violent revolution of the radical middle is about to unfold. When do you think the mainstream press will dare inform the voters of what’s really going on? 


Liberal overconfidence leaves vulnerabilities…

        The Republican primary process has been a joy for all Democrats to watch. What great fortune luck has been bestowed upon the left. No matter what candidate emerges from the Republicans,they will be bruised and battered. Right now with economic news more positive, the stock market rolling..and Republican’s locked in slow motion suicide, things look ripe for the plucking for the Dem’s in November. Alas, It’s never  as easy as it looks.

    No matter who emerges from the Republicans, they have 40% of the vote secured hell or high water. The same for President Obama. Rain or shine or alien invasion, The Democrats have their 40% under lock down.So the real battle is all about who can capture the 20% smack in the middle,the up for grab,late deciding group. Independent thinking people, not enamored with extreme thinking and being  drowned in  92% negative advertising. This group  remains a wild card.

  I recently spent time with 10 or so young nieces and nephews. People ranging in age from 21 to 30. All had either graduated college or was attending school. Knowing this young people all my life, I knew they came from Democratic/independent households. As the discussion turned to the political comedy going on, their opinions caught me by surprise.

  All of them agreed they were upset by the handout’s they believe are  being doled out way too easily by the government.  Many of their friends from high school receive food stamps and other assistance….but these young people worked hard , took out sizable  college loans..and scrambled to get degrees. Several of them are now working in professional positions. They take umbrage at their high school classmates who didn’t try as hard, partied,  and  had kids out of wedlock.

  So as bad as it looks right now for the Republicans , Romney is likely to emerge as their nominee. He will quickly not become as “severley” conservative as he has presented himself in the primaries. Romney  and billionaire superPAC buddies are not going to roll over and play dead. So, progressive be warned, ..overconfidence is the Republicans best friend.

The door’s wide open for a 3rd party takeover…

         About 30% of the voting public is hard right..and about 30% is hard left. Fortunately, this election will be decided the 40% in the middle.. This silent majority is squirming in their proverbial chairs right now. Is this really the best and brightest America has to offer? Can we really afford 4 more years of partisan bullshit, or can we actually find a leader willing to unite these not so “united” states.?

    I’m so tired of hearing both sides rail about “Obama Care”. This is not a personal issue, and it’s not about Barack Obama.  This moniker is not acceptable to me…and the misfits in the mass media should grow up. Health care is a complicated subject, not served well by name calling and pandering.

   Our economy is broken..and it’s not going to be fixed  by just taxing the rich or brow-beating the poor.
    We shouldn’t  just pick sides…line up our billionaires..and just run ads at nauseaum blasting the other side. Things do need to change..and fast. The world is not going to wait for us to get our act together.

   The coming of age of a 3rd party is about to happen. Despite misgivings about American Elect 2012, someone does need to do something and I guess the wealthy people are the one’s  to instigate action. The middle class doesn’t have the time or money to make a revolution happen. Obama’s rise in voter sentiment is not real, only the buffoonery of the Republican circle jerk has bolstered his numbers.

  Maybe a coalition government is what we need here to actually solve some very difficult problems. Although..someone like Jeb Bush creates consternation among many, he is  better than a Romney or Santorum. He understands about governing over a diverse population..his wife is Hispanic and he is something of an out-of -box thinker. If Jeb Bush were to team up with a Democrat ( 3rd party rules)..maybe someone like a John Kerry could bring balance and experience  to the White House.

  Voter discontent is palatable. Both president Obama and  Congress have disappointed.Maybe throwing caution to the wind would be a step in the right direction. The door has been kicked wide-open for a third party bid…maybe the America people should put out the welcome mat!


Republican women … to lead 3rd party charge!

        After struggling through  another Republican debate, I can’t help but think just how out of touch these candidates are. This political party is doing everything it can to make itself obsolete. To imagine in 2012 we are talking about birth control when our economy is in meltdown and our health care system is in shambles seems surreal. This party has turned it’s back on women of all political persuasions,opening the floodgates to rebellion.

     Women are the majority voting block, and women from the far right to the mid center are  upset with their presidential choices. Many women ( and men too) feel like they don’t have a candidate they can vote for. The voters are discontented, as we have seen 6 different “front runners” yin and yang from the Republican spotlight.The call is out for another voice to be heard…as Republicans sense no matter what candidate emerges from this field…they are destined for defeat.

  Don’t look now, but American Elect 2012 is poised to exploit female discontent  like a ravenous wolf.
  The popular ex-Governor Christine Todd Whitman is a front and center leader of American Elect 2012.
   Her and Jeb Bush are the “house” candidates of AE2012- the biggest,baddest super pac of them all.

   The road show is about to start for American Elect 2012, as they will become the talk of the town soon enough. The PR strategist’s over at the Webster group and Maverick Media are both brilliant and cunning. . Sometime just before or after super Tuesday,look for American Elect’s 2012 to publicly begin it’s assault on both President Obama and whoever slinks to the nomination from the Republicans.

      Despite not having a female candidate at the moment, things may change very quickly. Look for Christine Todd Whitman to become very public very soon. Her closest political ally is none other than Mr Jeb Bush. Look for one of these two “house” choices to become the 3rd party candidate for American Elect 2012. Maybe its’ not such a bad thing after all…  we could use some female sensibilities. Less talk about probing,and more talk about solving the Iranian situation without the boys playing with  nuclear weapons..






Capatilism and your health care- An odd couple ?

        . Quality, affordable health care for Americans is a need that doesn’t have a political party. It’s not conservative vs. liberal, black or white,gay vs. straight… it’s  an issue that effect’s every body’s life…everyday….and we’re not very happy about how things are going. We love to pat ourselves on the collective back and tell everybody else what a great country we have…and with good reason. America’s have created a melting pot like none other,achieving greatness in so many ways. Unfortunately, there is an upside and downside to the free market,and when it comes to health care, we just don’t want to accept the reality of  free market limitations. Socialism is not inherently  a dirty word. Where would millions of retired folks be today without social security?. What about us..the baby-boomers? We thought we would have equity in our homes and pensions/401k’s. The government mandated we saved some money..perhaps in hind-sight somewhat of a blessing in disguise.

                  Under our current health care system, if you leave your also leave your insurance benefits. Employee’s are made to feel like indentured servants. Who can take the risk of changing jobs and giving up insurance? ? Were forced to just stay at our job,  keep quiet and capitulate. It’s time working people take control of the situation.  Workers with over one year on the job should have the right to buy portability insurance? What’s that? It would be an insurance product in someways like short-term disability..for a  monthly fee, you could buy  insurance to keep your current coverage intact (until your meet eligibility with your new employer or turn 65 ). It’ would be a product that insurance companies can sell….just like supplemental insurance…with a potential government subsidy only if

          The power to control your health care needs to be in each individuals control..not corporate America. We know corporations  do not  have our best interests at heart. Say what you might, but public sector employees have good insurance..why are we second class citizen’s over here in  the private sector.?….don’t .we deserve equal care?   Hard-working Americans of all stripes and sizes cannot  tend to their families health care.With the co-pays and deductibles,exclusions and perversions…working American’s are  not getting treated fairly.

     Capitalism and the free markets have failed to deliver what the country needs. Instead of of talking about birth control or raising taxes …it’s time we talk about today’s issues and today’s solutions. Health care for all American’s…’s time everybody has equal  access..odd-couple or not!      

President’s day sale- Buy now-pay later?

      2012 is shaping up to be a very unusual year. While the failure by Republicans to produce a viable candidate may not be as big a news as the Mayans prediction of the end of does speak to the times that we live in.

   With all the talented people in this great country, how did we end up with these 3 “bargain basement” choices? The Republican establishment is very unhappy with how things are shaping up. Romney is a completely discredited potential leader…who left his moral responsibility in one of his off-shore accounts.
Newt Gingrich’s Florida meltdown speech won’t be soon forgotten. Any prospects he had of landing in the White House flew south for the winter.Rick Santorum..really?…smart  Republicans know that he is a sure loser in the fall. Democrats are giddy over this current president’s day selection.

  So what are the Republicans going to do? Jeb Bush could enter the race now and still win the nomination .. There is time for him to get on the ballot’s in some major states. It appears now that it’s likely no Republican will have enough delegates to wrap up the nomination before the Republican convention in Florida this summer. Bush does NOT NEED  to win enough delegates, just enough delegates to keep the competition from  gaining the upper hand. With Ron Paul taking a nice share, Gingrich will probably win Georgia, Santorum and Romney splitting the rest..opens the door for Jeb Bush STALEMATE strategy. So, why isn’t Bush walking thru the door? It’s NOT because he doesn’t want’s just that well,his services may already be  spoken for!

   When Jeb didn’t endorse Romney when he came to Florida…did his action speak louder than words?  Was this unexpected non-endorsement more that what meets the eye? Is Jeb Bush’s recent penchant for inking columns in the New York Times and Washington Post a precursor of events to come?
 Is there any correlation to Jeb’s not entering the Republican primary ..and the advent of a third party nominating platform ? Why are so many ultra-rich Republicans and some Democrats holding their cards so tight to the vest?
            There’s Lot’s of people not buying during  this President’s day sale..unwilling to buy now and pay later!  Is the smart money waiting for a better deal? …..can I get free gift wrapping with that? !


Not Mitt/Rick/Newt- How about Jeb?

    When Romney went into Florida, he was expecting to get the endorsement of Jeb Bush. Bush stiffed him on his endorsement, as Jeb and his backers sat back and  watched  the Republican party self-destruct.   Bush is not interested in running as a Republican this year..ON A REPUBLICAN BALLOT.

The voter’s of this great country are about to get a real surprise. Corporate America has decided to get into the presidential race, with a side run around Democracy. The big money boys on Wall Street have teamed up to bring us a new twist on presidential politics. They are going to use the internet to let the “public” select their choice for the White House.

Americans Elect 2012 is a 3rd party nominating platform. They will likely be on the ballot in  all 50 states.
I implore all thinking Americans to check out the AE webiste… leadership is a whose/ who of the last two Bush Administrations. Study the names on the leasdership committee. It’s all their for the public to see.

                  When will the mass (trash?) media do their job and report on what is really going on in presidential politics? Why won’t anyone explain to the voters what’s really happening here? The mainstream press will not act against the best interests of their the ad revenue about to come their way will be record setting. I’ts not good business for the mainstream mopes to do their job…unless they would like to lose their job.. Rachel Maddow did one show asking some interesting questions about this shadowy organization….seems even she has been silenced since

     Corporate America is trying their very best to privatize this most important presidential election.
They shuddered at the prospects of Obama and the 99% getting 4 more years in the White House.George Sorso and George Bush are not buddies….until now. The world wide economic crisis has brought together two most powerful self interests groups  to join forces. It’s all about the oil….it’s all about
the ritchiest and most powerful furthering their agenda..

Do you think its time the American people were told the truth about this? Implore,bombared,write letters asking questions. Lets do all we can here early to expose this dangerous  plan to usurp Democracy.    

American’s Elect 2012 is about to crash the " parties"

    It’s getting kind of hard to watch this calamity. The Republicans party is in complete meltdown mode. Romney has just plain failed…giving the nomination over to the most-right wing nominee since  attila of the hun. The Democrat’s are very happy…but don’t celebrate just yet.

The brain trust at Americans Elect 2012 are ecstatic over this turn of events. This 3rd party nominating platform is poised to make big news. It’s a  re-incarnation of the “no-labels” folks, but bigger and badder than ever. Who are the folks that put this 3rd party platform together. ?

    Led by William Webster(CIA/FBI)  and the Webster group, DC’s most prominent lobbying/strategic planning enterprise. The leadership is comprised of 63 named directors. Front and center is Peter Ackerman ( and son Elliot).,billionaire grocery magnate…and money man behind this “movement.” Throw in
some heavy duty hedge fund money (Soros?) ..the Rothchild’s (BOA) ..Add a dash of Christine Todd Whitman ( Jeb Bush’s best gal pal…) and Bush advisor and media maven Mark McKinnon…we have a very capable group of people.

  Let’s also note that part and parcel of the American Elect 2012 “non-violent revolution of the radical middle” is the mainstream media. GE, Comcast and the whole gang over at the New York Times. Last September on Meet the Press, McKinnon and his co-anchor, Thomas Friedman..announced to the world about Americans Elect 2012 plans to privatize the White House….and essentially run their own candidate via an Internet election.

American Elect says they are a non-patrisian nominating platform…who’s bylaws insist on a  President from one party…and a vice-president from the Democratic party. So, if the “people” happen to pick Jeb Bush(insiders choice) …they may team him up with say a John Kerry..for a skull and bones ticket from top to bottom.

    Maybe Americans Elect has something to add to the 2012 presidential race. I just wish they would truly open up to the voters and tell them what is really going on. That Corporate America needs to control things, as the 99% movement has the bankers and hedge-fund operators in a cold sweat. The Republicans may be out of contention in 2012, but corporate America is in full control. Beginning very soon,the mainstream media will be calling American Elect a “historic” movement…and the love fest and their quest for the White House begins.

Michigan Democrat’s for Santorum? Really! …

   In 2009 Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed article for the New York Tmes. ” Let Detroit go Bankrupt” .
About Obama’sAuto industry  bailout plan he bellowed ” Americans can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye” Not such a good call…and the voters haven’t forgotten.

   Everybody in Michigan cares about the American automotive industry. In fact, the whole country is invested in the automotive industry..almost 17% of the economy is intertwined with the automotive business.

  When Obama bailed out GM-(government motors the right-wing claims) ..and others, he came under heavy heat. He and the taxpayers took a big risk. As history now shows, Obama was right to do what he did,  keeping GM out of bankruptcy. Our automotive business has rebounded nicely, helping to lead the overall economy into better numbers.
  So, Romney couldn’t have been more wrong. If we listened to him, we would have alot less jobs, and the people of Michigan wouldn’t be leading the nation in it’s recovery. . Michigan is so far gone for Mitt, his 50 to 1 outspending off Santorum  won’t make a bit of difference.Look for a big Santorum win..and here’s a dirty little secret. Anyone can walk up in Michigan on election day, and pull the ballot for Santorum. If any Democrat or Independent wanted to help Obama’s chances in November, they could  prolong this painful process for Republicans. The longer the Republicans battle this out and tear each other apart, the better chance the “progressive people” will indeed re-elect Obama and protect the assault on the middle class.

   I wonder if some of  those mostly Democratic auto workers will give a little high five to Obama..and walk in and pull the ballot for Ricky S.? Seems the patriotic thing to do..this is hand to hand combat, it would be nice to see Democrats get tough, and do what we have to do to protect us  “progressives ” form either  Romney or Santorum. Mitt and the Republicans are cooked goose…thank you, Detroit!