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Americans Elect 2012- A Bush in Sheep’s clothing?

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with the main stream media. Scant a words been mentioned of our upcomoning 3 way presidential election. Now that the field is set for the Democrats and Republicans,
it’s time to turn our attention to the real story of 2012…American’s Elect 2012.

A little background for those that havent yet heard about this private group of individuals investing
hundreds of millions of dollars to get a 3rd person on the ballot in all 50 states. A group of elite,millionaires, billionaires,hedge/funds/big banks/big oil/pill pushers/…have pooled their money (no disclosure of WHO)
to form this super PAC…501 (c)4.

The Webster group, a very prominent lobbying/pr/neo-con magnate.. has quarterbacked this move to privatize the presidency. Remember Williams Webster? , previous FBI and CIA..leader back in the
BUSH days..well..he and his pals plan to make an encore performance. In fact, reviewing the 63 leaders it reads like a whose who for former
and current cheerleaders and operatives for the Bush clan. Even the very secret “Skull and Bones club” is very well represented.

  Let’s see who they might have in mind for a 3rd candidate. Ron Paul has already declared himself out.
Donald Trump is a joke and people of this caliber arent looking to the Donald..he’s definetly NOT hired!
Who do you think this group has in mind to run for that 3rd slot?  This group didnt put together multi-millions to give their money to a charity candidate. They have an agenda, and they need someone to get it done.Jeb Bush writing a column for the New York TImes sure sounded like a preamble to his “drafting” to become that 3rd candidate.

So, you will be reading in the coming weeks and months, about this 3rd party that claims they ” want” to give a voice back to the people. An internet election, where the people nominate their favorite candidate to get this 3rd nomination. Their web site says they are voters like you and me….and they just want everybody to get along and work for the common good. On paper, the Webster group has put together an interesting idea.In reality, it’s just a bunch of really rich 1% percenters trying to hoist themselves back in the whitehouse.
If your wondering why you havent heard much in the main stream press yet about American’s Elect 2012, it’s by design. (They have a well-rehearsed plan about to unfold) One of the biggest boosters of Amercians Elect 2012 is the New York Times and many like minded media companies. In fact, the usually honorable Thomas Freidman has donned his pom-poms and is championing their cause., alas he’s will not be the only one.

So, It seems if your really concerned about the survival of the middle class, health care and being able to help your might want to not get caught in the soon to come media “hoopla”
about their favorite new “flavor” of the day. Open the hood and check the tires, things arent always as the appear. American’s elect 2012 is nothing more than a really rich ‘special interests” group lookingt out for their own special interests, must definetly” A wolf in sheep’s clothing.”


Is $7.25 an hour a fair wage? Think Mitt cares?

What’s one way to close a widening gap between average working Americans and the elite classes?
I live here in Florida and the minumum wage is $7.25 an hour. So millions of Americans gross 290.00 for a full work week. That’s a gross of $15,000 per year. How can a working single mom possibly bring up a family on that wage.How can a stay at home mom rasie a family?  If your reading this chances are you make substantially more than this kind of wage. Can you imagine working hard everyweek for $300.00?
    It’s been years since the minumum wage has been raised here. What better way then to bring forward a working class with more ability to raise a family and educate their kids. Doesnt it make sense for companies like Wal-mart and all the others to pay enough so their employees’ can actually buy a few things from their store. What is the purpose of paying such low wages ? Oh, I forgot,the 1% needs 42% of all the wealth..and its growing….they really don’t like to share.

  I remember when Democrats were Democrats, and they werent afraid to fight for a raise in the minumum wage. I knw the economy is bad..and business is tight, but we have to pay our workers a decent livable wage. An honest week of hard work, flipping burgers, mopping a floor, teaching kids or  runnning a big corporation all deserve fair compensation. It’s time we worry about every American worker, we all do our part. Why do we let these minumum wage workers go uninsured.? When are we going to get that everybody deserves medical care, it should be a right in out country, not a perk.

Do you think any politicians would take an unpopular but moral correct decision to fight for a raise to the minimum wage? Put more money in the hands of the working poor , they will surely spend it to boost the economy. Not trickle’s time to trickle up……let’s have some wage justice for the people working these tough minumum wage jobs. Stop the large corporations fromcontinued pilllage of its peop.

Middle class abuse…how much longer?

    They say the top 1% controls 42% of the nations assets. We have a system skewed and dominated by big corporations. We have a tax structure that pounds the middle class…with tax breaks for the people that
should be paying the most.

   We have an antiquaited capatilist system that is similiar to the Saudia empire. The “powers that be”
doing everything to hold on to their power and wealth. Whatever it takes. Big corporations are only interested in growing profits. Unless forced, they will make whatever products make them the most money.

 Government is inefficient with our money. They take the easy way out. How many more gambling establishments have penetrated this country in governments desire for quick cash. These gambling places pay hefty taxes to local , state and federal governments.Why do we allow this perverse method of taxation  drain the middle class. Working people that see billboad after billboard about hitting the big jackpot, and free alcohol all night long.What could be a better mixture to rob the middle class further,making worse  drinking ,drug and gambling addictions. These costs weigh heavily on the health care system . So, essentially government is in partnership with sleazy drug pushing whores looking to take advantage of people. Would it really be any different if these same gamblers were plyed with pot and pills to make them stupid and loose? Same thing,just that free alcohol is ok…whatever it takes…big corporations bleeding the working class.

  What do American’s really want the most?  We all need a health care system that addresses our needs. Not better health care for congress, or rich white people. As Americans, we all deserve the same  quality health care.So ,we have government encouraging  poor health by allowing a proliferation of gambling. Lotto isespecially promoted to the detriment of the people that can least afford grocery stores,gas station..why not our houses of worship too?.

So, we need to tell our Presidential candidates what really matters. Should  we continue to allow big corporation, food companies,drug companies,.mega gambling operations, ..continually punish the
middle class with unhealthy , heavily taxed goods and services? We say we cant afford health care for all,
but free drinks are no problem ….the greedy hands of business and government taking  advantage of a shrinking,despondent middle class. Something is just not right, and someone should really say something!


Want to bet $10,000 Dollars?

; Wow…Mitt Romney was willing to talk about betting 10 thousand dollars….

II guess a little action in the office pool isnt enough for him. He probably isn’t interersted in a lotto
ticket though… he got his ticket punched a long time ago.

For the potential nominee to suggest such a bet in front of the whole country, it makes me wonder a few things. Does No Passion even have a clue what a gallon of milk costs? Does he even realize talking about betting 10,000 dollars is perverse? Can he really relate at all to the middle class?
Casino action continues to spread like wild fire throughout our country. The amount of money gambling interests have spent with our elected ” decision makers” is huge. We allow casino’s and government to tax are already taxed money with more taxes. You bet a dollar, but alteast the first .25cents gets taken off the top ..before your one dollar buys you a thrill and a prayer.

Here’s the biggest problem of all. We allow tequilla to push its poison on comedy central, and we allow casino’s to offer unlimited “free” drinks to its suckers..oh, I mean patrons. How can it be legal and sanctioned by the American people to ply the beleagured middle class working stiff with free non-stop booze? We allow the government and it’s casino pals to take advantage of us, someone should say something.

Nothing is free. We get to pay the costs of alcohol and gambling addiction. These are huge real time costs absorbed into our health care system. We wonder why were going broke, why doctors reimbursements are cut so low our doctors might make more money sitting at a slot machine? Do we want affordable health care, or do we want more casino’s and addictions?

We as a society are saying, it’s fine to ply me with free drinks. Take advantage of the working class, the governement has issued a license to steal.  Do we prioritize health care for all Americans?…or do we take the easy way out and let the big corporations make us fat, drunk and stupid? Let’s stand up for all the people, and put common sense safeguards in place that won’t promote bad and unhealthy behavior…and someone might want to mention it to No passion and the rest of our “leaders”

Do you want soda pop…or do you want health care?

   Crossing into 2012 ,were looking at what’s sure to be a spirited politcal debate
to what’s the best way to move our country forward. It’s  easy to find areas where there’s strong disagreement. Does there actually exsist a really important issue that we all basically agree on? An area that we can really get something done that will benefit  you and me…the taxpayer, the guys and gals that pay all the bills?

  Health care is a cost thats going to continue to increase at a precarious pace. Were  tapping out medicare already, and thats something we need to fix. What can we do now as a society now that will cut down on the amount of health care we require?

How about a tax on soda pop …to discourage mom’s from feeding therirs kids harmful food. Make it a little pricey for kids to buy a soda …maybe they will actually drink more water.  Let the big corporations produce healthier products. Otherwise  we as American people, will make sure their gain from selling deadly food is funnelled out of their greedy corporate hands and into preventitive health care.  . We have all the medical information we need…soda pop is bad and more water is good. It will prevent tooth decay, diabetes and there’s  also strong information linking soda pop to Cancer and a slug of other maladies.
So, I know the argument. Let’s just put an extra tax on Mcdonalds, or butter at the grocery  store..and while were at it..we can ban all tanning lotion because we know too much sun causes cancer too.

But there’s a big difference. We allow Coke and Pepsi to push their products on our children just like we used to let the Marlboro man hawk his products. We know better now. We know if we want more health care available to more people, we must get some control of the costs. How better to control costs as to not need to see the doctor in the first place.

Threre’s so much more we can do for little to no cost. More excersize for everybody. Better food.
Have you looked at learning some  yoga?. How many American’s are aware of Reiki, and its
powerful benefits to human health, both physical and mental. We can actually learn quite abit from
Eastern medicine. Everything doesnt require a pill. Preventive medicine, living a healthy life goes a long way towards less visits to the doctors office.  Tell Coke and Pepsi and Merck… that we want them to be more responsible for the health of the customers they serve…or else!.

American’s Elect 2012 waiting in the wings…

      So, weve got a Republican party that’s not too enthusiastic about any of its candidates.
      Weve got an incumbent president not all that popular either. What happens now?

      Coming too you, very soon will be an energetic,well-funded group American’s Elect 2012
They will soon have a ballot in all 50 states. They will become the story this spring, culminating in a internet
nominating process this summer. They are an elite group for now, whose leadership refuses to disclose
who has financed this “social welfare organization” 

   AE2012 claims on it’s website that “they” are voters just like you and me. That’s when things spin a little out of control. The truth is these organizers are no where like you and me. They are the elite, the 1%, billionaires and hedge/fund operators. These self-annointed “new-fangled” fore-fathers are trying to hoist their candidate into the whitehouse. Never before has a private,corporate group been able to run their
own candidate..but thats exactly whats happening .

  Curious is the annoucement in September on Meet the Press, Where Bush stalwart Mark Mckinnon teamed up with New York Times Thomas Friedman in dropping this “bomb” about AE2012 and it’s gameplan. I cant help but feel a tie-in between American’s Elect 2012, The New York Times,and
the recent “guest” column penned by Jeb Bush, and the 63 stalwart Bush supporters lined up on American Elect 2012 leadership council. It all ads up to an upcoming new “star” is born, sure to be
embraced by the main stream press. This incestous relationship between the media and it’s corporate sponsors make this election like no other. The American people are going to be tested like never before.
Can we save the middle class, or does corporate America call the tunes? Voters like you and me? Really?



In Iowa, the winner is…NONE of the above!!

     So, who is the real winner out of Iowa? No one, not a winner in sight.

 Dont be surprised if the “front runner ” Mitt Romney actually runs 3rd. Voter unhappiness across the board has created a volitile climate for an election. Never in history have we had a combination of unhappy voters,a  really weak economy, and the emergence of a private 3rd party nomination soon to be on the ballot in all 50 states.The real winner in Iowa is Americans Elect 2012 and their power to annoint the private candidate of their liking.

  It’s a perfect storm..just what the baron’s of AE2012 had hoped for. A wobbly Obama vs. a really weak Repbulican (take your pick) …makes a 3rd party bid a real factor in this election.

  The radical middle is ready to roar. They will seize upon this opening, and will make a relentless bid
for the white house.Take a look at the 63 members o AE 2012…these are very serious people with lots of
money,clout and friends in the right places(the mainsteam media) .

  So, in a 3way battle…What candidate could hold the balance of power? How would Jeb Bush run in states like Texas and Florida….in fact most of the south and west. He would be tough in Ohio and Wisconsin too.   He could and will be a very strong candidate for American’s Elect 2012… Both the hispanic and Jewish votes can turn towards Bush..tipping a series of major states.

  No matter what your take on Americans Elect 2012, one way or the other they will become
a household name in 2012..the likely ‘story of the year”. Dont look now but your about to see
a private group, run a private candidate,  for the most public job in the world

..Dont underestimate for a minute the possibility of a 3rd Bush Presidency…The 1% plays for keeps!



Let’s talk about soda pop!

No matter what our politcial bent, there are some things that we can all pretty much agree on.

We all want to live long, healthy lives. We all want affordable health care.
We all understand that that poor eating habits contribute immensley to health care costs.; We all understand one way or another we ALL pay for these Does it make sense to reduce the consumption on a poison thats making both kids and adults
in this country overweight and unhealthy. Soda pop’s disporpotiante contribution to creating diabetes,
high blood pressure, obesity and much more. Nothing good comes out of the consumption of soda pop,except profits for Coke and Pepsi. What’s wrong with public policy that might push major
corporations into making products that wont be such a burden on our overburdened  health care providers.

So ,lets not just raise taxes and have the government decide who are the winners and losers. Let’s all do something sensible Let those people that both produce and consume soda pop pay a little more.
 We raised taxes on cigartettes and educated the public. and we all know cigarette consumption is decreasing.It’s really that simple.

We also know it wont take coke and pepsi long to line up the lobbysists to forestall this initiative. So,here’s the big question. Do we allow coke and pepsi to control our future or do we let the American people take charge. Do we begin to further forge public policy that both protects our youth and enriches our lives?

We all have the medical information about soda pop. There’s no dispute. !
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