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It’s high time to make peace with the…peace pipe!

Whoever takes the White house….they need   to address a very serious issues and it’s something that’s very solvable. Law enforcement this year is spending 10 Billion dollars against the war on cannabis  That’s MUCH  less deadly than cigarette’s or hard alcohol. Each year there’s more solid evidence showing how marijuana  has been used in a variety of medical uses. Easing pain and creating appetite for cancer patients,glaucoma relief.. Pleasure at rock concerts,   obviously many of us growing up in the 60’s,70.s and 80’s enjoy the weed…half the people reading this get way or the other.  Mayor David Bloomberg when asked if he tried it, replied” “you bet I did,and I liked it”.

    Marijuana is by far the  largest  cash crop here in the USA…worth estimates of 30 billion dollars. That represents billions of potential tax dollars going into our coffers. Add in  ,what could this country do with a good chunk of the 10 billion we use to incarcerate marijuana users. Take that money..let’s not leave it on the table of the cartels. Lets it be a regular business, taxed and regulated. That’s some real money, that can be used to straighten social security. Create more green jobs with the green!

    Certain opportunity’s require all political parties come together and create ideas and solutions for the future.I’m quite certain if there as forceful, accurate and articulate discussion  in place after Obama begins his 2nd term, that these types of sensible and beneficial change can come to be. If you want Republicans to go along with it, just cut them in on the action. Better these funds be recirculated here in America,instead of disappearing in South America or the Cayman islands.

    I had a friend who was driving with a small amount of marijuana being smoked  in his car. He is a professional guy. He told the cop that  he was sorry and wouldn’t happen again. The cop gave him a break.

   Ive got another friend, well-educated hardworking guy. He has the luck of living in Arizona and has a Hispanic last name. He got pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. The cop immediately searched the car as there was a minor odor in the car. He got arrested on the spot. Never broke any other law in his life besides a speeding ticket. Now his divorcing wife is using this to get custody of his two sons. This is just not right. Different justice for different people. This is not America. Let’s come together and fix some thing

                                                   Say yes to sensible public policy..


Gingrich turns ice in Florida. 3rd party warms up !

    Two more debates in the books this week, and one  weekend ahead until Florida’s most important winner take-all-primary is decided. Both men addressed the Hispanic leadership network here in Miami on Friday
Romney appeared energized and was well received. Gingrich looked exhausted, white as a ghost and got a much more tepid response from the audience.

   . Romney has run a very wobbly campaign up to this point. A  flawed candidate,  theirs  nothing the Republicans can say to change that. The mainstream Republicans are very relieved that Romney will hold on and become the nominee. Alas, a new challenge lurks.ahead for both Romney and Obama.

American’s Elect 2012 will start hitting it hard. This nominating committee will be on the ballot’s in all 50 states before summer. American Elect 2012/super pac/nominating platform , Refuses to disclose where it’s funding comes from. Kind of like Romney on the taxes. Why is everybody so shy when it’s about wealth and how little taxes rich people pay,? Who can blame them, when your in the catbird seat seems you just don’t need the extra scrutiny. Romney would never have gone public with his taxes ..he was forced into it.

       Today’s Email from American’s Elect 2012:

    “Our Crash the party bus Tour is on the ground in Florida. In Tampa tomorrow and in Orlando Monday.
We’ll be talking to the people about how (we’re) making the 2012 election a three-way race. Any questions?,call us at“.

   So, if you have any questions, like who is financing this 3rd party run, pick up the phone and ask. Better yet. , go to their website, Check out the 63 names on the leadership council. Millionaires and Billionaires, CIA and the Rothschild’s. They claim their voters just look you and me.? Corporate America has decided they need their own political party and they’ve done it. Don’t underestimate the power and brains of people that have lots of resources. They don’t control almost 50% of the wealth by accident. The battle for the presidency is starting to heat up…beware of boiling water ahead.



Are we really picking on the rich? Alms for the Republicans.

     So which is it? Is the middle class engaged in class warfare, as the Republicans are saying? Or… Is the President talking some sense.. the polls indicate public approval of his state of the union.?

   I guess you can call it warfare if you mean the middle class is willing to fight for some fairness and equity. Does it seem unreasonable that really rich people pay their fair share of taxes? Social security is going broke and underfunded. Why do we have a cap on social security taxes? If you make more than 110,100 …you pay 0 social security tax on any amount over that. That low number is antiquated and insufficient. Raise that number to  200,000per year….and any income over and above that be taxed at 50% of the current tax rate. These are the people that can afford security is a safety net for our senior citizens…let’s take care of our people.

A smug,wealthy man who claims not to have inherited any of his wealth. His dad just happened
to be a wealthy help at all to Jr..Romney. Would he even have noticed if he paid a little more social security taxes to help those who have worked all their life ..middle class people  trying to raise a family?

  Polls show that 91% of the people approved of the presidents speech. When does this happen.? 91% of the people can’t  agree on anything. This is an astounding number.

  Maybe the Republicans can open their eyes and ears. Give the people what they need  and deserve. No one thinks successful people shouldn’t be rewarded. ..but are we really engaged in class warfare when we just want to share some of that success too? Raise the minumum wage..let family’s be family’s..IF WE ALL JUST STOP SHOPPING WAL-MART UNTIL THEY PAY A LIVABLE WAGE…IT WON’T take long for walmart  to prod its legislative friends to getting off their ass and even the playing field just abit! Raise the minimum wage!!!




Republican’s despair State of the Mitt/Newt Union.

      Bravo. What ever you think of President Obama, he had a very good night tonight. He doubled down and came up a winner. Did you notice the “bounce” in his step? Obama and the Democrats are watching the sunshine state… it’s hand to hand comedy to see who is the last Republican standing . The Democrats are basking in the glow from the sunshine state…(for now).

   The chatters is starting to grow. Discontented mainstream Republicans are starting to ring the panic button. Smart elements of the Republican party know that Gingrich and Romney are both losers in the general election. Media companies are pinching themselves at the thought of a “surprise” third party bid by the lucky winner of American Elects internet lottery.Ive never seen the mainstream press so intimidated by this corporate/lobbyist/billionaire/neo-con/pr machine…they call Ameircan Elect.

  So, after Romney and Gingrich beat each other silly in Florida..what do you think of one of them’s chance to carry the state of Florida in the fall? After the presidents strong state of the union, combined with a strenghting job market and steadily rising stock market…who do you think lines up stronger in this pivotal state?…..NOT SO FAST..

Jeb Bush rides to the rescue of the also rans of the  Republican party. Spurred by the Wall street Journal and New York Times…AE 2012 will soon become a force to be reckoned with. In a 3 way battle in the state of Florida…who win Bush or Obama or Newt/Mitt.? The most popular man in the State of Florida is Jeb Bush. Republicans back him, hispanics, Jews(Israel)…independents…Bush is an odds on favorite in a 3way battle. The Republican party is truly becoming obsolete. Dont under estimate the power of the press,especially when its working for its keepers.(Corporate America/Ae2012)So, Andrea Mitchell(nbc) actually mentioned the B word. Is anyone else in the mainstream press going to ask any obvious questions? Why so shy? Cat got your tongue?


Jeb Bush / American Elect 2012 – Political marriage?

Finally, Andrea Mitchell mentioned the B word. Do you think it’s time for the mainstream media to ask a few questions? What is going on with American Elect 2012. Why have hedge-fund, banks,oil and billionaires funded American Elect 2012? Is it to promote Democracy? Lol.

Corporate America is about to unload the story of the decade. The privitization of the presidency.

How can that be? Why is no one talking about this. Why is Amercian Elect so shy?

  It’s all about George Soros and George Bush teaming up to shape the new world order. Do your homework. Read about the non-violent revolution in Egypt. Soon enough you will be reading about the non-violent revolution of the radical middle right here in the good old USA. Professional market movers are salivating at the mouth to take advantage of the discontented voters. They have hatched this plan for years, very quietly..waiting in the wings to manuever the white house into the hands of the NWO.

Americans Elect will be on the ballot in all 50 states. They have the backing of some very important
people. Even the New York Times and Thomas Friedman are on board. The world definetly has flattened.
Amercians Elect 2012 has been critcized for faliure to disclose funding. What a surprise.Do you think they are trying to hide from the public  who its donors are? These esteemed members of the 1% truly think they are “a force more powerful”
There’ our challenge..99%.. Amercian Elect, along with Bank of America et all, think they are the most powerful force. They are even trying to swipe back our internet.(sopa)…selling us on the “peoples” choice
fallacy of their internet election. So, lets all look in the mirror. Who is “a force more powerful?


Monday Night at the fights

Dateline Florida. With little time to prepare and the nomination at stake.. tonight’s Tampa debate is Romney’s last chance to steady the ship. Can he do it? The answere is no. It’s all over. No amount of money or glib comments. can reverse this trend. We have two objects in motion going in opposite directions. America loves the underdog .. and we love second chances. Gingrich is born again, and there is nothing Romney can do to change it. When the “market” moves like this, there is no words that can change the course of events. Romney’s weakness is apparent ..he shouldn’t have said “maybe” .. and when he did the campaign had effectively committed slow motion suicide . Monday night at the fights!! Has the knockout blow already been delivered? T

Did you say MAYBE or did you say Tuesday..

So Mitt Romney has finally decided to release his tax returns. I guess it’s a good thing he’s not going to be the president of the United States. He bungled his way thru this debacle, can you imagine how really  important decisons might be made? He had months to figure this out, but I guess an arrogant frontrunner never thought he would have to level up to the voters. Guessing there’s plenty to talk about hen we see those tax returns. He sure didn’t want to share it.

   The combination of a glib Newt and Uncle Sam problems…this race is over. Romney is falling like a rock,and he’s not going to get up. He can spend as many millions as he wants.(8 million so far and counting).
  The inertia created by Gingrich hammering poor John King is unstoppable. I think most of us more or less agreed with his comments, …, its good to give the big media giants some shit. Especially when John King tried to blame ABC …Gingrich flattened his poor white ass.

      This Republican race has come to it’s turning point. No amount of money in the world can change what happened. The momentum is palatable. Gingrich will keep the fire on the mainstream media. The happiest people of all are the Democrats. Who ever thought Obama would be a solid favorite in 2012. …but …that could be dangerous…the story of the decade lurks shortly ahead.


Sunshine for Newt. Clouds for America?

While the news was about South Carolina, the real story now is here in Florida.The Romney campaign just place an 8 million dollar ad buy for the sunshine state. After Mitt’s trouncing inThursday night ,how many hours before Romney releases several years of tax returns? At this point his reluctance is akin to slow motion suicide. Did he really think he could run for president and not release any tax returns? Something tells me there’s some juicy stuff in those tax returns….that Mitt doesnt want us to know!! Tisk..tisk. Thus,Here’s the big news. Not only will Newt win big in Florida, he will win by a big margin ..I mean a really big margin. .. double digits ,dont be surprise if you see Newt trounce Mitt by 15 to 20 points! Momentum is a powerful force,and each candidate is going in opposite direction,..and with Florida 10 days away,and a bad tax moment ahead for Romney..there’s no turning around this train…for now.

So with Newt the Republican standard barrier, and Obama for the Democrats, what is a 3rd party ticket going to look like. >A third party you say? hearing much about that in the mainstream presss. An independent party,maybe libertarians you say?? No, not at all. A new 3rd party, they call themselves Americans Elect.Why do they matter?

George Soros and George Bush dont usually join forces…and when they do, we should pay attention. Were about to witness history, the story of the non-violent revolution of the radical middle.Soros believes free markets are great,especially for him..but reasonable regulations is good…especially for him. Its great to control both sides of the action. They call that an edge..and moving markets dangerously for your pleasure diminishes lots of otherwise pretty good deeds.They call that a mixed market!

But there’s no mixed message for this country. . The privitization of the presidency may be closer than you think. Corporate America has a surprise for prepare for some cloudy days maybe even a hurricane!


Romney Outed By Romney-Tax Returns a Cometh!

    Mitt Romney does not deserve the nomination. He had all week to prepare for the inevitable questions about his tax returns. Even Gingrich’s “surprise”  release of his tax returns was telegraphed days ago. If Mitt could not prepare himself for this, do we really want him in the most important job in the world?

   He looked like a school boy telling a fib when he spoke about his “plans” to release his tax returns. He has only committed to release this years tax returns… a  pre-meditated, “sanitized” version. What progressive Repbublican, decades earlier released 12 years worth of tax returns? Warning voters to “beware” of someone “just” releasing one years worth of returns? George Romney, Mitt’s father.

  Ouch! Wham! ..Boom.! .Bang! ..Light’s out for Romney. In the next 36 hours prior to South Carolina’s Saturday primary, his father’s words and his amatuerish babbling will go viral. CNN, You tube, every news channel known to man and beast will make mince meat out of Mitt Romney. His melt down will be fodder for John Stewart,Colbert, Saturday night live, etc…he’s in a world of hurt.

 Romney’s 20 point lead in South Carolina vanished even before his disasterous debate performance. His biggest problem isn’t South Carolina, his real problem is what’s happening in Florida. His 25 point lead in Florida is up in smoke, although it will take a week to show up in polling. Romney’s ace in the hole has always been Florida…and Florida is his whore no more.

 Newt’s  deft handling of  John King and his maritial issues was impressive. Romney’s best opportunity to stem Newt’s momentum was turned back by a very crafty Gingrich.  Newt took a real lemon and turned it into way tasty lemonade! The only people happier than Newt Gingrich tonight is President Obama and the brain trust at Americans Elect 2012. Romney’s deceit and finessing of the tax return issue will make Gingrich The Republican nominee. How will you know the fat lady is about to sing? ..guess who’s tax returns will be made public ?

Gingrich will win in South Carolina..Keep your pants on!

Published Jan 13th 2012 ; I think the voting public is upset. Mitt Romney doesnt really seem like a candidate on fire. I dont think the Repbublicans are satisfied, and I dont think he is going to win in South Carolina. If the trends hold on, and the timing seems favorable,Newt’s going to pull off a surprise in South Carolina.Even with this 11th hour “bomb” that Newt wanted an open marriage…its unlikely to derail him .In fact , the timing being so close to the election, I dont think one supporter will care about his already know maritial hijinks, and he may even garner a few pity points with the fence sitters.

        If that happens, Florida becomes a much closer contest. . This primary season can wear  on and on. Ron Paulmay end up being a king maker becuase he is going to control the swing delegates at the convention. He is more likely to help Gingrich.

     If  Newt wins in South Carloina, he will also move into the “electabilty” lead in the polls.In this case indeed Gingrich may give Obama a harder time then Romney. Newt’s kind of a pisser-he grows on you.
He also seems like he just might consider genuinely negotiating with the other side..maybe get something done.I think he is stronger with conservatives, and reasonably liked by Paul backers and Independents.

   With a 3rd party launch waiting in the wings (Americans Elect 2012) this is quite the election year. Lot’s at stake and weve never really seen a true 3 way presidential race. Something tells me there’s lots in store for us in 2012. Hold on tight. Seems Newt may enjoy a threeway on his quest for  the white house!!