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Why is the media afraid of American Elect 2012?

That American’s Elect 2012 nominating group/lobbyist/publicist/neo-con/billionaires club
sure has Washington minding it’s own business. Is it me, or has the real possibility of a 3rd party/committee/skull and bones/Hedge-fund/…nominating bunch of really rich people not
really been explored. The real story of 2012 is about to be told,…how essentially a private
group of undisclosed money people will manage to get on all 50 ballots. This “internet’  “nominating” process will surely yeild the candidate of their dreams.

   American’s Elect 2012 group carries lots of clout. The 1% crowd is going to be heard. Media companies
arent in the business to anger the very big time backers (media giants included) that buy the advertising that
sustains their life..and influence.

So, its going to be up to the people, people like us to figure out what to make of all this. Will the presidency
be privatized, ..will a group of really influential people influence who the next president of the United States is. Will a 3rd party manipulate all that voter anger into votes for an  third party candidate. Could Jeb Bush
take Americans Elect 2012 to the White House. That’s the real question is NOT Whose going to win a state who in no way represents the country .Lot’s of surprises in 2012.

Whose Really Picking our next President?

E-mail from Americans Elect 2012-(Dated 12/28/2011)

     ” Americans Elect 2012 is taking the power to pick the president OUT of the parties hands
and putting it back into OUR hands where it belongs.”

     Who is our hands? The voters?

   American Elect 2012 is a shadowy 3rd party lobbying group spearheaded
by The  Webster Group,Washington D.C.’s premiere front group for
America’s most wealthy and Influential. Being a 501 (c) 4 , American Elect 2012
is not going to disclose where they are getting their money.

  Do you think this group of Millionaires, Billionaires, hedge fund operators,banks,oil interests are really
interested in giving the power back into “our” hands meaning the voters?, or OUR hands,
meaning this group calling themelves “Americans Elect 2012”

Its a big red flag when a group of very rich people wrap themselves in the “flag”

This is a very cynical maneuver to take advantage of voter discontent.Were all frustrated with
the faliures of the political system…but lets not blindly “throw out the baby with the bath water”

With weak candidates from both political parties, the time is ripe for a 3rd party.
Let’s not get tricked into a catchy slogan like “Americans Elect 2012 ” to be that
3rd party. They say on their website that they are voters just like me any you. I think they Jest !

Americans Elect 2012- Pervertors of Democracy

When do we tell the voters about Americans Elect 2012? How they intend to pervert Democracy to get what they want. How they intended to take advantage of a frustrated, vulnerable voting public.

    While wrapping themselves in the American flag,(these types always do)  and touting their internet based Denocracy, what is the real story behind this powerful special interest soon to control the  presidential ballot in all 50 states.

  For starters, they are a 501 (c) 4..” social welfare organization” .it means they can rasie as much money as they can but dont have to disclose who their donors are. I’ll save you the time. Their web site claims they are voters just like you and me. Interesting then , of the 63 people on there leadership council, the are all millionaires and billionaires. Right, voters just like you and me.

Even more interesting, cross reference the leadership names with the very secret skull and bones society.
You will get the picture right away. Americans elect 2012 is in effect a front group for  Jeb Bush and allies. Hedge funds, big oil, Saudia Arabia..the elite of the elite. ..but remember, they are voters just like you and me,WHY, because their website says so..ITS WHAT THEIR SELLING….NO SALE HERE!!!

Were all upset with the economy and the inability of the two parties to get it together and lead. But as the saying goes, dont throw out the baby with the bath water. What lurks is something very sinister, the elite
pervertors of American Democracy.

Will the main stream media be willing to expose Americans Elect 2012 for what  they really are and what they stand for?   Or, is the media elites (Murdoch,GE,et all) really just part of the American Elect 2012 team? Lets not take the bait, can we prove that we are smarter than the !% please retweet me… click my ads.. help support 99%! We have family’s too.

501(C) 4 ORGANIZATION …American Elects 2012 Manipulation..

What is a 501(c)4 social welfare organization? Recent legislation allows for these groups to raise as much money as they can and they don’t have to disclose donors.

American Elect 2012 boasts on their website, ” exclusively funded by individual donors ” NOT corporate ,special interests,foreign  or lobbying sources.


American elect 2012 is a front group for the Billionaires,hedge funds, and members of the still pretty secret
Skull and Bones Club.This SPECIAL INTEREST group will soon be Epic.  Cross refrence the names on the leadership council with known members of the Skull and Bones..and you will quickly see what it all means.

 The Bush dynasty is about to be reserrected, compliments of wall street gang,  Bank of America and all it’s friends…They are attempting to hijack and privatize who becomes next president of the United States.

                   Time to wake-up and take notice…the 1% means business…they dont often lose!!!

American Elect 2012- Weve Privatized The election. Democracy in action..

They are a very smart group. Dont underestimate this Lobbying/Pr Firm/Neo-con/Billionaires club.

   Its nearly 2012, and its still not understood by the public that this will be a whole another election.

  We have a powerful lobbying group ..( American Elect 2012)  on all 50 ballots. These guys play for keeps. This has never been done before. With a wobbly President Obama  Vs. a Weak or unelectable Republican..Jeb Bush becomes a very viable 3rd party candidate.

     American Elect 2012 …funded by hedge/funds and Billionaires…..Brings us their own thoughtful…guess they are average voters just like me and you…they say it on the website..its MUST be true.

                                               Wake up …Wake up..The gangs all here.

Americans Elect 2012 Pitch- Voters like you ? Im not so sure!!!!

The money people behind  Americans elect 2012, the supposedly non-partisian,non-profit organization says in there mission statement they are voters like you and me. Curious how these very sweet people are so very concerned with our Democracy . So who  makes up the list of “exclusive ” individuals who are “INTENDING” to repay there financial benefactors.

   Of the 63+ names listed on the leadership council…seems everyone is a millionaire. Wow, voters just like you and me. Christine Todd Whitman sits on the board, seems to me she is like Jebs Bush’s best gal pal…hmmm. Check the list for yourselves…

  Here’s their pitch…Americans elect is a non-partisian,non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any political party,ideology of is funded “EXCLUSIVELY” by individual contrubutors. Ive been a businssnes man 30 years,one lesson Ive learned over and over again. When you hear that word “EXCLUSIVE “it’s a big  red flag, grab your  shorts and be sure NOT to bend over. More fun to come…