2014 Mid-terms Watershed moment in History?

mThe mid-term elections are only 18 months away, and the potential exists for a Democratic blowout. Similar to 1964, gun violence may be the catalyst that helps bring forth a Democratic majority in the House of Represenatives .  Despite 90% of the public supporting background checks …the NRA and the right wing won’t even relent on the simplest of reforms. Why would a politcal party stake their claim with 10% of the public supporting their side? Sounds like a politcal party in slow motion suicide.

There’s not much left to say about the Republicans, and the destruction the tea party has created. Karl Rove’s disgust with the far right is clear cut. His big money backers have insured a GOP civil war and the potential for a real breakdown. t’s also clear that gun violence removes any semblance of safety, and woefully inadequate laws demand reform from American society. To reverse the pattern of violence, the Wild West mentality must be finally and completely shelved. We must not allow the NRA , and states as Texas,Florida and Arizona to represent the will if the majority of America. There is no cure all or magic pill. However, re-enacting the assault weapons ban, along with ammunition restrictions for automatic weapons are more representative of nationwide sentiment . Mandatory gun registration , while not a panacea , is a major step forward.

Let’s also properly increase funds for mental health care services, extending access to and intervention from public school psychologists. While it may not be realistic to legislate, public and private encouragement of restraint from Hollywood’s glorification of violence is most welcome . The responsible cooperation of parents taking a more active role in supervising what their children are exposed to must be part of the national discussion.

Older generations never faced the phenomenon of Internet and video game explosions of violence and decadence. Today it’s at the fingertips of our youth 24/7. Those that worry about their 2nd amendment rights will be lost or even infringed are mistaken . Many millions of Democrats and other gun-control advocates covet their right to bear arms. But rules made some 250 years ago are inapplicable for our modern world.

So as the Republican civil war goes into it’s inevitable battle , whoever emerges as the GOP candidates will be bruised and battered. The American people will look to those that will work for legislation of gun sanity and economic fairness. We can end a 100% interest deduction on jumbo home mortgages for the wealthy . The .1 of 1% that receives 50% of all capital gains can certainly afford to pay more . Isn’t it beyond our ability to fathom that 8 Walton family members ( WAL-MART) control nearly 20% of the country’s wealth ? We’ve lost our way to a large degree.yet, the future looks much more promising. A renewed mindset is determined to insist upon fairness and reason.

No amount of billionaire bullion can change THE ENERGY that’s been set in motion . It has taken decades to reverse unhealthy patterns . Now we shall witness the precipice of a watershed moment in American history. The Republican civil war will give way to a Democratic majority…and perhaps signal the end of an era for the Grand Really Old Party.

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