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New Hampshire shock Trifecta -Trump - Kasich-Christie ..Rubio/Cruz come up lame

Look for Trump to take the top spot in New Hampshire primary. His winning margin won't impress the mainstream media...because they work with the 6 [more]

Trump Jilts Iowa... Cruz crashes? ...Marco Madness Monday?

j Tonight's Fox Republican debate appears to be the watershed moment in the 2016 Republican presidential campaign. Trump looked like a spoiled baby by not showing up. [more]

Whose the Favorite for the White-House? Not Clinton or Trump...Put a Ring Around Joe Biden..

  Current Vice-President Joe Biden laments that his biggest regret is not running for President in 2016. He surely desires to be President of the United [more]

Will Obama and the Democrats Sacrifice Hillary to Stop Trump ? Biden/Warren in the Bullpen ?

     Will Obama and the Democrats Sacrifice Hillary to Stop Trump? Biden/Warren in the Bullpen? Featured | By Ron on December 30, 2015 It should be clear to America by now, [more]

Is Obama Enabling ISIS in Order to Usher in Martial Law ? Whose Pulling his strings?

President Obama and his agenda of temerity and deceit appears to be leading America down the path to  a totalitarian  state. Who is Obama taking [more]

The Donald Has Locked Up the GOP Nomination...Holds Trump Card to the White-House...

Donald Trump currently holds a big lead over his GOP opponents. Considering the current panic over immigration issues ... Trump deserves  credit for reading the tea [more]

US Plasma Beam Opens"Hyper-Dimension" Over California. (Whatdoesitmean.com)

November 8, 2015 US Plasma Beam Opens “Hyper-Dimension” Over California By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers The High Command of the Aerospace Forces (HCAF) is reporting [more]

Russsian Warns of Donald Trump Assassination Plot

October 30, 2015 Russia Warns Of Donald Trump Assassination Plot, US Refuses To Hear By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A chilling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) [more]

What will Happen When the Dollar Collapses ? (Guest Column Dave Hodges)

What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses? 30May, 2014by Dave Hodges Print this articleFont size -16+ Will It Be a False Flag Attack Or a Currency Collapse? Hitler initiated a false [more]

New Hampshire shock Trifecta -Trump – Kasich-Christie ..Rubio/Cruz come up lame

Look for Trump to take the top spot in New Hampshire primary. His winning margin won’t impress the mainstream media…because they work with the 6 media companies that control 90% of the news. Those conglomerates don’t want Trump..they are doing there best to portray his win as a loss.

Rubio had strong momentum out of Iowa…but his Saturday night debate debacle has hurt his credibility and mojo.  Here’s where things get interesting. Despite Ted Cruz strong Iowa performance he’s  sounding  like a one hit wonder. Based on current movement in the polls look for Cruz to fall to 5th place.

Both John Kasick and Chris Christie have become  legitimate candidates . Both have strong resumes, experience and talent. Christie has guts. He’s the only adult that is willing to thoughtfully take on social security and entitlements. He wants to raise the retirement age gradually over the next 25 years. He also is being honest with the public the only way to make social security secure…we must institute MEANS TESTING. His plan would not pay social security benefits to wealthy individuals who have 200,000+ in retirement accounts. Almost all those folks are worth  millions of dollars. This type of means testing makes sense. Only Christie has the courage and intelligence to quarterback  this type of major overhaul.

So here we go, final predictions of the GOP New Hampshire primary

1. Donald Trump 27% …..solid win…front runner status

2. John Kasich    18% … upstart candidate on fire…Ohio resume boost chances

3. Chris Christie 15.%…working  hard… debating well…long shot with a chance.

4. Marco Rubio   14.%…major breakdown in debate…not ready for primetime

5. Ted Cruz         12.%… After  Iowa bump he hits a New Hampshire headwind

6.  Jeb Bush        11%.. decent debate performance keeps him in the race

Trump ,Kasich & Christie winners in New Hampshire….Rubio and Cruz big losers…

Odds to get the nomination

Trump 55%

Kasich 15%

Christie 10%

Rubio    10%

Cruz       5%

Bush    5%




Trump Jilts Iowa… Cruz crashes? …Marco Madness Monday?


Tonight’s Fox Republican debate appears to be the watershed moment in the 2016 Republican presidential campaign.

Trump looked like a spoiled baby by not showing up. He got his rich business friends to pony up for the veterans. His show was a dud and patronizing to the veterans. He shook down his  business buddies to cover his ass for a chicken shit move by ducking. He tried to run out the clock on Mondays Iowa caucus ….likely to be a major miscalculation.

With Trump out of the debate, Ted Cruz became the front runner. He took heavy blows from several candidates. I’m tired of hearing Cruz mention Jeff Sessions defending his immigration flip flops. He just seems like a mean guy..and I think that’s starting to drain on his momentum. Cruz will do no better than 3rd on Monday…and will no longer be the flavor of the week.

Marco Rubio clearly won the debate. Voters get that his nice smile and more mainstream approach might just garner the Republicans the White-House. His pointed criticism of Clinton and Obama was well received.  His polished tone and organized thoughts are a welcome distraction.

Iowa prediction

Rubio gets the surprise  win        26%

Trump lags to 2nd.                        25%

Cruz drops to 3rd…                       20%

Whose the Favorite for the White-House? Not Clinton or Trump…Put a Ring Around Joe Biden..


Current Vice-President Joe Biden laments that his biggest regret is not running for President in 2016. He surely desires to be President of the United States…and the powers behind the unseen hand are working hard to make this happen.

Hillary Clinton is beyond damaged goods…and the establishment (Republican and Democrat) will not allow Donald Trump to become President …and end the gravy train of  corporate blood sucking .

   How you can be sure Biden will be the nominee?

Because the mainstream media has refused to discuss this painfully obvious possibility.

The Illuminated elite control the media narrative …they are  not about to discuss their pending manipulation  of the masses. The American people will continue their cattelized status..and the media whores will feign surprise at the coming “developments”

One has to wonder with the daily dose of Benghazi/email Treason/ Clinton foundation scandals and physical and mental rape by that Clinton couple…how discussion of her demise is not widespread news?

Joe Biden and his likely vice-presidential running mate Elizabeth Warren are the heir apparent to Obama. It couldn’t be more obvious!

Will Obama and the Democrats Sacrifice Hillary to Stop Trump ? Biden/Warren in the Bullpen ?



It should be clear to America by now, despite the corporate media’s best efforts…that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Trump has already proven to be Hillary’s worst nightmare, she can’t handle him. Fortunately for the Democrats, they have  ways of ” disposing” of their losing candidate… prior to or during the Democratic convention this summer.

Clinton is currently under investigation by the FBI for her security breaches related to her misuse of classified information. With the amount of hacking going on, her carelessness and selfishness has exposed sensitive classified information. She has put everything loyal Americans hold near and dear in  danger. Regardless of party affiliation, a leader who puts this country in further  jeopardy is not fit to become president.

When Hillary’s support continues to erode, the likelihood of  Obama green lighting the FBI  indictment concerning the email scandal rises dramatically. He will do everything in  his power  to  save his party from defeat. Propelling his popular right hand man to the nomination would be a really smart move. Obama is simply the errand boy for the bankers and gangsters ushering in the coming one world government. George Soros , the Rothschild and Rockefeller clans  will ditch Hillary in a New York minute.

Additionally, the 69 year old Clinton has some serious health issues that have been so far mostly ignored  by the mainstream corporate propagandists. Anyone who saw Hillary’s stuttering interview with the Des Moines Register newspaper clearly knows  serious medical issues exist.  She was lethargic, dazed, confused and clearly medicated … not  the earmarks of a competent leader . He can threaten her with indictment, and provide her with a medical excuse to drop out of the election. He will do whatever is necessary to keep Donald Trump out of the White-House.

Our current Vice-President Joe Biden is liked and respected by both sides of the political street. His close confidant Elizabeth Warren would make a popular  Vice-Presidential .The MSM media would relish a last minute take-down of Trump. Many Democrats would be more than happy to ditch an unsavory Clinton. Perhaps this writer is a perfect example. I would never ever support Hillary Clinton for a multitude of reasons. I would  vote for Trump. However, a Biden/Warren ticket would bring me ( and many others) perhaps back to the Democratic fold.

Is Obama Enabling ISIS in Order to Usher in Martial Law ? Whose Pulling his strings?

President Obama and his agenda of temerity and deceit appears to be leading America down the path to  a totalitarian  state. Who is Obama taking his orders from? He seems to be more concerned with climate change and gun control …instead of protecting his country from an escalating final war. Washington green lighted Turkey to spark WW3. Why? Is this simply about oil and gas and money…or is there more than meets the eye?

President Obama Builds up to ‘Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

Stonehenge Obama

Friday, December 4, 2015 5:31

Back in March 12th 2015, Obama revealed live on the Jimmy Kimmel show that his and previous Presidential administrations have been prevented from releasing the truth about extra-terrestrial life and technology, saying this with a look of a man telling the truth but not meaning to come across like he is. In response to Kimmel’s interesting question about “how he would seek to gain access to UFO files and Area 51 if he were president”, Obama went on to claim:

“The aliens won’t let it happen. You’d reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us”

When Kimmel then went on to protest that President Clinton said he had looked into Area 51 and found nothing, Obama then replied, “That’s what we’re instructed to say.”

Immediately after the show Obama’s comments were pretty much dismissed across the globe as a joke by the mainstream media. HOWEVER, Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent, conducted an in-depth forensic analysis of Obama’s body language and speech, and immediately concluded that ‘he was showing great stress in revealing some uncomfortable truths’.

Eisenhower is said to have made a secret treaty with extra-dimensional entities to keep the truth about advanced life forms  a secret. Is America acting under duress? Is a one world  government being finalized under orders from powers coming from the “unseen” hand?

Ben Hansen Ex FBI

It’s important to remind you guys (previously posted before HERE!) that on Feb 13, John Podesta, Obama’s counselor for energy policy and the environment tweeted:


 We need to have  the conversation about what really is underway on planet Earth. Is the threat of disclosure the death knell of the world as we know it? Evidence seems to be pointing that way. President Obama needs to come clean. Let’s not suicide our planet  in a FINAL BATTLE without disclosing who the real battle is against. George Bush Sr. recently spoke in public about UFO’S ..saying the world can’t handle the truth. He was quickly taken off-stage..and has not made a public appearance since. It’s time to engage the truth…we can’t fight the enemy until we know who the enemy is. Time runs short..THE TRUTH NEEDS TO BE DISCLOSED.

The Donald Has Locked Up the GOP Nomination…Holds Trump Card to the White-House…

Donald Trump currently holds a big lead over his GOP opponents. Considering the current panic over immigration issues … Trump deserves  credit for reading the tea leaves early.Trump’s number #1 issue is proving to be the key to the  nomination.

You may not hear much from the mainstream media …but the current polling strongly suggests the GOP race is over. The Huffington Post continues to have egg all over it’s face by relegating Trump to the entertainment page…according to them he didn’t qualify for real news coverage. This arrogance of the media has also helped Trump win over undecided voters. His remark at the CNBC debate was priceless..” LET’S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE ” echoing the sentiment of most Americans that were disgusted by the unsavory “moderators” hosting this so called debate.

The early favorite “JEB” has proven to be one of the worst candidates in memory, add in his family legacy …he might as well save his money and let the GOP use it for a real cause. Ben Carson has had his 15 minutes, his demeanor may be pleasing, but his ideas and thought’s are bizarre. Cruz and Rubio have both done respectfully  well…but there’s no way they are catching up to Trump. No one else left in the race has a heartbeat…so for better or worse…Trump will get the nomination. The more bad press he get’s , the stronger his numbers grow. That’s a trend that will not change this year.

While Trump bags the nomination, he remains the underdog to the Clinton machine.

Trump has one move that can insure his presidential ambition. The amount of Democrats and Independents that revile the thought of a Hillary in the White-House are a  swing vote that can come over to Trump’s side with a clever selection for Vice-President.

Trump is not a true conservative, but the real Donald can’t emerge until the GOP is completed. He is doing the politically expedient thing, and running to the right. The general election is a whole new ball game. While Ted Cruz may be Trump’s obvious safe choice, he’s not going to bring any moderates or liberals over to the GOP, and Texas is not in Play.

Independent senator Bernie Sanders would be a fine Vice-president. He’s strong on gun rights, military strength and sound judgement. Sanders could  quarterback a repeal of Obamacare, and deliver a universal health plan that cover’s all Americans. Tell big Pharma we don’t need their expensive ad’s..we can use that money to keep Americans’ healthy. Trump is not adverse to universal health care.

Sanders will have blood in his eye’s after the Clinton machine robs, pillars and plunders to deny Sanders the Democratic nomination. Sanders will be motivated with revenge and the opportunity to revise American’s health care strategy. He is a strong orator and would make a solid partner with Trump.

A chunk of those Sanders supporters will NEVER vote for Hillary. Those swing states like Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will all come over to the GOP.    Does Trump have the moxie to make such a delicious selection? That a rhetorical question!




US Plasma Beam Opens”Hyper-Dimension” Over California. (Whatdoesitmean.com)

November 8, 2015

US Plasma Beam Opens “Hyper-Dimension” Over California

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The High Command of the Aerospace Forces (HCAF) is reporting today that its Space Forces (SF) have detected a “hyper-dimensional” [of or pertaining to a system having more dimensions than naturally observed in our universe] opening event” occurring over California after the firing of a US Navy Trident II missile.

According to this report, Space Forces experts who are charged with the monitoring of potential threats to the Federation in space and from space, and the prevention of attacks as needed, first notified the High Command on Friday (6 November) that a large US Navy flotilla operating off the Southern and Central coasts of California had closed the airspace over their operations area and notified their nations civilian authorities.  

Even more concerning to these Space Forces experts, this report continues, was that at the same time this vast US Navy flotilla was preparing to fire a Trident II missile, Federation satellites operating over North American detected an enormous energy surge (plasma discharge) emanating from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory located in Menlo Park, California.

At approximately 0200 GMT (6 p.m. local California time 7 November) this early morning, this report says, a “peak energy” event was detected at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory while at the same time a Trident II (D5) missile was fired from the USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class submarine, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California.

Upon the “meeting/joining” of the Trident II missile and the “plasma discharge” fired from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, this report explains, a “hyper-dimensional” “opening event” occurred in the skies over California and was witnessed by thousands of people who described what they saw as a UFO or meteor—but is more accurately described (as numerous videos show) as a “blue colored hyper-dimensional tear” following the instrument laden warhead used for measuring this event.       




Critical to note, this report further states, is that this is was just the latest Western to attempt at a “hyper-dimensional” opening to our Earth, with the last one being tried on 8 December 2009 over the skies of Norway—where the US, operating in conjunction with the massive CERN accelerator in Switzerland, likewise, caused a “blue colored hyper-dimensional tear” to appear in the skies.




In our 10 December 2010 report (Attack On Gods ‘Heaven’ Lights Up Norwegian Sky) we described that previous event as follows:

On Tuesday evening, 8 December, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located in Switzerland, “smashed together subatomic particles at the highest energies ever reached by a human-made accelerator” which were then ‘quantumly’ transferred to the massive Partial Reflection Medium-Frequency (MF) Atmospheric Radar Facility located in Ramfjordmoen, Norway, operated by European Incoherent Scatter Facility (EISCAT) radar and ionospheric heating scientists who, in turn, work under the supervision of the American High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) that many call one the largest ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ever constructed.

Now upon this ‘quantumly’ transferred high-energy beam being received in Ramfjordmoen, it was then ‘pulsed’ vertically into the upper atmosphere above Norway at 2.43 MHz by their MF Radar antennas which resulted in a ‘spiral’ light display [photo top left] described by Britain’s Daily Mail News Service as: 

“A blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain in the north of the country. It stopped mid-air, then began to move in circles. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre – lasting for ten to 12 minutes before disappearing completely. Onlookers describing it as ‘like a big fireball that went around, with a great light around it’ and ‘a shooting star that spun around and around’.

To the purpose of today’s “military-accelerator” “hyper-dimensional” test over California, like Norway in 2009, this report concludes, the West has made no secret of its goals either—and as best explained by CERN’s Director for Research and Scientific, Sergio Bertolucci, who in November, 2009 stated: “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”

As to whom, or what, the West wants to come through these “hyper-dimensional” rifts they’re creating this report doesn’t say—but it does cause one to pause when the main Western source behind these “hyper-dimensional” events in Norway and California is CERN—especially when this organization has embedded in its logo the “Mark of the Beast number 666” and has erected in front of its main administration building a statue dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva—Shiva the destroyer of worlds.



November 8, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY andGFDL.

Russsian Warns of Donald Trump Assassination Plot

October 30, 2015

Russia Warns Of Donald Trump Assassination Plot, US Refuses To Hear

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A chilling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the life of current front-running US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump may be in “grave danger” after the discovery of his personal travel itinerary with a known Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) “routing/computing number” was discovered on a laptop device seized from the Islamic terrorists responsible for the killing of 43 French nationals. [Note: quotes are added for Russian words having no exact English counterpart and are meant to be understood in their most general context]

According to this report, and as we had previously reported on in our 26 October report Terror Attack On French Bus That Killed 43 Linked To Islamic State, found in the possession of the 5 Saudi Arabian nationals detained by Lebanon’s intelligence services this past Monday after their private jet was forced to land by Federation Aerospace Forces was a “heavily encrypted” laptop computer device.

Upon Lebanon’s General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) seizing of this laptop device, this report continues, they requested assistance from the SVR in “defeating” its encryption, which was immediately granted.

Once this laptop was in the possession of the SVR, this report notes, it was flown to Moscow where computer security analysts were able to unlock its “secret information”, of which the most “startling/confusing” was a document listing the entire travel itinerary and private security plans of Donald Trump for the month of October.

Contained “within/on” this Donald Trump itinerary document too, this report further notes, was a “routing/computing number” the SVR had previously ascertained was used by the CIA in their communications with Islamic terrorist forces they are supporting and arming in Iraq and Syriaoperating in the Levant War Zone.


As to why these Islamic terrorists had in their possession a CIA-provided itinerary of Donald Trump this report doesn’t state due to there being no other documents on the seized laptop associated with it.

With Donald Trump’s policy positions on the Middle East mirroring Russia’s however, this report says, he has been reviled by the warmongers in the United States (of both parties) since July, 2000, when he released his book titled “The America We Deserve” which a full 14 months prior to the 11 September 2001 (9/11) attacks predicted not only this horrific crime would happen, but actually stated that Osama bin Laden would be blamed.

In fact, this report warns, so feared is Donald Trump by his nations warmongers should he take power and uncover all of their secrets, top establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson in an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes last week actually called for his assassination, and as, in part, one can read from the transcript:

“Trump is still a very powerful force right now” because he appeals to part of the of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his “nativist” message. Wilson insisted that the donor class “can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, ‘oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.’”

“They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson said. “And that’s a fact.”

Following established SVR procedures when threats are detected against any foreign national, this report says, the Foreign Ministry was directed to convey this information to the US Secret Service who has the responsibility of protecting that nations leaders and presidential candidates.

Upon contacting the US Secret Service though, this report concludes, they informed the Foreign Ministry that Donald Trump was not under their protection and refused to take the information referring it instead to Mr. Trump’s private security company—but which they stated they didn’t know who they were or have any contact information for.

Though not contained in this SVR report, it is important to note the fact that Donald Trump has requested Secret Service protection, but has so far been denied.



What will Happen When the Dollar Collapses ? (Guest Column Dave Hodges)

What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?

30May, 2014by Dave Hodges

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Will It Be a False Flag Attack Or a Currency Collapse?

Hitler initiated a false flag event and burned down the Reichstag to gain control over the German government. Could the same happen here in the United States? My initial response to that question is, does it really matter? The pattern of societal collapse and subsequent governmental enslavement of the American people will be largely the same whether the precipitating incident is a false flag attack or a currency collapse. For the purpose of simplicity, let us call the precursor event to all-out martial law, a currency collapse.

The Federal Reserve Is the Enemy of Humanity

The Federal Reserve has been bleeding this country to death for a century. What the dollar bought 100 years ago, can only buy three cents of product today. This means that 97% of the value of our currency has gone into the pockets of the Federal Reserve investors for the past 100 years.

I am amazed at the abject ignorance of the American people and that they think the Federal Reserve is actually part of the federal government. As we like to stay in the alternative media, the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. For the record, the Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation which sells stock to preferred insiders. In 1913, a small majority of Congress commissioned the Federal Reserve to control banking in the United States. Without a doubt, this was the worst decision ever made by an act of Congress.

The Dollar Is Diving

The world is running from the dollar, or should I more accurately state the Petrodollar. Until recently, our dollar was used as the currency of international trading. Further, the dollar was also the reserve currency for oil. All foreign countries wishing to purchase oil from the Middle East, first had to purchase dollars from the Federal Reserve. After FDR took us off the gold standard during the Great Depression and Richard Nixon finished the task of providing America with a totally Fiat currency, the only backing that our dollar enjoys is that of being the reserve currency for both trading and for oil (i.e. the Petrodollar scam).

The major cause of the present  economic calamity is fractional reserve banking. When the government goes to the private Federal Reserve and asks for one trillion dollars, the federal reserve gets to print one trillion for the government, at interest, and $10 trillion dollars for themselves and to lend out at high interest rates. This inflationary practice erodes the value of your dollar while enriching our Federal Reserve investors. Ultimately, the currency upon which we depend on will be destroyed and life as we know it will be changed forever.

The practice of fractional reserve banking should be wholly illegal because it creates a state of permanent inflation for the benefit of a few and sets up economic demise for the many.

A Changing of the Financial Guard

The nations presently running from our petrodollar are India, China, Iran, Japan, South Africa and Australia have signed their own trade agreements and their currency of choice is no longer the dollar!

When the collapse of the dollar occurs, it will literally and figuratively come like a thief in the night, and I do mean overnight!

We are all familiar with the concept of inflation, which is the intentional byproduct of the Federal Reserve.  But I am not just talking inflation, I’m speaking about hyperinflation which is caused by the collapse of the value of the currency resulting in runaway prices. Here are three examples of how quickly a currency collapse can occur when a nation’s money when its money no longer holds it value:

1. In Weimar Germany, from 1922 – 1923, prices  doubled  every three days.

2. In the modern era, in Yugoslavia from 1992-94, witnessed prices doubling every 34 hours.

3. In Zimbabwe, in the two year period from 2007 – 2008, prices doubled  every 25 hours.

History is replete with examples of currency collapses and they typically follow very predictable patterns in which a nation unravels and social chaos, and many times, widespread violence and even genocide becomes part of the national landscape.

What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?

It can accurately be stated that a lot has been written and rehearsed by the federal government on the topic of the effects of a currency collapse and its subsequent impact on society. NORTHCOM, DHS and FEMA as well as other federal entities have practiced for this eventuality. In each and every scenario, the facts remain the same, human beings and society follows a very predictable pattern of decline when the currency of the day collapses. And normally, the currency collapse comes without any warning to the general public.

When George Soros recently pulled his money from the S&P 500 and from Bank of America, Citibank and JP Morgan, all Americans should have sat up and taken notice. Generally, when the currency collapses, a stock market crash is right on its heels. Because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, a banking meltdown will immediately occur following the collapse of the stock market because since Clinton’s presidency, banks are now allowed to loan money for investment in the stock market and for down payments for homes. It was irresponsible of Congress to repeal Glass-Steagall, because it made surviving an economic Armageddon a near impossibility just as it did during the 1929 crash.

In a currency collapse, your life savings will be wiped out. From this point on, the effect cascades like a roaring tsunami racing across the open ocean.

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy demonstrated that gas stations will be bone dry within two days following a complete collapse. Subsequently, commerce will not move. If you are on vacation, you may not make it home. On the second day following a currency collapse, being on the road will be a risky endeavor because of other desperate motorists who will lie in wait to rob other motorists of essential supplies and resources.

With no available fuel, the grocery and drug stores will be empty within one to three days. There will be no food to be had except for that which is decaying in your refrigerator and that in which you can beg, borrow and steal from your neighbors who will also be begging, borrowing and stealing. from your other neighbors. If you have an adequate food and water supply, you better have an adequate gun and ammo supply in order to defend your assets. And when will you sleep? The protection of your critical assets is a 24/7 proposition. Therefore, having a cooperative survival plan is critical.

Without gas, people will stop going to work. Corporations will disappear overnight. Hurricane Katrina showed America that the police cannot be expected to stay on the job more than 48-72 hours as they will be home protecting their families and foraging for food and water like everyone else. The emergence of former police, now operating as gangs, will become common in an effort to secure the products which will ensure survival. Therefore, when your home is under attack, there will nobody to call. Everyone will be on their own.

The elderly and the chronically ill will be the first to die. Too old to defend their assets, the elderly will find themselves overpowered as they will make easy preys of opportunity for the roving gangs. The chronically ill will have no way to procure their medication and even if they survive the looting rampage which will follow a currency collapse, these poor souls will perish without access to their life-sustaining prescriptions.

The money in your wallet will be useless. Cell phones will not work. Heating and air conditioning will not work either and depending on the time of year, the environment could prove deadly to untold numbers of people.

Water treatment plants will stop operating for the same reasons that you will not be able to find a cop during this crisis nobody will be manning the water treatment plants. Toilets will back up and diseases will spread like wildfire. Cholera will become the leading cause of death even surpassing homicide. Something as simple as toilet paper will become a prized commodity. There will be no trash pickup and more disease will result due to the increased rodent population.

Clean drinking water and hunger will become the dominant motivator in society. Roving bands of looters, turned murderers, will sweep through neighborhoods seeking to obtain these critical elements of survival. Young women will sell themselves for a can of food for their children. Society will see the widespread loss of human dignity and self-respect.

Infanticide and euthanasia of the weak will become common events because there will be decided efforts to reduce the amount of mouths to feed. There will be the stark realization that the lights are not coming back on and the ensuing sense of hopelessness will lead to murder-suicides within families and simple incidences of suicide will be used as a means to escape the horrendous circumstances.

Humanity’s Darkest Hour

There will come a time when all the available animals will be devoured and then there will be only one place to turn to for food. History shows that cannibalism will set in by the beginning of the third week. Extreme hunger will lead to humans hunting humans as an available food supply. There is a real possibility that this could begin to occur within 15-20 days following the currency collapse.

The Government’s Version of the Final Solution

If the establishment military has properly planned, they will move into take control but they will not move quickly. The more death there is, the fewer people there will be to control. Government will typically move in with their solutions towards the end of the second week as has been the case in past economic collapses. The earliest the military could be deployed on the streets would be about four days from the event. Even then, the military cannot be everywhere. Christians should pay particular attention for when the Roman currency was debased in the third century, there was a revolving door for Roman emperors and Christians became the scapegoats for the economic issues. 

To fully understand the relationship that will exist between yourself and the government, Google “Executive Order 13603”. The reasons behind the creation of Executive Order 13603 will soon become readily apparent. You will retain ownership over nothing including food, water, guns, ammunition, your house, your car and even yourself. If you survive, you will be conscripted to work in some capacity in a specialty and location not of your choosing. The provisions for dealing with potential dissidents will go into motion under the NDAA which allows for mass arrest and secret incarcerations without due process. There is one ironclad thing that you can count on, food and water will be used to control the people following the collapse of the dollar

Who Will Help Us?

When past currency collapses occur, organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and the US have appeared to render their predatory version of help in exchange for control of critical infrastructure and other capital considerations. Because of this aid, more people survived in the impacted areas. However, what happens when the top dog collapses? Who would be able to come and render aid in America? Even in a world disgusted by our imperialistic ways would  offer help, could they? Not under the coming circumstances could anyone offer help because they will be in a worse situation.

In short, there will be nobody riding in to rescue the United States. Despite some rebelling against the dollar, the world is still dependent upon our currency. When the currency collapses it will pull the rest of world down with us. The subsequent collapse of global currencies will indeed constitute a major depopulation event and all the elite have to do is wait it out in places like the tunnels under Denver International Airport.

During this time, Americans will truly discover if there really are FEMA camps and what they will be used for. If people want to eat, they will be enticed to go where food is promised. Although you can count on the above mentioned events transpiring in the event of a currency collapse, what lies ahead is unknown to a large extent because the top dog will not have been economically obliterated in modern history.


In addition to what has previously been written, in an economic collapse, we can expect the government to impose travel restrictions and martial law. Life, as we know it will not be recognizable.

Obama is willing to talk about the $17 trillion dollar deficit. However, you never hear the government nor the media discuss the real debt? Our real financial obligations total $240 trillion dollars through programs like social security, Medicare, public pensions and welfare. Subsequently, I want to make one thing abundantly clear; It is not a matter if we are going to have a currency collapse, it is when.  And the when is much sooner than later.  It could happen tomorrow, next month and even next year. We do not have two years left in the American economic engine. A currency collapse is nothing to look forward to, and people who intend on surviving the event should be in the midst of their preparations.


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Jeb Bush Just insulted anybody Who Question’s “The Official Gov 9/11 “STORY”

“Does anybody actually blame my brother for attacks on 9/11? If they do, they’re totally marginalized in our society

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