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Did Sony Deserve a Smack in the Head ?

I saw the promotions for Sonys " The interview"  for months now ... and was personally offended long before this controversy exploded. Sony spent some [more]

The BIGGEST Scandal in America is it's CONTROLLED PRESS - Eric Zuesse

How many Americans know that the current regime in Ukraine was installed in a very bloody February 2014 coup d'etat, that was planned in the [more]

From 9/11 to MH 17... America Battles America...World in Peril...World War 3 in Full Swing.

  It's been some 13 years now that America has been under Siege in a war against itself . The  Constitution  of the United States was [more]

What the Corporate Mass Media Ignores Tell's the Real Truth...

  Will 2014 be the year remembered as the year the Illuminati owned and operated media was finally exposed as the deceivers and destroyers of the [more]

Western Corporate Media Outgunned by the Truth...Alternative Media Rises in 2014!

  The falsehoods, lies and disinformation perpetuated on the general public by the Corporate controlled media has reached a crucial tipping point here in 2014. The [more]

Has Mainstream Media Given Their " Stamp of Approval" to Government Cover-Up of the Downing of Civilian Jet MH17?

  Does the President of the United States have the responsibility to protect innocent civilian lives? Some politicians are talking impeachment hearings against President Obama. They [more]

Who Should be America's Next President? Clinton or Bush?...Try Vermont's Tart Bernie Sanders

  The thought of electing either a Bush or a Clinton in 2016 is nauseating....and suicidal. The one party system ( technically two) has turned into [more]

Forbes.com: Iran Says " Tall, White Space aliens control US Government & Obama...

 Iran Says ‘Tall, White’ Space aliens control USA Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a [more]

New MH370 Search Just a Show ? More NWO Sleight of Hand ?

  Mh 370 and it's 297  passengers went missing March 8th,2014 in one of the alleged biggest "mysteries" of aviaition history. After a frantic few weeks [more]

Did Sony Deserve a Smack in the Head ?

I saw the promotions for Sonys ” The interview”  for months now … and was personally offended long before this controversy exploded. Sony spent some 44 million in pre-release  publicity . This  was a big effort for Sony, with a release date of Christmas Day…the brain trust at Sony had a big investment in this movie .

I’m no prude , I don’t approved of North Korea or their unstable leader. However , I was uncomfortable with the ads promoting  the CIA encouraging two “journalists ” to assassinate the North Korean leader .

Lets put the  shoe on the other foot . What would the mainstream media or Americas alternative media  say about a foreign film that conspired to assassinate our sitting President ?

Hacking and stealing intellectual property is wrong .  Sony and many other corporations have been injured financially by this new cyber warfare.

But considering the current state of danger brewing on planet Earth, perhaps Sony deserved a big smack in the head by financing a movie that stirs further discontent . If an average America was offended , it’s no surprise that more extreme elements were angered . Violent threats  against American theaters is reprehensible … But so is screaming fire in a movie theater . Sony should be ashamed for their poor judgement and greed..and the hackers and threat makers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the  law .






The BIGGEST Scandal in America is it’s CONTROLLED PRESS – Eric Zuesse

How many Americans know that the current regime in Ukraine was installed in a very bloody February 2014 coup d’etat, that was planned in the U.S. White House, and overseen by an Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, and run by the CIA, and carried out for the White House by one of Ukraine’s two racist-fascist, or Nazi, political parties, whose founder and leader still controls Ukraine though not officially, even these many months after his coup, and which nazi party has been up to their elbows since then in a genocidal policy to exterminate the people in the region of Ukraine that had voted approximately 90% for the man whom Obama and those nazis overthrew in February? (Click onto that link, and to the more-detailed evidence that’s linked to there, in order to see the ultimate documentations of this entire horrific history, because it is history now, even though the American public were never informed about it while it was news — while and when it was happening, which it still is.)

And how many Americans know that one of the two main suspects in the bringing-down of the Malaysian MH17 airliner over Ukraine on July 17th has been given veto-power over the report that is to be issued from the official ‘investigation’ of the black boxes and other evidence in the case?

The ongoing hiding of all of this from the American public is perhaps even more stunning to the present writer than is the bloody American policy (including Obama’s personal role in it) itself.

Virtually all of the ‘news’ editors and producers — the ‘news’ executives, in America’s press — know, and have known all along, that these things are the case, because they’ve been receiving many news-submissions on them, with full and entirely credible documentation each time, ever since February, and have not made any of these facts public; they’ve not published this reality, when it was news, though they are supposed to be news-organizations.

I know this because I am one of the many independent investigative journalists who has been reporting in detail on these matters, throughout this time-period, and whose reports have been submitted to virtually all U.S. ‘news’ media — mainstream and alternative news, liberal and conservative news, Republican and Democratic news. And, with the exception of only about a half-dozen obscure but admirably authentic news-sites on the Internet (which is just a small fraction of the “alternative news” sites), all of this solidly documented information (just click on the links and you’ll see it documented there) has been intentionally withheld, from the American public, by virtually the entirety of the U.S. ‘news’ media.

Was the rigid control over a nation’s press more rigid and more universal in the Soviet Union, or in Nazi Germany, than is the case in today’s United States? One should not simply assume that it was, or that it wasn’t, but instead recognize how extremely far from being a democracy today’s United States has, in fact, become. This is the most shocking realization of all, because it’s the most suppressed news of all — news about the news-suppression by the ‘news’-media.

Regarding that charge of news-suppression in America: among the ‘news’ media to which these news-reports have been regularly submitted and yet never published, have also been specialized ones, such as fair.org, mediamatters.org, and Foreign Policy magazine; and yet even they refuse to report these realities about U.S. foreign policy and its cover-ups, and about the controlled U.S. ‘news’ media — in neither specialized field (neither press-reviews, nor international policy) is it being reported. And, of course, it’s not broadcast in any U.S. national media. That’s how dire the condition of what used to be American democracy has now become.

The biggest news-story of all is thus the one that is, and that will inevitably be, the most suppressed news-story of all: the news-suppression itself. It extends from the major ‘news’-media to the alternative and even to the specialized ‘news’-media.

Edward Snowden, the former CIA and NSA employee and then contractor who went public about the U.S. Government’s violating the 4th Amendment and other U.S. Constitutional provisions regarding Americans’ right to privacy and so forth, addressed on October 20th, a class at Harvard Law School, and he spoke about the impossibility of democracy to exist if there is not informed consent from the public of what the Government is doing, and of what the authentic aims of the Government are in what it is doing and intends to do. He necessarily had to speak from an undisclosed location, because the U.S. Government wants to imprison him (if not worse). He raised the extremely serious question as to whether, and the extent to which, a government can lie to its public and still be a democracy.

That’s the question. How can the public have a government representing informed consent, if the ‘news’ media are constantly, and systematically, lying about the most important things, and covering up that government’s worst, most heinous, crimes? Yet, this is what Americans have today.

The United States is thus no longer a model for any country except for a dictatorship. How likely is it that America’s press will let the American public know this now-established fact?

Something’s wrong — and it’s not people such as Edward Snowden.

For yet another of the many examples of U.S. news-suppression, click here. This interview, 13 years after the news-event, was relegated to C-Span, not aired on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, or cable-news channels.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that (more…)

What the Corporate Mass Media Ignores Tell’s the Real Truth…


Will 2014 be the year remembered as the year the Illuminati owned and operated media was finally exposed as the deceivers and destroyers of the last remnants of the 4th estate? It’s a painful realization that the world’s elite use their power over the press to misinform…the Bilderberg group treats the world as their’s alone….and play’s God here on Earth.

Maybe the death of Washington Post editor Benjamin Bradley is both tragic but purposeful here in 2014. One of the last remaining “old guard” has left us  …one of the few that would dig for the truth….and inform the public what was real, no matter which way the facts point.

It’s clear the investigative media no longer exists, their rulers have closed down the 4th estate. Let’s review 2014 and look at the unanswered questions our  “free press” will not discuss.

What really happened in Fukushima? , and what are the actual ramifications to  the health and well-being of the citizen’s on planet Earth? Is it true that public notification radiation levels have been ignored..as the death to wildlife populations mount? It appears we have not been told the truth, and the corporate media will not level with us.

Malaysian flight #370 disappeared on March 8th,2014. We’ve got nothing but a dog and pony show from the world’s media. Malaysian airlines, Free-scale Semiconductor and the Federal reserve are all owned by the world’s leading international banking cabal, the Rothschild family. They also own the Carlyle group, Blackstone and control 95% of the Western media. Anyone smell a rat?

We’ve heard little about FRACKING..and the real effects this process has on the future of planet Earth. The corporate media doesn’t want to discuss it, the health of the planet is not part of the responsibility of the billions that inhabit Earth, we are merely the cattle and useless eaters that face the depopulation efforts from those that own us.

We have an American president that seems totally out-of-it. Is he stoned? Has he been relegated to a mere figure head position? Who is really in charge of the decisions?The American people sent him a serious rebuke in the mid-terms..only to have him spit in our  face and take extraordinary executive actions that put all Americans in a more dangerous position.

July brought a double dose of disaster, as another Malaysian airline bit the dust..this time Obama and the West declared Russian’s Putin guilty of crimes against humanity, despite all evidence to the CONTRARY. Not one Western media outlet has done any legitimate investigation….IT’S PRETTY CLEAR THE MEDIA IS JUST PART AND PARCEL OF THE NSA….and the truth doesn’t matter. Israel launched a horrific attack the same day as the MH17 destruction, using the plane disaster as cover to their aggressive assault….with obvious cooperation from Obama and his Neo-con handlers.

The media has been so silent on the 3 spaceships that all were blown up this year, two private and one secret payload. Someone really doesn’t want us to see what’s really happening in the skies above us…make you wonder why..don’t hold your breathe for any real information from the media here on Earth.

The West installed a corrupt government in Ukraine..which the Press-ti-tutes  completely ignore. The West funded something caused ISIS or ISIL…the newest bogeyman on the block. Dick Cheney warned us all about his newest 9/11 #2 plan of action. Russia is feeling threatened…and so are the American people. I never would have imagined we might have more confidence in Putin than Obama and his Rothschild/Saudi Arabia/Israel Neo-con, Illuminati demons.

It’s time to come face to face with the facts…those bits of information that are being ignored….there in lies the real truth!


Western Corporate Media Outgunned by the Truth…Alternative Media Rises in 2014!


The falsehoods, lies and disinformation perpetuated on the general public by the Corporate controlled media has reached a crucial tipping point here in 2014. The oligarchical manipulation of public opinion has been exposed time and time again. 2014 will prove to be a watershed year in the move away from the corporate shills …that own and operate media operations  (Illuminati et al) …and the rise of the more truthful and courageous alternate media via the World Wide Web. Obama’s finger is twitching to hit that internet kill switch..we must all make sure that never happens!

CNN and CNBC ratings have hit an all-time record low…in harmony with President Obama’s dismal approval rating. ABC ( CIA controlled) ,NBC, CBS continue to hemorrhage viewers and clout. The once respected newspapers like the NyTimes, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal are shadows of their former prominence.

The amount of lies American’s have been feed by the mainstream media is now being regurgitated by a more educated public. Obama..and the billionaires he serves might think were morons…but the tides are changing…this genie is out of the bottle.

Earlier this year, CSPAN aired an open forum in regards to many of the outstanding questions that remain concerning the attacks on September 11th,2001. The cold shoulder by the corporate media concerning the truth about 9/11 speaks volumes about veracity of the news disseminated to the general public.

Some of the outstanding contributors to free speech, truth and justice  need to be recognized.Their prominence needs to grow…as the 4th estate morphs to an alternative source..one that ( so far) can’t be bought and controlled by the Rothschilds, Murdochs , Bilderbergs…and the rest of the pariahs that force feed the world their bullshit.

In no particular order…these people and websites need to be read, disseminated and supported by those that love freedom and justice. Paul Craig Roberts, Eric Zuesse, Michael Whitney, Robert Parry, Pepe Escobar, Leuren Moret ,Glenn Greenwald…and many others. Websites like www.consortiumnews.com, www. counterpunch.com…www.infowars…www.intercept.com www.greatgameindia.com.. …whowhatwhy.com…www.intellihub.com and one of the few mainstream media stalwarts left…www.billmoyers.com. These are the writers and websites that are the hero’s of 2014!

Want to know the truth about Malaysian airlines MH17  mH370? Fukushima…Freescale Semiconductor,Ukraine,Iraq, Iran,Israel….Wall street manipulators, Ebola, Gold and silver shenanigans, earthquakes, global warming,government sponsored drug dealing…and the most taboo topic of mainstream media…the presence of extra-dimensional influence on our world today?



www.ronrambles.com   @ rpt62960 on twitter Ron Tenin @rpt62960@aol.com  (2014)

What’s Your Preference? Nuclear War and FEMA camps for American’s … or 1200 Billionaires Get a Haircut?


We’ve identified the problem…and it’s NOT ISIS…It’s America’s billionaires and it’s control over all that is. The world has 1200 Billionaires..and a startling majority bleed Red, White and Blue.

Not one banker has been prosecutued….9/11 covered the missing trillions…and America’s middle class continues to sink into oblivion. We do a great job of filing our jails with drug addicts and illegals…but we forgot to prosecute those that commit the most compelling crimes.

We understand what is happening…. The billionaires have busted the bank …they continue to print dollars and pump oil to cover the “shorts”. The stock market continues it’s crime, that’s climb….and we are all at the mercy of a tyrannical president that is owned and operated by 5 banks that are too big to fail. NEWSFLASH…

Either the big banks come to terms with reality and justice …. or the world WILL come to end. We can devise a softer landing for the Rothschild gang…or we can all go up in smoke.

The Mid-term elections are meaningless, it’s  just an excersize in mental masturbation.

The selling of our newest war, with beheadings and mockingbirds…is almost comical …if it wasn’t so sad. WW3 started when MH370 was blown away by Amercan Huburis…and the first “ladies” private visit to China days after the March 8th ,2014 deception. The  letter she delivered of course was unreported..the defacto “start of the end” .The American media stays true to it’s color…Green (and yellow!)

When Russia’s Putin is saniest man in the room, things are off the grid.

With the internet kill switch in Obama’s hands..and the opposition rendered meaningles (Republicats) …THERE ARE JUST A FEW MOMENTS LEFT…to bring moderation to the debate.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing…it doesn’t have to be the  world according to Bush and Obama.

Will America’s middle class turn off the football  game, put it’s pant’s on..and demand accountability?

It’s either the survival and revivial of America’s middle class …or the destruction of the world.

If Earth’s 1200 Billionaires gave up 50% of their wealth, they would still be billionaires. The debt crisis would be over, the dollar would be solvent…and wealth disparity would  be allieviated. We could afford a livable minumum wage and bring dignity to the people worldwide.






From 9/11 to MH 17… America Battles America…World in Peril…World War 3 in Full Swing.


It’s been some 13 years now that America has been under Siege in a war against itself . The  Constitution  of the United States was rendered meaningless after we allowed the takeover of our own government by evil men. Our leadership stood down and allowed the Patriot Act to  be passed as a knee jerk reaction to our self- inflicted wounds on 9/11. We invited satan Into a leadership  position , and the Dick Cheney’s of this world were delighted to bring their master to our shores .

The wheels have come off the bus…and were headed into an eternal ditch. Our  bought and paid for mainstream media shills are no longer an independent 4th estate. The media is just another toy of the oligarchs and maniacs who run this country. We’ve allowed a renegade private bank ( The Federal Reserve) to rule over the 7 billion souls here on planet Earth.

President Obama has been turned out . Be it his sketchy birth certificates and/or his man friend in the White-house … Blackmail is the oldest game in town . The Illuminati has the goods on our lamest of all ducks. He won’t be giving the real leaders any problems .He may have spared the life of a turkey .. But he had no such sympathy  over the lives of 600 souls that were sacrificed on this years civilian jet take-downs.

Any normal person looking at the facts surrounding MH17  must conclude that the evidence strongly suggests Western involvement . More specifically , Washington”a direct influence creating this act of war. Once the facts reveal the truth , the other misdeeds become more suspect…the rat begins to stink…and clarity begins. What happened to MH370 in March , 2014? There’s no mystery anymore… The facts are  clear.

The truth is always revealed early , before the COVERUP begins .  MH 370 was taken down by  the US Navy as part of their real live war games , same play book as 9/11 …same coach Cheney. Destroyed  over Singapore airspace ( CIA controlled)  .. MH 370 was buried in the  South China sea. Remember the oil rig worker that reported a plane on  fire ..and the general from Vietnam who saw the oil slick at the exact same spot ?  Probably not , neither one has been heard from since .

It was a show of military strength , to warn both Russia and China about our directed energy capabilities .. and electronic warfare acumen . Per usual, the Illuminati/satanic/ reptilian inspired activities had more than one benefit. The deaths of Freescale personnel sealed several patents for Rothschild /Cheney/Bush/ Shadow government . China was  denied the  technology … And Malaysia got payback for the war crimes tribunal that revealed the guilt of Rothschild,Bush, Cheney and others. Our president no longer runs this country ..and our last Secretary of Defense was just forced to resign.

We are now  just passengers  on a doomed civilian jet .

George Washington is rolling over in his grave , aghast at his namesakes sellout to the interests of the few at the expense of the many. Who would have thought the final war…WW3…would be America vs America….in a futile battle against itself?


















Has Mainstream Media Given Their ” Stamp of Approval” to Government Cover-Up of the Downing of Civilian Jet MH17?


Does the President of the United States have the responsibility to protect innocent civilian lives? Some politicians are talking impeachment hearings against President Obama. They talk about Benghazi, or the IRS shenanigans…or Fast and Furious…3 scandals under review in regards to the oval office. However, the most egregious conduct has been our president’s…at the very least “cover-up” of crimes against innocent civilians…and even possibly more heinous, the White-houses approval and participation in the criminal acts that took down both Malaysian commercial airliners in 2014.

I work for a large publicly traded company. In the lunch room they have a large sign that reads…”Failure to report an incident IS CONDONING such behavior and may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension and or termination of employment.

Years early ,I worked for another major company. I had uncovered theft via computer manipulation by a key employee. I worked well with this person,thought it over 2 days, and then decided I had to share what I knew to my superiors. A few days later…the other employee was both terminated and arrested. Most surprisingly, I was told that if I hadn’t turned the other employee in…that I too would have been terminated and possibly arrested.

Knowing about a crime and looking the other way makes you part of the crime.

Ton’s of evidence has been released to the public regarding Malaysian flight MH17, which crashed July 17th, inside the Ukraine. Initial accounts had the West..screaming ” Russians murdered innocent civilians. “Obama, Kerry and Cameron made every news report  possible pointing the finger squarely at Putin.

It’s and old saying but ” WHOEVER SMEELT IT…DEALT IT”

The Western owned and controlled corporate media is playing the bitch once again…their legs spread wide open ….cowering to the oligarchy despots that run the world. Despite conclusive evidence that the American puppet government in Ukraine willfully blew away 300 innocent people….apparently with the blessings of Obama and his neo-con  brain trust.

So, American people…..if we look the other way and don’t report criminal activity, it may be one of us….your family member, that may be slaughtered while flying in a commercial jet.

We need to demand from the American press to conduct an independent investigation. There is a plethora of strong evidence. If The West sanctioned the destruction  MH17, it’s also quite likely Obama and Cheney also sanctioned “whatever” really happened to MH370, who apparently disappeared on March 8th,2014. Rest assured, that plane is exactly where the criminals involved want it to be.

Who Should be America’s Next President? Clinton or Bush?…Try Vermont’s Tart Bernie Sanders


The thought of electing either a Bush or a Clinton in 2016 is nauseating….and suicidal. The one party system ( technically two) has turned into a rich man’s orgy…and their ain’t no difference between the two…it’s Hotel California in DC.

We’ve had our first black president…we’ve had our first women president( more or less)…is it time for the first Jewish president? …Independent senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He’s critical of Israel’s hard line…he has supported the NRA…and has the brain power to take Russia’s Putin . Is Vermont, known for it’s  ice cream …poised  to deliver an unlikely flavor  in 2016?

Sanders, became the first Independent in 40 years to win a seat in the House in 1990. In 2005, he won a resounding victory to become the junior senator from Vermont. In 2011,  Sanders received an approval rating of 67%..one of the highest in the nation.

In a recent appearance  Bill Moyers journal on  PBS…Sanders displayed a sharp grasp of today’s issues….refreshing, bold and sassy. This self-proclaimed socialist..IS running for president in 2016….but he has a big problem…our corrupt two party system makes it virtually impossible to get on the ballot in 50 states.The corporate owned and operated media will dis-allow any 3 way debates. Running as an independent is tantamount to defeat…so he need’s to pick a party…and defeat either the Republican ( Bush or Rand Paul) in the primary …or upend the presumed 2016 Democratic standard-bearer Hillary Clinton in the Democratic runoff. Sound impossible?

Sanders is making overtures to the Libertarian minded  Tea Party.

Can Sanders unite the hard right with the hard left and neutralize the billionaire brigade? It may seem unlikely, but the inertia is palatable. Is discontent with business as usual in Washington approaching a TIPPING POINT? 

Forbes.com: Iran Says ” Tall, White Space aliens control US Government & Obama…

 Iran Says ‘Tall, White’ Space aliens control USA

Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall, white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

These revelations about our alien overlords might not cost you any sleep. But the part that should concern you a tad is that the UFO storywas just published by the Fars News Agency, the English-language news service of Iran, a nation that may be very close to acquiring nuclear weapons.This being a crazy conspiracy theory, naturally the Russians are behind it. The alleged alien invasion was revealed in an alleged report by Russia’s FSB spy agency, which found “incontrovertible proof’ that an ‘alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda’ is driving U.S. domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945,” said the Iranian news service.

Fars apparently got the story from a hard-core conspiracy site called whatdoesitmean.com. Here is the gist of the whatdoesitmean.com story as best I understand it (or as the alien mind-control lasers allow me to understand it):Snowden, who has been given asylum in Russia, leaked documents that a race of extraterestrial “tall whites” arrived on Earth, helped Nazi Germany build a fleet of advanced submarines in the 1930s, and then met in 1954 with President Dwight Eisenhower “where the ‘secret regime’ currently ruling over America was established.”“Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the ‘Tall White’ agenda being implemented by the ‘secret regime’ ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the ‘final phase’ of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. government is embroiled in a “cataclysmic” power struggle between President Obama, who heads the alien shadow government, and some unknown force that opposed the U.S.-alien alliance. “Most to be feared by Russian policy makers and authorities, this [FSB] report concludes, is if those opposing the ‘Tall White’ ‘secret regime’ ruled over by Obama have themselves aligned with another alien-extraterrestrial power themselves.”Any good conspiracy theory needs a patina of truth, a bit of intellectual cover to camouflage the craziness. In this case, the whatdoesitmean.com/Fars story cites Paul Hellyer, the 1960s Canadian defense minister who is now a fervent UFO activist.This is almost a funny story, until one remembers that Iran is a moderately powerful nation of 76 million people, with a possible nuclear arsenal, relatively large conventional military power, extensive terrorist capabilities through its intelligence agencies and Hezbollah, and a fundamentalist government that could easily engage in hostilities against the U.S. Laugh if you will at conspiracy theories, but they offer explanatory value for their believers, a way of making sense of why things happen, even if it is a funhouse-mirror explanation of the world. The Fars News Agency is reportedly affiliated with Iran’s influential Revolutionary Guards, which suggests that either Iran is either desperate to smear the U.S. any way it can, or there indeed is a very peculiar view of U.S. politics at the highest levels of the Iranian government.If there is a bright spot to this as well as a funny bone, it’s that the goal of U.S. policy is to contain and neutralize Iranian influence. So, perhaps it’s not necessarily a bad thing that Tehran thinks its main adversary is backed by the power of space aliens. It’s good to have friends in high places, even if they have two heads.
See, http://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelpeck/2014/01/13/iran-says-tall-white-space-aliens-control-america/

New MH370 Search Just a Show ? More NWO Sleight of Hand ?


Mh 370 and it’s 297  passengers went missing March 8th,2014 in one of the alleged biggest “mysteries” of aviaition history. After a frantic few weeks of media coverage, all has gone silent on MH370. Multiple theories have been discussed, with no conclusive evidence reached.

There are some undisputable facts. Rothschild owned two of the companies intimately involved with the crash. Both MALAYSIAN AIRLINES  itself and the key to this mystery, FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR..who had 20+ key employees onboard, were headed to China to sell this REVOLUTIONARY technology that they had developed.

Rothschild owned 20% of the patent rights on this new technology, with the Chinese and Malysian scientists who invented this most sought after technology owned 80%.Rothschild had tried to buy this technology, but the other 4  owners of this electronic warfare technology were on their way to sell to the higher bidder, the Chinese. This was not acceptable to Rothschild or the western powers.

This airplane never made it to China.According to a NEW BOOK released just weeks ago, the two “authors” CONCLUDED…. The plane went down due to  pilot suicide…and a controlled nosedive took the plane about a 1000 miles off the Australian coast.

They rushed their book to press in a mere 8 weeks. You might find it interesting that the publishing company that “financed” this book…is NOT a publishing company at all. Wilson Aviation Limited, is described as a “Specialist in representing oversea aircraft products” The kind of products a Malaysian airline might do business with.

Even more interesting, the “money man ” behind this sales/publsihing company was CONVICTED OF 4 COUNTS FRAUD in the 1990′s. As a principle in Kiwi travel international ,co-writer and publisher of this book ” The Truth Behind The Loss of Flight 370 ” Ewan Wilson.The security commision that adjudacated the penalties described, and I’m quoting  “Wilson Acted Without Moral Regard. What does that say about the veracity of his book?…he co-wrote with a New Zealand “broadcast”  journalist Geoff Taylor.

Just days earlier , German journalist and former editor of the Frankfurt Allgemeine,Udo Ulfkotte, went public on how the CIA bribed him to write stories that the CIA NEEDED FOR THEIR DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN. Ulfkotte  made special refernces to broadcast journalists in Australia and New Zealand, that many of them were  also bribed to present false accounts of important stories by the CIA/MI6.

So let’s look at the timeline

MH370 went “missing” March 8th ,2014. After 30 days of publicity…the mainstream media went silent…nary a word of it’s fate or ensuing investigation.

Mid-September, two “questionable” jounalists penned a definitive tale of what happened to MH370,exonerating any involvement of  “Western Shenanigans”

October 1st, Yahoo pens a lengthy article about the resumption of the search for MH370

October 6th, the CNN/CIA news network has a “special” report all ready for publication…endorsing the books conclusion…and reporting that a fresh search will now commence. Nice timeline of events for the folks trying to sell us this new “story” on MH370.

Any futurist can smell this future event. In a matter  weeks or perhaps a month or two( probably just before mid-terms) ….we will find this missing plane. Mystery solved…it was  pilot suicide. Rothschild and the NWO and shadow government are now in the clear. ( They had sufficient time to crash the real plane via remote control in the “specified” crash spot….or used a duplicate plane and did the same( reports confirm a duplicate plane has been under lock and key in Israel for months)

Two real theories are out there ..and both make more sense. In fact, a movie was soon to be released revealing that the US navy shot down the plane. The other theory is the plane flew over the maldives islands..and landed in Diego Garcia. This black-op site was used to extract the secret information from these scientists. In any case the 80% of the ownership of the priceless technolgy didn’t go to the 4 inventors …Rothscchild now owns 100% exclusive on the electronic warfare technology. Wow. it’s great to be so LUCKY, THOSE BILLIONAIRES JUST CAN’T STOP MAKING MONEY!

So, when they find the plane…be very skeptical. Sure the mainstream media will sell it…and most of the world will believe it…once a mockingbird always a mockingbird . The mainstream media are the critical wheel in the New World orders  nefarious activities….anyone else smelling bullshit?


Malaysian Air Double Disaster- 10,000 TO 1 It’s not an Accident !


Malysian air Boeing 777 double air disasters MH370 & MH17.…let’s look into the likelyhood of the same airline having 2 commercial disasters back to back in  the same year.

Malaysian air accounts for less than 1% of the total air traffic worldwide. THE ODDS of the same airline having twin “disasters” is more than 10,000 to 1. That’s a parlay card payoff of unbelievable odds!

The educated populice now knows that neither of these “disasters” happened by accident.

Who benefitted from a financial and strategic standpoint?

The Ebola pandemic lost 100 of its best and brightest scientists..all members of  WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION)  when MH17 was taken down July 17th,2014. These leading scientific minds were pioneers of saving the world from the initial trial ballon…the AIDS virus. Now, as the Ebola pandemic threatens mankind, we lost the best and brightest by “CHANCE?”

On March 8th, 2014 MH 370 was lost to the world..along with more than 20 of the pioneers of electronic warfare technology…All employees of Austin, Texas based FREESCALE TECHNOLOGY. These leading scientists were on their way to China to sell the newest technology to the Chinese. Somebody really didn’t want that to happen.

Anyone else smell a rat…or a reptillian? …or an ILLUMINATI?

The  scientific community should be up in arms with this coincidental dismantlement of it’s best and brightest. Nary a word from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

Who owns the Mainstream media?

Who owns Malaysian Airlines”

Who owns Freescale Semiconductor?

Who owns the Federal Reserve?

Who owns both political parties?

What do you think the odds are of the same family OWNING all of the above?

Let’s get real world….before the internet kill switch gets hit…and martial law is announced…

We should really start to make a fuss…is the OCTOBER SURPRISE ..NOT REALLY A SURPRISE AT ALL?