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The Donald Has Locked Up the GOP Nomination...Holds Trump Card to the White-House...

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What will Happen When the Dollar Collapses ? (Guest Column Dave Hodges)

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 “There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars…and on the earth dismay among nations...”  Luke 21:25 Special Report from Sister Ciara For those of ebionitic [more]



WIKIPEDIA as Propaganda NOT History- MH17 as an Example ( Eric Zuesse)

Wikipedia as Propaganda Not History — MH17 as An Example Posted on July 8, 2015 by Eric Zuesse. Eric Zuesse Wikipedia articles are more propaganda than they are historical accounts. And, [more]

Why Trump Might Be the Republican Nominee...

  Donald Trump is a businessman that's not waiting in line suckling up to the rich and powerful to raise money to run for president. He [more]

The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015...Guest Column...Michael Snyder

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The United Nations 500 Day Warning , Malaysian Flight MH370, Jade Helm & Asteriod Threat all Related?

French Foreign Minister: ‘We Have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos’ (CNSNews.com) – The world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos,” French Foreign Minister Laurent [more]

Why Trump Might Be the Republican Nominee…


Donald Trump is a businessman that’s not waiting in line suckling up to the rich and powerful to raise money to run for president. He doesn’t need the Koch money…he’s not coddling to the mainstream media..he doesn’t have to. Ridicule him all you want…Trump has tremendous momentum, and when compared to GOP competition…he is as smart as any of them…and will not have to bow to the traditional power brokers.

Most of my contacts are Independent leaning individuals…and there’s almost universal relief that there is a candidate who does NOT carry the Illuminati’s dirty water. He can speak freely about our current immigration debacle..while not always subtle, there’s a feeling out there in the heartland that we need someone to kick some mainstream media ass and put America ahead of trite political correctness. Most interesting, Donald Trump has the possibility of carrying a larger percentage of the Hispanic vote than any Republican in history.

His background may lend himself to a candidate that knows how to create jobs…and not be beholden to the the traditional banksters and other criminal elements that control our electoral process. Trump appeals to Independents, conservative Democrats, Republicans and the disenfranchised.  Considering that a forlorn member of the dangerous Bush family is his  main competition, do not be surprised if Trump is here for the long run.

Can he win it all? Bernie Sanders will bloody Hillary Clinton before she backs into the Democratic nomination, Considering Hillary’s penchant for lies and deception …and  what other ugliness will be revealed before the general election…Hillary Clinton  may be a very vulnerable Democratic nominee

Trump may very well win a resounding victory in 2016….maybe something different is just what the American people need!



Will 7 billion souls succumb to 1200 Billionaires and their Mainstream Media Bitches?

The biggest danger to America in 2015 is the further castration of the freedom of the press.
The banking cabal along with Wall Street has taken control of our government. The American people (otherwise known as (useless eaters ) to the elite … are in danger of a premeditated depopulation effort .
Going forward the elites claim planet Earth can only support 1 or 2 billion people . Robots , drones , and artificial intelligence are all moving to the head of the class … The citizens of the world are becoming obsolete. 1200 billionaires call the shots , and 7 billion souls are their cattle .
We as the 7 billion people on the chopping Block,,, must fight for our survival . The most important thing we can do as the collective conscious of the planet,,, is to force truthfulness from our government and it’s corporate mockingbirds.
We must demand truth before we allow the mainstream media to further obscure the facts. We must hold their feet to the fire and demand the truth about Malaysian flights MH 17 and MH 370 . what’s really happening in Ukraine , Iran and Syria. Stop the NSA trampling of our freedoms .we need to expose the real culprits of 9/11 and their real agenda .
Our Western governments really contemplating a first strike attack against Russia in all out of assault to save the petrodollar?
The alternate media has come of age in 2014 . Government fingers are firmly twitching in anticipation of ending the freedom of the alternate media and switching that kill switch that will end the 4th estate
.We cannot allow the banking cabal , Rothschild, Murdoch Bush, Cheney , Obama and both Clintons to continue the sellout of the masses for the benefit of the “classes” They have their underground bunkers and posh secret cities ready for their secure future, as the rest of us curl up and die .
Do not accept their vision of the future . Do not allow them to incite class and racial self destruction . Let’s rise above their manipulation .. How can 7 billion souls be destroyed by 1200 mother fuckers? Now is the time to expose the truth .. Time is running very short .

MH370 TO 911- Electronic Warfare …. Via….Great Game India …(Shelly Kasli) #MH370

MH370 to 911 – Electronic Warfare


Forward by Ron Tenin ( www.ronrambles.com)

The following article is the most in depth and eye opening reporting concerning MH370-9/11& Electronic Warfare. This is a MUST READ…for all thinking citizens of the world. This article has been NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED in the Western press.


On 8 March 2014, the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER operating the flight disappeared with 227 passengers of 15 nationalities and 12 crew members on board, following its last contact with air traffic control less than an hour after take-off.

GreatGameIndia malaysia-airlines-mh370-missing-timelineA joint search-and-rescue effort covering an area of 27,000 sq mi (70,000 km2) in the busy Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea is being conducted by more than 12 countries. Vietnam briefly reduced its efforts on 11 March, but the search area continued to expand and searchers began to look for evidence on land. On 12 March, authorities also began to search the Andaman Sea, north of the Strait of Malacca, and the Malaysian government requested help from India to search in the area.

Stratfor VP of Intelligence Fred Burton examines the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and the steps investigators take when looking at plane disaster cases.

On 11 March, it was reported that military radar indicated the aircraft turned west and continued flying for 70 minutes before disappearing near Pulau Perak; it “changed course after Kota Bharu and took a lower altitude.

Inspite of the intensive international search and rescue mission to find flight MH370 including authorities from 11 countries no one has yet been able to zero-in the exact location of the crash.

GreatGameIndia malaysian-airlines-mh370-missing-trackedThe plane just magically disappeared. But invisible doesn’t imply inaudible.

On 11th March eight villagers from Marang lodged police reports claiming that they had heard a loud noise last Saturday coming from the direction of Pulau Kapas and believed it was linked to the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight on that day.

All of them, from Kampung Pantai Seberang Marang, made the reports at the Marang district police headquarters at about 10.30am. One of them, Alias Salleh, 36, said he and seven fellow villagers were seated on a bench about 400 metres from the Marang beach at 1.20am when they heard the noise, which sounded like the fan of a jet engine.

The loud and frightening noise came from the north-east of Pulau Kapas and we ran in that direction to find out the cause. We looked around the Rhu Muda beach, but did not see anything unusual,” said the lorry driver.

Replying to a question, Alias said they lodged the police report so that it would be of help to the authorities who were trying to locate the missing MAS aircraft.

Another villager, Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusof, 34, said when he heard the strange noise, he thought a tsunami was about to strike.

My friends and I heard the ringing noise for about two minutes. I decided to lodge the police report after seeing the media reports on the lost flight,” he said. – Bernama

Missing MH370: Villagers claim to have heard loud noise

Even Telegraph correspondent Tom Phillips reported the same.

On March 12 the Terengganu police confirmed having received a report on a loud explosion heard by local villagers in Marang last Saturday morning, the day the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines (MAS) MH370 went missing.

GreatGameIndia malaysia-airlines-mh370-missing-electronic-warfareHow can an entire Boeing 777-200ER vanish from military radars of several countries and become invisible to people – who can hear the noise of fans of it’s jet engines but cannot see it  ?

Imagine a Boeing hovering over your head but you can’t see the damn thing !!!

Is some kind of advanced military technology being used ?

Do such technology exist ?

Electronic Warfare – Cloaking Technology

New electronic weapons allow jamming, blinding, deafening and more, so that a plane could possibly vanish from radar detection and security systems would not be activated. Basic radar Electronic Counter Measure Strategies used in Electronic Warfare (EW) are:

1) Radar Interference,

2) Target Modifications

3) Changing Electrical Properties of Air.

GreatGameIndia electronic-counter-measures-strategies-warfare-malaysia-airlines-mystreyA U.S. intelligence assessment, described to The Daily Beast by current and former U.S. intelligence officials, concluded that any Israeli attack on hardened nuclear sites in Iran would go far beyond airstrikes from F-15 and F-16 fighter planes and likely include electronic warfare against Iran’s electric grid, Internet, cellphone network, and emergency frequencies for firemen and police officers.

For example, Israel has developed a weapon capable of mimicking a maintenance cellphone signal that commands a cell network to “sleep,” effectively stopping transmissions, officials confirmed. The Israelis also have jammers capable of creating interference within Iran’s emergency frequencies for first responders.

In a 2007 attack on a suspected nuclear site at al-Kibar, the Syrian military got a taste of this warfare when Israeli planes “spoofed” the country’s air-defense radars, at first making it appear that no jets were in the sky and then in an instant making the radar believe the sky was filled with hundreds of planes.

Israel’s Secret Iran Attack Plan: Electronic Warfare

Last year, it was announced that new stealth technology makes airplanes invisible not only to radar, it also renders them hidden to the human eye as well — “just like an invisibility cloak in a Hollywood sci-fi thriller,”

China had just touted its work on a “cloaking” technology using a hexagonal array of glass-like panels to bend light around an object, obscuring it from view, as though hidden by an invisibility cloak. Experts confirmed that the technology was legit — and not unlike American and European projects from the past few years.

“The general public … might not hear about how far the U.S. has really come, because it is and should remain classified,” firearms expert Chris Sajnog, a former Navy SEAL, told FoxNews.com. “Other countries are still playing catch-up — but they’re closing the gap.”

Invisible Planes: China, US Race for Cloaking Tech

The DailyMail offers a range of scenarios for what could have happened to the flight ?

GreatGameIndia what-happened-to-malaysia-airlines-mh370-electronic-warfareOne of the scenarios offered is that of a possible use of Electronic Warfare.

20 passengers on-board the flight were experts in this technology.

They belonged to a Austin, Texas-based company Freescale Semiconductors.

The 20 Freescale employees, among 239 people on flight MH370, were mostly engineers and other experts working to make the company’s chip facilities in Tianjin, China, and Kuala Lumpur more efficient, said Mitch Haws, vice president, global communications and investor relations.

“These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people,” Haws said. “It’s definitely a loss for the company.”

Loss of employees on Malaysia flight a blow, U.S. chipmaker says

In Malaysia, Freescale’s modern operations facility that manufactures and tests integrated circuits (IC) is based in Petaling Jaya.

Based on information obtained from Freescale’s website, the facility began operations in 1972 covering an eight hectare site and is specifically designed for the manufacturing and testing of microprocessors, digital signal processors and integrated radio frequency circuits.

It also owns Freescale RF which is involved in creating solutions for Aerospace and Defence listed below.

1. Battlefield communication

2. Avionics

3. HF Radar – Band L- and S-

4. Missile Guidance

5. Electronic Warfare

6. Identification, friend or foe (IFF)

Every Connection Matters

In the 1960s, one of the U. S. space program‘s goals was to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth. In 1968, NASA began manned Apollo flights that led to the first lunar landing in July 1969. Apollo 11 was particularly significant for hundreds of employees involved in designing, testing and producing its electronics. A division of Motorola, which became Freescale Semiconductor, supplied thousands of semiconductor devices, ground-based tracking and checkout equipment, and 12 on-board tracking and communications units. An “up-data link” in the Apollo’s command module received signals from Earth to relay to other on-board systems. A transponder received and transmitted voice and television signals and scientific data.

Motorola on the Moon

GreatGameIndia freescale-semiconductor-every-connection-matters-electronic-warfare-malaysian-airlinesIn September 2006, Carlyle led a consortium, comprising Blackstone Group, Permira and TPG Capital, in the $17.6 billion takeover of Freescale Semiconductor. At the time of its announcement, Freescale would be the largest leveraged buyout of a technology company ever, surpassing the 2005 buyout of SunGard. The buyers were forced to pay an extra $800 million because KKR made a last minute bid as the original deal was about to be signed. Shortly after the deal closed in late 2006, cell phone sales at Motorola Corp., Freescale’s former corporate parent and a major customer, began dropping sharply. In addition, in the recession of 2008-2009, Freescale’s chip sales to automakers fell off, and the company came under great financial strain.

Blackstone Alliance to Buy Chip Maker for $17.6 Billion

Freescale Semiconductor is a holdings company and is owned by 152 Institutional Holders.


GreatGameIndia freescale-semiconductor-ltd-institutional-ownershipFreescale Semiconductor, Ltd. Institutional Ownership

Freescale Semiconductor is just a part of the puzzle. To get the complete picture we’ll need to understand the workings of these different groups; as it is only when we lay all the pieces on the table will the entire picture emerge.

Curtiss Empire

Freescale is a main contributor of chip technology for Curtiss Wright with their defense technology. Curtiss Wright is also a holdings company owned by the same BLACKROCK ADVISORS & VANGUARD GROUP.

GreatGameIndia curtiss-wright-empire-malaysia-airlines-mh370-electronic-warfareCurtiss-Wright Controls unleashes performance of Freescale’s QorIQ™ P4080 device for military/aerospace applications

Freescale QorIQ technology gains market momentum as eight-core processor enables comprehensive solution from Curtiss-Wright Controls 

During World War II, Curtiss-Wright produced 142,840 aircraft engines, 146,468 electric propellers and 29,269 airplanes.

During World War II, Curtiss-Wright produced 142,840 aircraft engines, 146,468 electric propellers and 29,269 airplanes.

Throughout the 1930s, Curtiss-Wright designed and built aircraft for military, commercial, and private markets. But it was the Wright engine division and the longstanding relationship with the US military that would help the company through the difficult years of the Great Depression. In 1937, the company developed the P-36 fighter aircraft, resulting in the largest peacetime aircraft order ever given by the Army Air Corps. Curtiss-Wright also sold the P-36 abroad, where they were used in the early days of World War II.


The Blackstone Group

Freescale’s biggest institutional holder is The Blackstone Group.

The Blackstone Group, a private investment bank with offices in New York and London, was founded in 1985 by its Chairman, Peter G.Peterson, and its President and CEO, Stephen A. Schwarzman.

GreatGameIndia blackstone-group-malaysia-airlines-mystrey-mh370-electronic-warfare-freescale-semiconductor

Blackstone chairman Peter G. Petersen is also Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Chairman of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). His partner Stephen A. Schwarzman is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Kissinger McLarty Associates, which is Henry Kissinger’s consulting firm has a “strategic alliance” with the Blackstone Group “which is designed to help provide financial advisory services to corporations seeking high-level strategic advice.”

One such Kissinger Associates’ strategic advice firm is APCO Worldwide which handles much more than just Public Relations for one of India’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. More on it here APCO Worldwide – Orchestrating our Future.

Blackstone also ventured into other businesses, most notably investment management. In 1987 Blackstone entered into a 50–50 partnership with the founders of BlackRock, Larry Fink and Ralph Schlosstein.

BlackRock, Inc

On May 8, 2009, in the wake of the global financial crisis, BlackRock was commissioned to help the U.S. government evaluate its distressed assets, and was subsequently awarded a $130 billion contract to manage these assets. As of September 30, 2013, BlackRock had $4.096 trillion in assets under management.

GreatGameIndia blackrock-inc-malaysia-airlines-mystery-mh370-electronic-warfare

The parent company Blackrock, LLC has been headed by the FED director, and CFR director. Blackrock is awarded contracts by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury.


It is a combination of all these holding companies that together gave us 911.

911 Money Trail

In 1985, the Margaret Thatcher led British government, signed a long-term agreement with the Saudi Arabian monarchy, under which the British arms cartel, BAE Systems, provided fighter jets and other military equipment and services, in return for vast quantities of Saudi oil. The barter agreement, known as “Al-Yamamah” (the Arabic word for “the dove”) has remained in force up to the present day.

GreatGameIndia margaret-thatcher-bae-systems-al-yamamah-saudi-arabian-monarchyUnder Al-Yamamah, a tightly interlocking consortium of Anglo-Dutch and Anglo-American cartels—including BAE, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Lazard Bank, HSBC (formerly the British East India Company’s Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation created through Rothschild’s Colonization of India forcibly growing Opium in India and selling it to China), and the Carlyle Group—has amassed an estimated $80-100 billion in off-budget, hidden funds, which have been utilized for covert operations and gun-running on a global scale—totally outside the jurisdiction and oversight of any government. This massive offshore fund is at the center of the power of the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, which has promoted globalization and perpetual war for the last three decades and longer.

Illuminati Rothschild british-loot-great-game-india

Under the Al-Yamamah agreements, which have been perpetuated by every British government, Saudi Arabia has provided 600,000 barrels of crude oil to BAE every day since September 1985.

Glympton, Oxfordshire. The 2,000 acre manor house and sporting estate purchased by Prince Bandar after he arranged the al-Yamamah arms deal.

Glympton, Oxfordshire. The 2,000 acre manor house and sporting estate purchased by Prince Bandar after he arranged the al-Yamamah arms deal.

In 2002 Blair government shocked some people with the announcement that the Carlyle Group—the private equity fund tied tightly to the Bush family—was to be awarded a large stake in QinetiQ, the “public private partnership.”

On Feb. 2, 2003, less than a month before the Cheney-Blair-Bush invasion of Iraq, the Carlyle group paid £42.3 million for a 34% holding in QinetiQ. When a large block of QinetiQ stock shares was later put on the public market, the Carlyle Group got about an eight-fold return on its investment.

Prince Bandar used $750 million of his Al-Yamamah kickback to purchase shares in the Carlyle Group private equity fund. As of 2007, that investment was worth nearly $4 billion.

GreatGameIndia the-princee28094the-secret-story-of-the-world_s-most-intriguing-royal-william-simpsonPrince Bandar’s 2006 semi-authorized biography, The Prince—The Secret Story of the World’s Most Intriguing Royal, by his longtime British friend William Simpson, described the “unique” features of the Al-Yamamah barter deal in stunningly blunt language.

Now the real question is —

What has some U.S. military and intelligence officials deeply disturbed, however, is the question of whether some of the Al-Yamamah money got into the hands of the 9/11 hijackers—and whether that was the result of a terrible oversight, or something more sinister.

The two Saudi intelligence officers, Osama Basnan and Omar al-Bayoumi, received between $51,000 and $73,000 from Bandar and his wife, Princess Haifa, beginning in December 1999. A significant portion of those funds went to Alhazmiand Almihdar, to set them up in an apartment, and enroll them in flight school. For a short period of time, prior to the 9/11 attacks, Saudi intelligence agents Basnan and al-Bayoumi lived in the same San Diego, Calif. Apartment complex, Parkwood Apartments, as the two hijackers.

Former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), who chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time of the 9/11 investigation, has assailed the FBI for failing to fully pursue the Saudi-9/11 money trail. Both he and co-chair Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) bitterly complained that the FBI would not allow committee investigators to question the FBI agents who had conducted the original interviews with Basnan and al-Bayoumi, shortly after 9/11.

The San Diego apartment where 9/11 hijackers Alhazmi and Almihdhar lived, was rented by an FBI informant, who received a reported $3,500 per month from the Bureau for keeping tabs on the local Muslim community, according to one U.S. intelligence source. The fact that two of the 9/11 hijackers lived under the same roof as an FBI snitch is still a source of great internal turmoil at the FBI.

GreatGameIndia 1916-sykes-picot-middle-east-partition

Behind the 9/11 attacks was the hand of the British Empire, working through allied Saudi factions. In effect, 9/11 was the work of the “BAE Al-Yamamah” Anglo-Saudi imperial apparatus, which forms the core of the ongoing British Sykes-Picot control over the entire Persian Gulf and extended South-west Asia.

9/11 Commission

During the Twelfth Public Hearing of NATIONAL COMMISSION ON TERRORIST ATTACKS UPON THE UNITED STATES – that is the 9/11 Commission Hearings for June 17, 2004Commissioner Lehman asked a question to General Richard Myers, USAF, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Mr Lehman : What have you guys done to equip our Air Guard and other NORAD potentially assigned units with the training, with the rules of engagement and the hardware that gives them an option other than what we have now, which is just to destroy the aircraft and all its passengers?  

Gen. Myers : I’m aware of at least one program which is classified, so we can either talk about it off-line or provide you the classified paper on it, there may be others, to do exactly that.

GreatGameIndia 911-commission-philip-shenonThe program he was referring to was explained three years ago in 2001 by President George Bush.

Speaking to a crowd at Chicago O’Hare International Airport in September 2001, President Bush said the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks should not keep Americans from taking to the skies.

The president said new security measures would also dramatically increase the number of plainclothes federal marshals on airplanes, give $500 million to developing enhanced cockpit security and enable air traffic controllers to take over a distressed aircraft and land it by remote control.

Bush Announces New Airline Security Measures

That was a more than a decade ago.

BAE Systems readily acknowledge work on this kind of technology, such as the Adaptiv program, which aims to hide armored vehicles.

Adaptiv – a cloak of invisibility – BAE Systems

“The U.S. military is among many who have expressed interest in Adaptiv, which could be transferred to other platforms, such as ships and helicopters,” said Mike Sweeney, a spokesman for BAE.

HKP15b – Helicopter with Adaptiv Technology. BAE Systems

HKP15b – Helicopter with Adaptiv Technology. BAE Systems

BAE’s technology, similar to what the Chinese are now touting, deploys sheets of hexagonal “pixels” that can change temperature very rapidly. On-board cameras pick up the scenery and display it on the vehicle, which can allow a moving tank to match its surroundings.

Research is concentrated mainly on the infrared spectrum, a pressing concern for the Swedish government group funding the work. But BAE has combined its pixels with technologies that camouflage other parts of the electro-magnetic spectrum to provide all-round stealth.

Adaptiv – a cloak of invisibility – BAE Systems


The high tech camouflage system uses modules, which look like cells in a honeycomb to cover the flanks of an armoured vehicle. The modules are made of elements that can be cooled or heated up very quickly as well as controlled individually, allowing different patterns to be created.

Adaptiv – a cloak of invisibility – BAE Systems

The vehicle essentially works like a chameleon, able to mimic its surroundings, or copy other objects such as trucks and cars that can be projected onto the panels from a detailed image bank. The vehicle is also able to signal peaceful intend through flashing text messages across its flank or by creating patterns that can easily be recognized by friendly forces.

BAE Systems is developing fourth generation radiation hardened computers for space applications through a license announced today for Power Architecture® processor cores from Freescale.

Freescale Releases Its First 11 RF Power Products Suitable for U.S.-Based Defense Market Applications

BAE Systems joins Boeing in DARPA program to advance electronics thermal management

BAE Systems Electronic Warfare Capabilities

Innovation – Adaptiv – Peter Sjolund. BAE Systems

Innovation – Adaptiv – Peter Sjolund. BAE Systems


Blackstone Real Estate Advisors, the global real estate investment and management arm of The Blackstone Group, L.P., announced that it has purchased, from Teachers Insurance (another of Freescale’s holdings owner) and Annuity Association, the participating mortgage secured by 7 World Trade Center, a commercial office complex controlled by real estate developer Larry Silverstein”

Fifty days before 9/11

Larry Silverstein’s Silverstein Properties and Frank Lowy’s Westfield America secured a 99-year lease on World Trade Center Buildings One, Two, Four and Five. Silverstein already owned Building Seven.

Silverstein and Westfield America insured the WTC complex for $3.55 billion, but after the attacks of September 11 lodged a claim for $7.1 billion on the premise that each plane collision constituted a separate act of terrorism, doubling the payout.

GreatGameIndia larry-silverstein-blackstone-groupSteve Galiotos, a Managing Director of The Blackstone Group, said, “Rising rental rates coupled with the lack of available office space in downtown Manhattan, made 7 World Trade Center an attractive investment opportunity for Blackstone. We are pleased to be a lender to Larry Silverstein, a seasoned real estate veteran, on one of Manhattan’s trophy properties.” 7 World Trade Center is the second investment made by Blackstone in a Silverstein office building. In April 2000, Blackstone formed a joint venture with Larry Silverstein and Walton Street Capital to own and operate the Equitable Building at 120 Broadway in downtown Manhattan.

Larry Silverstein stated that “Blackstone has one of the most exceptional track records in real estate investment and we are pleased to have them as a primary lender to a premier New York office property. Their commitment demonstrates the strength of this market.”

Frank Lowy – owner of the Westfield Group

Frank Lowy – owner of the Westfield Group

11 September 2001

New York, the WTC complex buildings 1, 2, and 7 along with Westfield Hotel were ruined in the 9/11 attacks, and consequently about $5.4 billion went into the pockets of Lowy and Silverstein.

September 21, 2005 – Westfield Mall in Perth, Australia, bomb threat.

May 17, 2006 – Westfield Woden, Australia, bomb threat.

July 21, 2007 : Westfield Centre Derby, England, bomb threat that caused the evacuation of Westfield buildings.

March 1, 2008 : Westfield Old Orchard Mall, Skokie, Illinois, bomb threat.

April 20, 2009 : Westfield Annapolis Hotel, bomb threat.

September 20, 2008 : Marriott Hotel (Westfield Group) in Islamabad, Pakistan, bombing.

July 17, 2008 : Marriott Hotel (Westfield Group) in Jakarta, Indonesia, bombing.

September 21, 2013 : Westgate shopping mall attack, Kenya.

Nov 4, 2013 : Westfield Garden State Plaza Shooting, largest mall in New Jersey.

Nov 4, 2013 : Westfield Garden State Plaza Shooting on, largest mall in New Jersey.

Nov 4, 2013 : Westfield Garden State Plaza Shooting on, largest mall in New Jersey.

As for the 4 passengers travelling on fake passports Malaysia’s civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman hasrepeatedly said that the two men who boarded the plane were NOT of ‘Asian appearance’.

To an extent that when asked by a reporter what they looked like ‘roughly’; Azharuddin Abdul Rahman replied: ‘Do you know of a footballer by the name of (Mario) Balotelli? He is an Italian. Do you know how he looks like?’

A reporter then asked, ‘Is he black?’

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman replied, ‘Yes’.

Mario Balotelli Italian Footballer

Mario Balotelli Italian Footballer

However various other authorities denied these and later pictures of the suspects with asian origin were released.

A Malaysian police officer holds photos of two persons believed to be the passengers who had stolen passports on the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing

A Malaysian police officer holds photos of two persons believed to be the passengers who had stolen passports on the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing

Interestingly, the pictures were doctored with same lower body (legs) for both the suspects.

Azharuddin is later reported saying, “There are some things that I can tell you and some things that I can’t” on being asked why the search includes northern parts of the Malacca Strait, on the opposite side of the Malay Peninsula and far west of the plane’s last known location.
The United States “kidnapped” the airliner as part of a conspiracy to “sabotage the relationship between Iran and China and Southeast Asia,” parliamentarian Hossein Naghavi Hosseini said, according to a translation by The New York Times.

“Documents published by the Western media about two Iranians getting on the plane without passports is psychological warfare,” he said Tuesday, according to The Times.

“Americans recruit some people for such kinds of operations so they can throw the blame on other countries, especially Muslim countries.”

The same day Hosseini made the farfetched statement that Interpol and Malaysian officials revealed the identities of the two Iranians traveling with false documents and all but ruled out they were terrorists.

Report by Shelley Kasli



Like this:

Government exists to control power..not to confirm what the can’t control.

The post 9/11 era is in full swing and to say that we’re spinning out of control is not hyperbole. Washington D.C is in pure meltdown…and the American people stand by seemingly helpless to help themselves.The middle class lacks the clout to make any meaningful change happen; the elite 1% or 2% of the country continue to feather their own nest. America is imploding from the inside. Do “Un-manifested” cosmic powerhouses loom larger still -… to take advantage of our dangerous self-destructive tendencies..or perhaps to save us and the universe from ourselves? Electronic warfare and Electronic  magnetic Pulse (EMP) technologies  are little discussed…. but most important to our universal health and continued survival as a healthy and safe planet.

“The Dark Knight Rises” is to my mind one of the most important contributions Hollywood has created in this post 9/11 world. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, who have honorable intentions, and what team they play on. A failing political system is laying the groundwork for the middle class to look for alternate solutions, but which could prove to be a fatal “human” error.

Is the Robin Hood mentality portrayed in “Gotham” foretelling a game plan that may be in the playbook for those that would take advantage of an increasingly desperate population? Is the disappearance of Malaysian flight #370 more than a military conflict between China/Russia and the USA?…perhaps extra dimensional forces are also involved in this showdown?

Earthquakes have rocked the world in alarming frequency…have you noticed how quiet the governement had been about California,Oklahoma,Texas,Chile..and many others? What really is going on? Does the Iluminati’s penchant for “fracking” contribute to Earth’s instabilty?  Are  the world governments being over-matched by some greater cosmic presence here-to-fore unconfirmed and un-manifested…atleast in the public realm?

Perhaps the concept of global warming is a misnomer, and what we’re really witnessing is more of a cosmic warning. The scientific community has been put to sleep, integrity nullified by government grants that control much of their funding. Few leaders within the scientific community dare speak of the increasingly obvious signals. They will not admit that events are happening that defy human understanding. Unwilling to destroy their careers or face ridicule and defunding – many “scientists” remain silent.

Proper discussion needs to take place and long-classified information needs to be disseminated to the public. The American people remain “barefoot and pregnant” at the bequest of the “Earth bound Powers-to-be.” Just like the scientists that protect their own interests, Washington D.C is the poster child for those that would protect “their own” at the expense of the greater good.

Those that are in leadership positions need to take some calculated risks and step up to the plate. We are a maturing planet, that is one in which citizens can handle the information that is needed; so we can ascertain what is really happening here on our mother ship. It’s time for government to give us the real story, not the one that is currently manufactured for the benefit of the 1%!

Level with us and tell us, that there are things in this world that cannot be controlled by legislatures and soldiers in arms. Otherwise, risk the chaos that will allow the exploitation of the masses via powerful forces of the “Un-manifested.”

Malaysians confirm criminal investigation #370-Operation “Mockingbird” the American people…Rothchilds in charge…#MH370

Every American has been taken for a ride…on  our “government with-in-the government”-“ Flight 370 Mockingbird“. It’s the old adage, If you tell a lie long enough… it becomes the accepted truth. The New World Corporate Alliance (NWCA) is fully in charge of our budding one world government. Flight #370 was hijacked by American interests..if it’s been crashed..it’s after a safe landing in Diego Garcia.

It would not be a surprise if president Obama isn’t even in the loop….Dick Cheney is a Rothschild point man..doing the NWO bidding. The Carlyle group, Blackstone, Boeing,Haliburton..Mellon Bank,Exxon..Kissinger….all roads lead back to the Rothschild family. The Rothschilds fully control America’s media.America’s 6 media giants control over 90% of all information diseminated to the American public. Explain to the American people why our media powerhouses cannot speak the words DIEGO  GARCIA OR FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR IN THE SAME SENTENCE?  ELECTRONIC WARFARE?..INVISIBILTY CLOAKS?


Does eveyone know that CNN’S Anderson Cooper spent 2 years of his life in Langley, Virginia? That Erin Burnett, Brian Wiliams are all  members of the Council of Foreign Relations? An American “think tank” owned and operated by the Rockefeller/Rothschild empire? GE is the parent company of NBC….guess who pulls the strings for GE?

Why have we NOT heard what was on the pilot’s flight simulator found in his home? Was he practicing his flight into the secret American/CIA military base in Diego Garcia? Credibile reports are now circulating that Philip Wood, an IBM employee, successfully sent a message from his iphone that he secretly hid in his anal canal from Deigo Garcia of March 18th. Reports are he has been masked and chained…and put into isolation. Flight #370…  It’s either still sitting in Deigo Garcia..or more likely crashed into the Indian Ocean..with the media on a wild goose chase…someday recovering parts of the intentional “SNATCH AND LATER CRASH”.

If our media was legitimate, there would be a full expose on Diego Garcia and what goes on there. A full investigative report on Freescale semi-conductor and what they are really all about. What keeps th media silent about these things? Do they fear for their lives?

Why hasn’t any media source investigated the questonable death of the late NBC correspondent Tim Russert? On June 14th ,2008….Russert died suddenly of a supposed heart attack. As the moderator of Meet The Press…Russert was hot on the heels of Dick Cheney,who appeared just weeks earlier and slying suggested Russert could die of a heart attack. Secret “HARP” technolgy, EMP…ELECTRONIC MAGNETIC PULSE…can cause a heart attack to anyone, anytime..the government-with-in- the government needs to….and there is no trace …any coroner can only concluded it was a natural heart attack…i.e,..Andrew Breitbart…One can’t help but wonder what truly happened to president John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King..and the attacks on the world trade center in 1994 and 2001. The 9/11 “report” was an embarassment..and raises  more questions than it ever answered.

Our clandestine governement surely exists, with offices in Langley, Virginia, Area 51 in Nevada…and  home offices on the  Bilderberg compound in Geneva, Switzerland. All thoughtful world citizens should do their due diligence..and study the information in this article. It’s all out there in the public domain…but…you won’t get the information from the Mainstream Rothschild News Network….We are what we to make of it….do the people of the world really want to be the MOCKINGBIRDS?







John F Kennedy…Malaysian Air #370….Secret Society Speech….#MH370

President John F Kennedy Secret Society

Freescale Semiconductor…Carlyle Group…Dick Cheney…Test “Invisibility Cloak” via Malaysia Flight#370? #MH370


Now you see it…now you don’t! Mis-direction. The magician’s favorite trick.

Freescale semi-conductor (Motorola) began operations just one year after the Roswell, New Mexico Alien crash in 1947. Initially based in Phoenix,Az….now with “home” officies in Austin, Texas…and Area 51.

Some 20 high-ranking  employees of Freescale semi-conductor were onboard Malaysia flight #370.

Funded by the Carlyle Group ( Cheney,Bush,Koch,Blackstone group,Rockefeller,Skull & Bones) …Freescale has been engaged in ultra-secret classified weaponry. They have  developed an “invisibility cloak”…a type of electronic warfare that jams and disables any potential enemy. This (previously) super-secret warfare can make airplanes seemingly disappear. More 9/11 type war games have begun. Perhaps an “Israeli” led attack on Iran is close at hand?

Will the mainstream media become part of the solution?…or are THEY owned and operated by the Carlyle group et all?… is the fate of mankind left to one guy with a cell-phone JD?

Can the 99% come together and stop this madness…or is our last chance SOME REAL  cosmic intervention?




The Government with-in the GOVERNMENT…The silent coup d’ etat!

Things are coming along faster than light speed in these days before the big announcement. The United Nations has just appointed an ambassador to welcome our space friends, Malaysian astrophysicist Mazian Othman. She’s the new world organization’s Space Ambassador for Extraterrestrial Affairs.

This in itself is a very significant event, and there’s a reason it’s happening now. So much evidence and so many other governments are confirming the existence of these extra-dimensional, living and dying members of our COSMIC FAMILY. Just like in our world, some will be friendly and some will be dangerous. Its real life, they are mortal just like us; and God has a hand in creating all life in the Universe.

Since the Roswell incident in 1947, our government has been busy trying to control the big cover-up for several reasons. Back then, society was not prepared for this, and the information was justifiably held back. However, things are happening at warp speed now and it’s time to bring in the American people.

A silent Coup d’ etat has happened here in the United States. President Obama is a ceremonial president. Even he doesn’t have access to all the information. It’s very compartmentalized and on a need to know basis only. The mainstream media has been co-opted by the military/industrial corporate Oligarchy. The scientific community has been intimidated with threats of withholding money and more; they have also been silenced.

The last bastion of a real free press is on twitter and YouTube. That’s the people’s weapon to hold onto the freedoms we have been “guaranteed” by the constitution. The mainstream media is owned by the same interests of those that have kept American’s barefoot and pregnant these 60 years. We are at the major crossroads of an American democracy….can we save it? Government went to great lengths to lie about Watergate. We all know we were sold “bullshit” by the Bush II administration, those weapons of mass destruction that never existed. It’s so clear now about their intentions, one has to wonder about what really happened on 9/11. Did we take a hit for the “team”?

We are all pawns in the game of the oil and gas energy people that control the world. We have been privy to and have reverse engineered much of the technology that’s been brought to us by several alien worlds. This country could have GONE GREEN…global warming and Hurricanes Katrina and Sandra didn’t have to happen! The advanced cold-fusion, electromagnetic electricity producers render oil and gas obsolete. We continue to destroy the environment because the powers that be are trying to hold on to what they have.

But worry not free people of America, these interests are now launching Space Wars. The militarization of space has been ongoing for decades. How many Americans know that we bombed our own moon? The aliens are not the real enemy…it’s the 1% rearing their ugly heads once more. A few people are gaining a lot of money and HOLDING THE POWER. …

Government …UFO’S… A common sense viewpoint- Prepare Yourself…

That UFOs exist is now beyond doubt. The weight of evidence is overwhelming.
What, who or what they are is a far more difficult issue to deal with.

There are any number of theories on this subject. Some are clearly more crackpot
than others but there are those that may have some element of truth based on

For example how does a saucer shaped craft fly at all, particularly in Earth’s
atmospheric conditions? There have been several experiments demonstrating the
principles of how this might be achieved. Our best guess is that these craft use
the electro-magnetic fields of the planet to create a state of zero gravity.

How do these craft suddenly appear and disappear? One theory is that this has
something to do with an ability to raise and lower the frequencies of  energy in
these craft. At certain frequencies we are able to see them but at higher levels
they become invsible to us but may in fact still be there.

Other theories maintain that these craft are interdimensional rather than
extra-terrestrial. This may mean that there are other realities that exist
possibly in the same space or a different space that we are not attuned to.

Then there are the worm holes, vortexes etc., that allow these craft to travel
huge distances in the blink of an eye. The truth is thatt whilst this all sounds
feasible, we cannot sustantiate any of it becase it is outside the laws of
physics as we understand them.

Howevever, I digress. The question I want to address is the intent of these
beings. So far as we are able to judge they have shown no intent as yet to
conquer the planet. There is credible evidence that they have been visiting for
thousands of years and yet we are still here. If they want the Earth what is
stopping them. Their technology is so advanced compared to ours we would be
powerless to stop them. This is a strong indicator that their intent is not
antagonistic. They may have particular empathy either. We may just be a living
laboratory which they  observe with scientific detachment.

The point is that until they prove otherwise we cannot assume they are either
antagonistic or philanthropic. We just dont know yet.

Lastly, may I suggest that unless we as a species become more enlightened, less
hostile to each other and so on, we will never survive long enough to attain
their advanced technological state. This suggests that the perception
of the survival of the fittest does not depend on who is the strongest but who
is the smartest. War is stupid. Domination is a the path of self destruction
because it creates conflict and in conflict one cannot guarantee survival.
Survival depends on co- operation, understanding, tolerance, compassion and yes

I believe that tells us something about the who. The most advanced life forms
will be those that are connected and work together, not those who are
disconnected and destroy each other. Any destruction unbalances the whole.

How Our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths Saved America and Why We Can Do No Less!

by R.P. McCabe

Tulagi – Guadalcanal – November 1942 – PFC Willie (Bill) McCabe: I don’t know every detail; too painful. Uncle Bill spoke of his ordeal in halting bits and pieces…eyes filled with tears. I’d pour him a little more Wild Turkey, Kentucky straight bourbon whisky, 101 proof. We’d sip quietly a while.

Buna Beach – New Guinea – February 1943 – PFC Willie (Bill) McCabe: On occasion he’d break out a box of tattered and bent black and white Kodak photographs of the pigmy people of New Guinea, women bare to the waist, the aboriginal men in loin clothes, oblivious to the concept of war except to the extent they got mowed down when the Japanese and Americans started shooting. A couple of GIs, kids actually, big toothy grins, steel helmets pushed back on their heads, cigarettes dangling out of their lips, arms across each others shoulders. Uncle Bill’s eyes would tear up once more. “They never made it out of that Godforsaken hellhole,” he’d say and take another long pull of Wild Turkey.

Bataan – Philippine Islands – January 1944 – Corporal Willie (Bill) McCabe: The campaign to recapture Bataan went well into the winter and spring of 1945. Uncle Bill would hang his head, elbows on his knees. “What do you say we have another taste o’ Turkey?” I’d pour. My Aunt Ruth, sitting quietly, listening from her favorite easy chair, would look over the tops of her glasses at the two of us. “Bill,” she’d say sing-song, her voice rising in pitch as she went from the ‘B’ to the ‘l’ in his name. And Uncle Bill would tell me again in herky-jerky installments, the horrors he witnessed at the liberation of the POWs on Bataan.

And yet my Uncle Bill never turned into a xenophobe. Never expressed hatred toward the Japanese people or the colored boys, as he referred to them, who fought on those islands with him. Uncle Bill was a good Baptist, which is to say, took his spirituality to be a personal matter between him and God as he saw him, but thought most churchgoers were a little too caught up in the fantasy of the good book.

My Uncle Bill died February 2009. He was 84 years old. 1924 – 2009; end of a generation. Fell off the top rung of his stepladder taking down the Christmas lights. Landed on his head and broke his damn neck! I was able to fly out to Albuquerque to see him before he checked out. Never made it out of the hospital. His wife, Aunt Ruth died the year before. Went down the hall to use the phone. When she seemed gone overlong, Uncle Bill went to have a look. There she sat…according to Uncle Bill…just slid right down beside the wall when her ticker gave up on her. Poured himself a glass of Wild Turkey, went and sat with her a spell before he had to let ’em come for her.

My Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth weren’t much for complaining about what lay before them or the cards they were dealt. There were hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths born during the 1920s; educated, well-balanced people who figured their rights ended where yours begin; never understood the concept of the HOA, knew it to be a damn Republican plot to destroy the peace of enjoying your own property. They accepted the challenges in front of them to give us the America we had before George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, their neocon cronies and the elitist billionaires of Wall Street decided to take America back to a time before World War II. That really did piss Uncle Bill off. All his and Ruth’s hard work and sacrifice mostly down the drain; not to mention those boys back on New Guinea. I’ll bet you have an Uncle Bill & Aunt Ruth, too. I think you know what I mean.

Our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths brought America through the Great Depression after the barons of Wall Street destroyed the financial fabric of the nation. Sound familiar? Our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths rebuilt a nation, industrialized America, educated its children, gave us social security and Medicare because they respected and cared about the dignity of their parents and grandparents, knew the abuses of their Wall Street overlords and the vagaries of poverty and the struggles of hard-working Americans, saved millions of human lives through advances in science and medicine, Built highways and bridges that were safe to drive on and connected a nation, innovated art and music and movies, advanced women’s rights, ended segregation and gave us civil rights and human rights, gave us fair labor practices and wages and nurtured the transition into the technical age. Hell they put men on the moon! Their list of accomplishments is so long I would not be able to list the entirety of them in five single spaced pages. Essentially, they gave us all the things the Tea Party assholes refuse to support or even take care of…worse yet, want to take away from us, calling them entitlements.

Our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths were faced with the same kinds of despicable criminal, xenophobic, homophobic, blacklisting extremist assholes that we are faced with in our government today. Their Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Broun was a two bit cheese-ball criminal by the name of Joe McCarthy and his extremist criminal cronies.By the way, (R) Senator Wisconsin…any similarity there? Their Rush Douchebag was Walter Winchell.

Like the cast of sleaze-bags we are currently fighting against in our government, McCarthy and his cronies were out to turn America into their own definition of extremist Puritan religious theocracy. Anybody who wouldn’t accept their dogma was a commie, socialist, fascist, queer…branded, called before their pogrom committees, lives destroyed, ability to work taken from them. Sound like anything you’ve seen lately?

McCarthyites called themselves Patriots, the same as this current bunch of religious, gun-toting, racist extremists and their supporters. But they didn’t fool Uncle Bill & Aunt Ruth. In February 1950 America got rid of Joseph McCarthy and his gang of political cronies when he was Censured and removed from the Senate of the United States. Uncle Bill & Aunt Ruth stayed the course…did what they had to do to preserve the America they fought for and rebuilt; the America of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the phony bastardized version of McCarthy and his gang just like this current dipshit Michele Bachmann and her cronies. (Breaking News: Rumored, at CPAC, Bachmann and Palin do lesbian sex and Limbaugh and Beck are doing pony rides with each other in the rectory–come on–I didn’t say rectum! Not like I’m reporting this without checking my facts. I called Fox News and Hannity gave a full confirmation on all of it. Journalistic standards of Fox News have been applied. So I know this story is truth! Good to go!)

We have a bunch of lowlifes in our government again these days. They call themselves Patriots, but they aren’t. (Louie Gohmert…Patriot…are you shitting me?) They’re criminals, the same as their predecessors were. It is our responsibility now to stand our watch, take down these pretenders to freedom and equality and take our government back. Our fight won’t be easy but neither was the fight our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths fought. They didn’t quit until they’d chased the criminals from the halls of their government and neither should we rest until the dirtbags of the Tea Party are brought to a state of ridicule so harsh they’ll want to self-deport themselves.

Where would they go? Why, that paradise in the desert Howdy Doody & Shotgun Cheney invaded; spent two trillion American dollars and the lives of more than 4000 young Americans to secure. The land of “Mission Accomplished”, where they can have all the assault rifles and grenade launchers they want; a place where they will be greeted as liberators and gasoline will be $.25 per gallon. The place they used to destroy the American economy and take away our personal freedoms with fear mongering and lies. A place where Paul Wolfowitz and Wayne LaPierre can stand guard at the gates of the schools their kids attend keeping those classrooms safe with their shoulder fired missile launchers.

Now…`Ole Howdy and Shotgun may have a little trouble traveling over in that part of the world. You see, Interpol has multiple arrest warrants against Dick Cheney as a war criminal. Switzerland has issued a war crimes warrant against ‘Ole Howdy himself. Their cronies in our government don’t want you to see them the way Uncle Bill & Aunt Ruth saw the evil of WWII tried and punished. The dirtbags of the Tea Party would have you hail these criminals and their current supporters in Congress as Patriots…as heroes, because…the guy in the White House is black…Muslim…not one of us…or at best…impure, as it were.

Look, my Uncle Bill would say, “We gotta liberate this island! Only way we can do that…eliminate the enemy. Let’s get to it!” And friends, they are the enemy. These are not representatives of a constituency interested in democracy. These are extremists bent on forcing their brand of America down your throat. They figure their rights continue right on into your homes, your kid’s education, your workplace, your marriage, your daughter’s and wives’ vaginas. http://www.hulu.com/watch/404167

The way we beat these vermin…the way we rid ourselves of them is to put faces with names. Call them what they are; ignorant and stupid. Refuse to afford them the dignity of calling them Patriots instead of the criminals they are, and that includes their supporters in the streets. Identify them. Call them out. Refuse on every level to allow them to pretend that they are good Americans interested in the common good. We must confront them and work tirelessly to keep the light shining on what it is they are really up to.

We beat the billionaires in 2012. We can beat gerrymandering in 2014 if we dig in.

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Republicans face extinction? Is there a new politcal voice looming?


                  While the polls continue to show a tight presidential race…the raw truth is the Democrats are prohibitive favorites to score a victory November 6th. The senate will become more Democratic…as will the House of Representaives. Despite Citizen’s United and unfettered anonomous spending …middle class common sense will  prevail. The bungling ,billionaires tried to buy the election…but the American people weren’t in much a buying mood.

             Most Americans thought the civil war had ended sometime back around 1865. However a disturbing chunck of Americana still covets the confederate flag and ..probably succession too. The story of this election is how a major American presidential nominee can ignore racism under his noise..and not get called on the carpet for it. His tin ear and silence might as well being a ringing endorsement of this racist underbelly of American society . The few truly undecided voters left in this country are mostly  white folk…and the last ditch attempt to bring them over to the GOP is a wild frenzy, with no boundaries or rules. 

        When this years brand of TeaRepublcians loses badly in November,  Republicans and Independents,Libertarians and some Democrats… will  come to terms with the marginalization  of the Republican party. The TEAGOP has left much of this country isolated…not on board with the extreme right or the wild-eyed left.  The American middle has been left by both political parties…and 2012 will be the year that propels the RADICAL MIDDLE into a politically centrist party that can rule this country without gridlock or corporate domination.  Middlecrats may very well replace the Republicans…and the Democrats better watch out…a second term liberal overreach will fuel the radical center. Can America  really put the civil war behind us once and for all….and a sensible America front and center?

Something’s rotten in Denmark..I mean Denver…..Why did Obama not put up a fight? (Benghazi)


                 Last night’s  debate in Denver could very well be the turning point in this years presidential election…that’s not a stretch…the presidents performance was that bad. The New York Times columnist Charles Blow suggested that “President Xanax ” was AWOL. I have to admit I thought the exact same thing…he appeared to be subdued and somewhat tranquilized. My gut is screaming that there’s more to president Obama’s dismal performance than the wonders of modern medicine.

          There are so many questions left unanswered today..and doubting the mainstream media will ask the questions that need to be asked. Were already seeing the ‘talking heads” strategies that the president was trying to look”presidential” and above the fray. From the moment the debate began, it was obvious the president was nervous. The moderator was also not “on his game”..not even close. Why did these 2 very experienced men let Romney dominate the show and score a big win? Does Mitt Romney and the GOP hold some unknown “cards” that they promised not to play for the presidents agreement not to mention about the “47%”..not to mention about Romney’s tax problems?  How could Obama allow Romney to scold the president about his “moral” rehensibility about the deficit, when Romney’s moral compass points his allegiance towards the Cayman Islands? How could Romney get away with blasting the moderator and PBS..literally threatening to take his livelihood away..in front of 60 million viewers…without a whimper from either man?

     We can only conjecture about what may have been the reasons Obama held his powder. In front of 60 million viewers, was Obama intimidated by Romney and his gaggle of right-wing billionaires? There is a reason why Obama didn’t fight …my futuristic sense is telling me that Romney holds some damning piece of tape ..or information…or evidence…from the past…. that he used to keep the president seemingly “xanaxed” . How upset do you the the GOP is that the tape of Romney dressing down the “47%’..has come to light? Really, really,pissed. Private moments at private receptions aren’t usually fair game.

    The mainstream press needs to dig down deeper and find out why the president longed to be at anniversary dinner…instead of showing up to the debate. Romney was way too confident..and the president was way to nervous. If Romney and the boys had an “October” surprise…they sure pulled it out at the right time …they totally dismantled team Obama. If this theory of intimidation is correct…and we all know this is the tea-party/billionaire favorite tactic…debate #2 will tell the story. If Obama doesn’t come out swinging..doesn’t talk 47% and taxes…than we know our president has allowed himself to be “compromised”.. Romney is holding something “really hot” over the presidents head. Something smells in Denmark..oh..I mean Denver…why did our president roll-over for Romney and his gang…there’s surely a reason..let’s find out.

Middlecrats replace Republicans? …America get’s a grip? …


                  It’s too late for buyer’s remorse…the Republicans got what they deserved. We are witnessing the end of the Republican party as we know it. The brand is forever tainted. Billionaires spending their bullion to bully the American voter is just not going to work. This political party managed to dis-enfranchise just about everyone. The black and brown vote in this country is overwhelmingly Democratic…people of color just don’t feel welcomed in the GOP. Women have been used and abused too long..this political party won’t even support equal pay or a women’s right to control her own destiny. The elderly were weary to begin with, and now that Romney’s disdain for those freeloading social security bandits is out…even conservative seniors are offended.

               It may seem in the short-term seem ” it’s all wine and roses ” for the Democrats…but more importantly than this year…. what’s the long term outlook for America? Has this great country been reduced to a one party system? If the Democrats have no competition…just what will happen with our tax dollars? Pounding the upper-middle class with lot’s of new taxes may feel good, but it’s hardly a solution to our economic breakdown. Big money and big influence left unchecked does not bode well for the middle-class….no matter whose in the Whitehouse.

     Want to change America and get a grip? Can the occupy movement…build bridges   with the Ron Paul movement….join up with the unhappy Republicans and Democrats…Independents…Green party folks, Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer supporters?  Can we cast a wide tent with open arms to  to all who want a better America? Consider the best and brightest ideas from all sides…and have a centrist government that makes policy based on people’s  best interest…not corporations.

    Equal pay…Equal rights…a livable minimum wage…why are we still fighting about the obvious? A leaner, less militaristic  government …. with a reasonable level of taxation Stop wasting 50 billion dollars a year on the war against Marijuana. Provide food stamps with care…allow only nutritional food WITHOUT high fructose corn sugar. We know what makes people sick and unhealthy..let’s stop the food vendors and pharmaceutical companies from controlling our fate and burdening our health system.

   America is land of the free and the home of the not so extreme. Time to shift our middle class power to a centrist, sensible government. Corporation’s left in control of the political system seals America’s continued downward spiral. The Middlecrats can be the political movement that both inspires and emboldens .We can  take ownership..and be the change …that makes the change…for the benefit of all.  Now’s the time to make our move…time for America’s middle-class to become Middleacratic… and take control of our destiny…

Bi-Partisianship?..TRY Tri-Partisianship…Moderates/Independents 40%..


                    How can it be that the biggest and most important voting block is left nearly powerless? The moderate American, be it a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, or no label at all…is the odd voter  out in this election. Moderates, pragmatics don’t count in our system…the extremes of both parties and their bottomless brew of cash … have all the power. Intransigence and gridlock permeate all that happens in Washington D.C. The pharmaceutical companies have power…as does the teacher’s union. The big banks have their chunks of cash lined up on both sides of the belt way…the ultimate hedge…whoever wins is on speed dial. . Unfortunately as it is now, the rank and file American worker is not important ..the political parties can get plenty of cash without us…were just suppose to shut up and watch the show, and make the pick between the lesser of two evils.

      The Citizen United supreme court ruling has green-lighted America’s seal of approval  for politics by the rich and powerful….for the rich and powerful..and controlled by the 1% of Americans that control some 50% of our wealth. Does something seem wrong? If we all just sit back and accept what’s been dished out to us, then indeed we deserve the best government money can buy. On the other hand, if you think 40% of America deserves some real representation, consider a new political movement.

The Middlecrats are not so much a political party, as a political movement for everyone who feels powerless in this extreme dominated election  process. There is a barn door left open for moderate thinking, reform oriented people to have a much greater say so in the future of American political discourse and economic prowess. If Middlecrats could win just 10 or 15 senate seats…we would be the arbitrator for all future legislation. The house can’t do anything without the senate, thus the house is obsolete.

   This could be a world-wide effort to instill reform minded pragmatic policies that nullify the effect of the cash kings that currently control the process. Target 20 of the most fertile senate seats…small states with a cheap media markets..where retail politics is still alive and well. After town hall style debate, you tube presentations..we narrow down the field in each state.  A final Internet primary is conducted, where the top Middlecrat candidate in each state gets the Middlecrat/Independent nomination in that state. A 3 way senate battle looms, with middle America lined up against the billionaires and big corporations. It’s a global world, we can target for an example “Vermont” and it’s rich independent spirit…, and use all the influence world-wide. The internet has flattened out the world forever, let the people exert their power by numbers. There are not enough billionaires in the world to out spend 3 or 5 million concerned citizens world-wide. Everybody has a stake a In America, 20.00 bucks form 5 million is 100,000 million…more than enough for a 20 state election strategies …more than enough to send Citizen United looking for a better scheme. The 2 party system is obsolete, no longer can we leave the fox  in charge of the henhouse…time for some real checks and balances.


Is the two party system failing? …do we need a referee? – Middlecrats Unite.


        Whether Barack Obama holds on and win his second term, or the Romney/Ryan team closes with a rush to snag victory, the American people are in for bumpy ride. Current economic realities …. and all the  many other same issues… will challenge this country regardless of the winner. Special interests money has bets on both sides, and will be ready to cash in their public sector profit chips. Any meaningful legislation that could make significant inroads to problem solving ….will be handcuffed in a polarized political climate

                  If the government improves and gets more efficient….the American people will benfit. . The political movement to empower the AMERICAN MIDDLE  is avaible to all of us…at our fingertips.right now!  The pissed off, dis-enchanted American center deserves some attention. The “Middlecrats” can seize power..and offer pragmatic solutions…by controlling 20 senatorial seats. We don’t need to win the White House anytime soon. 40 Republican senators , 40 Democratic senators…we only need roughly 20% of the senate to have as much power as the Republicans or Democrats…or even more!

     Want an example? “Middlecrats” believe that food stamps is both an essential safety net for Americans,  but also is a breeding ground for abuse and shenanigans… at taxpayer expense..  A more modern approach is needed to both reign in governmental  spending..and making sure out tax dollars are guarded coming and going. We change the food stamp program, so the user can only cash the “people’s money” in a government-sanctioned  super-mart. The food stamp money is worthless unless purchased thru this special debit card procedure..easy to do these days. We only allow products to be sold in these stores that pass Governemenal heatlhy food standards. No high fructose sugar to make our kids fat ..or produce more diabetes and  …to “tax” our health care system .Pragmatic,progressive approaches are needed to make government work… If were going to give away food, at least make it healthy and nutritional. These store will not sell soda pop… cigarettes, alcohol..lottery-tickets..or Doritos…! …just wholesome food. Costs are contained..and these stores can be “public/private” partnerships, so Wal-mart doesn’t have a heart attack! 

    Solutions for a host of problems can be implemented if we can sideline “special interest” money…and fast-track true “American people money” We only need to seize the balance of power, we only need a tactical slice of power, to be the deal makers or breakers. Sensible Americans should realize the power we have if we think and organize.The 2 party system is antiquated, and no longer serves the best interests of the American people.  Middlecrats unite!

Obama poised for big win – Here’s why…


                   As the July fourth independence celebrations begin, the presidential election will soon begin its final trimester. Reading the tea leaves, many  signs are pointing to a decisive re-election for the POTUS. Here’s a run down of why …things are spinning out-of-control for the Republicans.

               Romney is a flawed candidate whose weakness will be pounded home time and again during this final leg of the campaign. Besides white dudes who makes 100,000+…he has no other constituency that he can count on. Romney’s refusal to back the equal pay act for women..coupled with his “severely” compromised position on women’s reproductive rights are not winning him any extra votes. He is beholden to the Billionaire bomb squad, and as things slip away… the desperation of the tea party will come through loud and clear. Middle of the road voters will be uneasy and not come around to the extreme positions of Romney’s money men. Even Rupert Murdock is prepared for a Romney lose..one of his biggest cheerleaders up until now.

       We know the black vote with go around 90% for Obama. A bigger problem for the right wing is Romney’s tin ear towards the Hispanic people. There is no reason for any Hispanics to vote for Romney..even Romney’s likely choice of Marco Rubio, senator in Florida…will not help. The Hispanic vote is wide and varied…and a rookie tossed into the Vice-presidency will not sway many Hispanics. Kind of like Geraldine Ferraro or Sarah Palin capturing the women’s vote….crude  tokenism will not help…Hispanics are poised to support Obama by some 65 to 70%.Romney’s chances to win Colorado and New Mexico are  weakened…..He’s even down in North Carolina…and the big prize of Florida..seems well positioned to go Obama…despite the tea parties desperate attempt to keep as many Democrats as possible off the voter roles.

    The Obama “pros” who are managing his campaign out of Americans heartland..good of Chi-town..are so much smarter than the Romney man that it’s like a major league baseball team matched up  against  the AA squad. Romney is beholden to these not so smart operatives..another boost for the progressives. When the gloves come off this fall, we will continue to hear about Romney’s Bain out sourcing of American jobs. His huge personal profits that he pocketed…and his  willingly  ducking of  taxes… and squirrelling   his money away to the Cayman Islands … his Swiss bank accounts…and the arrogance of a man  who will not release any  meaningful tax returns.  Let’s throw into the mix a solid stock market and a European situation that seems to be stabilizing, while precarious, may not be as bad as first thought..the stock market doesn’t seem  overly concerned. Let’s not forget Romney’spersonal foibles..like his cruelty to Animals by tying his dog to the top of a car on his jaunt into Canada. What kind of asshole would do something like that?…do we want him protecting the Earth and his continual denial of any ‘global warming issues”…which clearly are here to stay and require a dedicated effort to bring things under  control. Another wild card out the is there is no independent candidate positioned to take any significant votes away from Obama. Ron Paul looks like the likely standard bearer for the fringe…and he will hurt Romney  more than he will take votes from the Democrats State by state polls continue to edge slowly but steadily for the president. The affordable health care is affirmed by the courts, and quite popular with the rank and file. Romney’s best hope is a complete economic breakdown in the next several months. With states like Florida unemployment rate has fallen from 11% to under 8%…and major near term downturn seems unlikely. All the facts point solidly towards a decisive win for Obama…the good sense of the American people will prevail.

Atheists take note…you could be wrong. Intolerance cuts both ways…

Religion in America. Supposedly a big tent where diversity is honored and welcomed. Not one religion has a monopoly on the truth . Indeed, those with no religion at all have every right to their belief….but they also don’t have a monopoly of the truth. However, a disturbing trend has emerged that we should talk about.  For most of my life I was somewhere between an agnostic and an atheist. Over the last several years my opinion and heart has changed and I truly believe there is a high power…call it what you like. While the majority of Americans believe in God one way or another, a somewhat sizable minority consider themselves atheist or agnostic..particularly Democrats. Many keep it a private matter..and that’s just fine. ..but the reality is religion and politics …they just sometimes go together…whether we like it or not.

  Years earlier, when I considered myself pretty much an atheist, I never rubbed it in anyone else’s face. I never tried to talk anyone out of their beliefs or ridicule them in any way. My, how things have changed. Over the last several months, I have built my twitter following list to several thousand people. . The majority are liberal, but I have also representative amount of moderates , libertarians  and conservatives. I don’t block conservatives..I don’t call them names. Often we engage in some interesting discussions, and I feel Ive learned a thing or two from conservatives ( liberals don’t gag). The RWNJ (right wing nut job) moniker  doesnt help Obama get re-elected..think before you hate!

   The correlation between people that consider themselves liberal and also atheist I have found  concerning. Additionally, many of the atheist I find are just as  narrow minded as those bible-thumpers…there’s very little difference…. and many are very dismissive of people who believe in God or a higher power. “In your face” atheism is alive and well and I don’t quite understand the ferocity,nastiness or politcal purpose. I accept all people’s  beliefs  without  any animosity …so… Why do atheist seem to be  so aggressively  against God and religion?

   I think the case for progressive thinking is diminished and creates unnecessary polarization against  people who embrace God and religion. So often I hear how conservatives/Republicans are narrow minded …but shouldn’t the  the nature of progressive thought also  reject narrow mindedness as well on the left?  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander? I’m very uncomfortable when I read profiles  of liberals/progressive who align themselves with atheism and reject alternative thought…and add the disclaimer ” if your a Republican don’t follow me and dare not talk to me.  Are liberals so smug and “in  the know”  that they can insult large groups of people who embrace a variety of different religions and thoughts?   

   Going into the fall elections it would behoove progressive thought to find some openness and kindness in their talk  about religion and religious people. Progressives often  blast conservatives..who are considered   out of step with America. Let’s put the shoe on the other foot and understand why conservatives feel  the same way. Can we all rise up and find some mutual respect? No one group has all the answers, no one group is correct 100% of the time. The best baseball player only gets  a hit 3 out of every 10 times… let’s remember that when we discuss the issues of the day. America is a big country with many different religions and political persuasions. The sooner we all can be more accepting of each other, the sooner we might be able to get together and solve some problems. This election will be decided by the 10% of Americans  that are squarely in the middle. No purpose is served by giving fuel to the fire by having those independents bristle at  “in your face” atheism. All Americans are deserving of respect and having their thoughts and ideas discussed without insult…let’s keep our eyes on the big prize…alienation and polarization are Mitt Romney’s best friend..let’s be smarter..and show respect to all..intolerance is a two way street.

The ugly truth about taxes -We get to pay taxes for the “pretty” people who don’t!

      Being unattractive in America is an expensive proposition. Not only do the “pretty” people get better jobs, they also pay much less taxes.( This is not to say less attractive people in cash jobs don’t pay there fair share of taxes either…these are just two clear-cut examples)

    It’s not even a secret. Lower income,hard working people spend there life toiling for jobs at or near the minimum wage. Big corporations conspire with their  bought and paid for lackeys(politicians) to make sure we don’t pay a livable wage to the workers with the least clout and education. Imagine if the .99cent value meals were $1.29….and the difference went to raising  the minimum wage from $7.25 to a more realistic $9.50 an hour. Big corporations would scream bloody murder. The superPacs would raise millions to squash any such thing from actually coming to a vote in congress.

     I’ve made many friends here in Miami over the last several years. One of my  friends is a very comely blond who works as a waitress in a upscale restaurant just off the ocean. She works hard and is very skilled at what she does. She also has been gifted with a fantastic figure and beautiful blue eyes. She is just 27..and had just purchased a very nice, shiny new  automobile. I was surprised at such a purchase as  she never graduated college, in fact..she never graduated high school either. She asked me how much money I thought she made? I ran some numbers in my head..figuring she makes nice tips….maybe 150 dollars  a night X 5 days a week…thinking  she made perhaps $40,000 or so a year. She giggled over my stupidity…and confided to me that she clears 400+ dollars cash on an average night..x 5…she’s making 2000.00 dollars a week..CASH!  That’s over 100,000 dollars a year! I asked her if she declared all that money in her tax returns….she said “are you nuts”….as she shows an income to the government of about 30,000 …and she doesn’t take off her clothes…and in fact attends church every Sunday and is in fact a very decent person…less her lack of tax honesty.

   Another aquaintance of mine gets a bit more risque. There are literally 100’s of “establsihments” here in the sunshine state that feature naked dancers entertaining vacationeers from all over the world. This person does not engage in any illegal activities, everything she does is sanctioned  by Governor Rick Scott and the state of Florida. She boasts that she often makes 800 dollars a night..and many girls make even more money. Last year she told me that she made more than 200,000  dollars a year. Some doctors and lawyers don’t make that kind of cash..but if God gifted you with physical beauty there is no limit to your earning power. She declares about 50,000 dollars a year in income..enough to look “legit” to the IRS!

   So, we cant control God’s gifting of beauty…BUT  can the government control who pays their fair share of taxes? Handsome Mitt Romney evades his taxes….legally will assume…but hard to confirm with his tight grip on his tax returns. Pretty guys and gals all over the sunshine state are raking in the big bucks. We haven’t even discussed the other flourishing business here’s…just go to back page or craigslist…and you can find literally thousands of others making huge profits selling their wares in  all types of ways.  Guess who gets to pick up the taxes for  people in cash jobs that  aren’t paying?   That’s us folks..the rest of us not so physically gifted people. This not just a Miami phenomenon..this goes on all over the United States.

 Can we start a real conversation this political season about the real world……do we have any politicians willing to talk the truth about the extra taxes the not so beautiful people get to pay? …the extra costs of being ugly in America? …life isn’t fair..but we can at-least try to make it a little less unfair  for hard working Americans of all stripes and flavors!

1824 revisited? Electoral college calamity. Election to be decided by congress?

        In 1824, the presidential election was thrown into chaos as a 4 way battle resulted in no nominee being able to capture 50% of the electoral college. Andrew Jackson received 41% of the electoral college delegates…and John Quincy Adams received just 30 %. Since no candidate had a majority of the delegates, the presidential election got thrown back in the House of Representatives. The 12th amendment mandates the house decide the presidential winner by a one state- one vote showdown. The law remains the same today…..and it’s ramifications on  this years election may be immense. .

     In 2012, there will be a 3way battle for the White House. One of these days the media’s is actually going to share that fact with the rest of the country…..but only when the New York Times et all are ready to take us on their journey into uncharted territory. A third party nominating platform will  have ballot access in all 50 states. They will select an Internet nominee through a nominating process. 6 qualified candidates will be ‘drafted” by the public. One lucky politician is going to get “the yellow brook road” to the White House.

   Yes, their is a Santa Claus after all ..just ” follow the money”!!!..The billionaires are lining up behind the 3rd party nominating platform called American Elect 2012. Hedge funds, big banks, oil money are all quietly waiting to take the presidential election private. The insiders choice for Americans Elect presidential candidate is Jeb Bush. Make no mistake, Jeb is running for the presidency…but not in the traditional sense. He will be the “draft” choice of AE2012. How could any patriotic American turn down a “set-up” like this……

 So, let’s  look at reality. Whether it’s Romney or Santorum it makes no difference. The Republican brand is forever damaged..but worry not despots..the 3rd party will fill the void. Romney is very weak in the southern and non-Mormon western states. The only candidate that is weaker that Romney in those states is Obama! You starting to get he picture?? In a 3-way battle for each states electoral votes, who do you think might fair the best in these states? Jeb Bush is idolized in Florida..and has tremendous support here. Obama is not very popular..and the days of the Jewish vote carrying Obama in Florida are over. Apprehension over Israel and Iran are going to neutralize the Jewish vote. The Hispanic vote will go Jeb ..big..and bi-partisian.

  So, Florida goes to Bush. Texas goes to Bush. In fact, I can’t think of a southern states that Bush wouldn’t capture. He will also take small population fly over states in the west.These states  will be the deciding states if this election goes back to the House of representatives.Why? If no candidate secures 50% of the electoral college…the president is selected by the house on a one state-one vote election. So Wyoming will have the same influence as New York!!! The senate has no say so whatsoever..they get the booby prize and select the Vice-president.Do the math. Obama will likely hold Illinois, New York and California..but it won’t matter if he doesn’t lock up 50%. Romney will win a handful of states…a few Eastern  states and a few Mormon hot spots.In a 3 way battle..if this is thrown back to the house of representatives, they will have no choice but to select Bush..as he will win a clear plurality of the states

Look for this election to go to the supreme court for final disposition. ..and guess what..the 5-to 4 decision that brought American Elect to life(UNLIMITED SUPER PAC $$) ..will surely render Jr. Bush the winner once again. This is a nightmare that is way too real..it’s no dream..history has away of repeating itself!!

The Donald Has Locked Up the GOP Nomination…Holds Trump Card to the White-House…

Donald Trump currently holds a big lead over his GOP opponents. Considering the current panic over immigration issues … Trump deserves  credit for reading the tea leaves early.Trump’s number #1 issue is proving to be the key to the  nomination.

You may not hear much from the mainstream media …but the current polling strongly suggests the GOP race is over. The Huffington Post continues to have egg all over it’s face by relegating Trump to the entertainment page…according to them he didn’t qualify for real news coverage. This arrogance of the media has also helped Trump win over undecided voters. His remark at the CNBC debate was priceless..” LET’S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE ” echoing the sentiment of most Americans that were disgusted by the unsavory “moderators” hosting this so called debate.

The early favorite “JEB” has proven to be one of the worst candidates in memory, add in his family legacy …he might as well save his money and let the GOP use it for a real cause. Ben Carson has had his 15 minutes, his demeanor may be pleasing, but his ideas and thought’s are bizarre. Cruz and Rubio have both done respectfully  well…but there’s no way they are catching up to Trump. No one else left in the race has a heartbeat…so for better or worse…Trump will get the nomination. The more bad press he get’s , the stronger his numbers grow. That’s a trend that will not change this year.

While Trump bags the nomination, he remains the underdog to the Clinton machine.

Trump has one move that can insure his presidential ambition. The amount of Democrats and Independents that revile the thought of a Hillary in the White-House are a  swing vote that can come over to Trump’s side with a clever selection for Vice-President.

Trump is not a true conservative, but the real Donald can’t emerge until the GOP is completed. He is doing the politically expedient thing, and running to the right. The general election is a whole new ball game. While Ted Cruz may be Trump’s obvious safe choice, he’s not going to bring any moderates or liberals over to the GOP, and Texas is not in Play.

Independent senator Bernie Sanders would be a fine Vice-president. He’s strong on gun rights, military strength and sound judgement. Sanders could  quarterback a repeal of Obamacare, and deliver a universal health plan that cover’s all Americans. Tell big Pharma we don’t need their expensive ad’s..we can use that money to keep Americans’ healthy. Trump is not adverse to universal health care.

Sanders will have blood in his eye’s after the Clinton machine robs, pillars and plunders to deny Sanders the Democratic nomination. Sanders will be motivated with revenge and the opportunity to revise American’s health care strategy. He is a strong orator and would make a solid partner with Trump.

A chunk of those Sanders supporters will NEVER vote for Hillary. Those swing states like Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will all come over to the GOP.    Does Trump have the moxie to make such a delicious selection? That a rhetorical question!




US Plasma Beam Opens”Hyper-Dimension” Over California. (Whatdoesitmean.com)

November 8, 2015

US Plasma Beam Opens “Hyper-Dimension” Over California

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The High Command of the Aerospace Forces (HCAF) is reporting today that its Space Forces (SF) have detected a “hyper-dimensional” [of or pertaining to a system having more dimensions than naturally observed in our universe] opening event” occurring over California after the firing of a US Navy Trident II missile.

According to this report, Space Forces experts who are charged with the monitoring of potential threats to the Federation in space and from space, and the prevention of attacks as needed, first notified the High Command on Friday (6 November) that a large US Navy flotilla operating off the Southern and Central coasts of California had closed the airspace over their operations area and notified their nations civilian authorities.  

Even more concerning to these Space Forces experts, this report continues, was that at the same time this vast US Navy flotilla was preparing to fire a Trident II missile, Federation satellites operating over North American detected an enormous energy surge (plasma discharge) emanating from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory located in Menlo Park, California.

At approximately 0200 GMT (6 p.m. local California time 7 November) this early morning, this report says, a “peak energy” event was detected at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory while at the same time a Trident II (D5) missile was fired from the USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class submarine, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California.

Upon the “meeting/joining” of the Trident II missile and the “plasma discharge” fired from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, this report explains, a “hyper-dimensional” “opening event” occurred in the skies over California and was witnessed by thousands of people who described what they saw as a UFO or meteor—but is more accurately described (as numerous videos show) as a “blue colored hyper-dimensional tear” following the instrument laden warhead used for measuring this event.       




Critical to note, this report further states, is that this is was just the latest Western to attempt at a “hyper-dimensional” opening to our Earth, with the last one being tried on 8 December 2009 over the skies of Norway—where the US, operating in conjunction with the massive CERN accelerator in Switzerland, likewise, caused a “blue colored hyper-dimensional tear” to appear in the skies.




In our 10 December 2010 report (Attack On Gods ‘Heaven’ Lights Up Norwegian Sky) we described that previous event as follows:

On Tuesday evening, 8 December, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located in Switzerland, “smashed together subatomic particles at the highest energies ever reached by a human-made accelerator” which were then ‘quantumly’ transferred to the massive Partial Reflection Medium-Frequency (MF) Atmospheric Radar Facility located in Ramfjordmoen, Norway, operated by European Incoherent Scatter Facility (EISCAT) radar and ionospheric heating scientists who, in turn, work under the supervision of the American High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) that many call one the largest ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ever constructed.

Now upon this ‘quantumly’ transferred high-energy beam being received in Ramfjordmoen, it was then ‘pulsed’ vertically into the upper atmosphere above Norway at 2.43 MHz by their MF Radar antennas which resulted in a ‘spiral’ light display [photo top left] described by Britain’s Daily Mail News Service as: 

“A blue light seemed to soar up from behind a mountain in the north of the country. It stopped mid-air, then began to move in circles. Within seconds a giant spiral had covered the entire sky. Then a green-blue beam of light shot out from its centre – lasting for ten to 12 minutes before disappearing completely. Onlookers describing it as ‘like a big fireball that went around, with a great light around it’ and ‘a shooting star that spun around and around’.

To the purpose of today’s “military-accelerator” “hyper-dimensional” test over California, like Norway in 2009, this report concludes, the West has made no secret of its goals either—and as best explained by CERN’s Director for Research and Scientific, Sergio Bertolucci, who in November, 2009 stated: “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”

As to whom, or what, the West wants to come through these “hyper-dimensional” rifts they’re creating this report doesn’t say—but it does cause one to pause when the main Western source behind these “hyper-dimensional” events in Norway and California is CERN—especially when this organization has embedded in its logo the “Mark of the Beast number 666” and has erected in front of its main administration building a statue dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva—Shiva the destroyer of worlds.



November 8, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY andGFDL.

What will Happen When the Dollar Collapses ? (Guest Column Dave Hodges)

What Will Happen When the Dollar Collapses?

30May, 2014by Dave Hodges

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Will It Be a False Flag Attack Or a Currency Collapse?

Hitler initiated a false flag event and burned down the Reichstag to gain control over the German government. Could the same happen here in the United States? My initial response to that question is, does it really matter? The pattern of societal collapse and subsequent governmental enslavement of the American people will be largely the same whether the precipitating incident is a false flag attack or a currency collapse. For the purpose of simplicity, let us call the precursor event to all-out martial law, a currency collapse.

The Federal Reserve Is the Enemy of Humanity

The Federal Reserve has been bleeding this country to death for a century. What the dollar bought 100 years ago, can only buy three cents of product today. This means that 97% of the value of our currency has gone into the pockets of the Federal Reserve investors for the past 100 years.

I am amazed at the abject ignorance of the American people and that they think the Federal Reserve is actually part of the federal government. As we like to stay in the alternative media, the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. For the record, the Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation which sells stock to preferred insiders. In 1913, a small majority of Congress commissioned the Federal Reserve to control banking in the United States. Without a doubt, this was the worst decision ever made by an act of Congress.

The Dollar Is Diving

The world is running from the dollar, or should I more accurately state the Petrodollar. Until recently, our dollar was used as the currency of international trading. Further, the dollar was also the reserve currency for oil. All foreign countries wishing to purchase oil from the Middle East, first had to purchase dollars from the Federal Reserve. After FDR took us off the gold standard during the Great Depression and Richard Nixon finished the task of providing America with a totally Fiat currency, the only backing that our dollar enjoys is that of being the reserve currency for both trading and for oil (i.e. the Petrodollar scam).

The major cause of the present  economic calamity is fractional reserve banking. When the government goes to the private Federal Reserve and asks for one trillion dollars, the federal reserve gets to print one trillion for the government, at interest, and $10 trillion dollars for themselves and to lend out at high interest rates. This inflationary practice erodes the value of your dollar while enriching our Federal Reserve investors. Ultimately, the currency upon which we depend on will be destroyed and life as we know it will be changed forever.

The practice of fractional reserve banking should be wholly illegal because it creates a state of permanent inflation for the benefit of a few and sets up economic demise for the many.

A Changing of the Financial Guard

The nations presently running from our petrodollar are India, China, Iran, Japan, South Africa and Australia have signed their own trade agreements and their currency of choice is no longer the dollar!

When the collapse of the dollar occurs, it will literally and figuratively come like a thief in the night, and I do mean overnight!

We are all familiar with the concept of inflation, which is the intentional byproduct of the Federal Reserve.  But I am not just talking inflation, I’m speaking about hyperinflation which is caused by the collapse of the value of the currency resulting in runaway prices. Here are three examples of how quickly a currency collapse can occur when a nation’s money when its money no longer holds it value:

1. In Weimar Germany, from 1922 – 1923, prices  doubled  every three days.

2. In the modern era, in Yugoslavia from 1992-94, witnessed prices doubling every 34 hours.

3. In Zimbabwe, in the two year period from 2007 – 2008, prices doubled  every 25 hours.

History is replete with examples of currency collapses and they typically follow very predictable patterns in which a nation unravels and social chaos, and many times, widespread violence and even genocide becomes part of the national landscape.

What Does a Currency Collapse Look Like?

It can accurately be stated that a lot has been written and rehearsed by the federal government on the topic of the effects of a currency collapse and its subsequent impact on society. NORTHCOM, DHS and FEMA as well as other federal entities have practiced for this eventuality. In each and every scenario, the facts remain the same, human beings and society follows a very predictable pattern of decline when the currency of the day collapses. And normally, the currency collapse comes without any warning to the general public.

When George Soros recently pulled his money from the S&P 500 and from Bank of America, Citibank and JP Morgan, all Americans should have sat up and taken notice. Generally, when the currency collapses, a stock market crash is right on its heels. Because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, a banking meltdown will immediately occur following the collapse of the stock market because since Clinton’s presidency, banks are now allowed to loan money for investment in the stock market and for down payments for homes. It was irresponsible of Congress to repeal Glass-Steagall, because it made surviving an economic Armageddon a near impossibility just as it did during the 1929 crash.

In a currency collapse, your life savings will be wiped out. From this point on, the effect cascades like a roaring tsunami racing across the open ocean.

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy demonstrated that gas stations will be bone dry within two days following a complete collapse. Subsequently, commerce will not move. If you are on vacation, you may not make it home. On the second day following a currency collapse, being on the road will be a risky endeavor because of other desperate motorists who will lie in wait to rob other motorists of essential supplies and resources.

With no available fuel, the grocery and drug stores will be empty within one to three days. There will be no food to be had except for that which is decaying in your refrigerator and that in which you can beg, borrow and steal from your neighbors who will also be begging, borrowing and stealing. from your other neighbors. If you have an adequate food and water supply, you better have an adequate gun and ammo supply in order to defend your assets. And when will you sleep? The protection of your critical assets is a 24/7 proposition. Therefore, having a cooperative survival plan is critical.

Without gas, people will stop going to work. Corporations will disappear overnight. Hurricane Katrina showed America that the police cannot be expected to stay on the job more than 48-72 hours as they will be home protecting their families and foraging for food and water like everyone else. The emergence of former police, now operating as gangs, will become common in an effort to secure the products which will ensure survival. Therefore, when your home is under attack, there will nobody to call. Everyone will be on their own.

The elderly and the chronically ill will be the first to die. Too old to defend their assets, the elderly will find themselves overpowered as they will make easy preys of opportunity for the roving gangs. The chronically ill will have no way to procure their medication and even if they survive the looting rampage which will follow a currency collapse, these poor souls will perish without access to their life-sustaining prescriptions.

The money in your wallet will be useless. Cell phones will not work. Heating and air conditioning will not work either and depending on the time of year, the environment could prove deadly to untold numbers of people.

Water treatment plants will stop operating for the same reasons that you will not be able to find a cop during this crisis nobody will be manning the water treatment plants. Toilets will back up and diseases will spread like wildfire. Cholera will become the leading cause of death even surpassing homicide. Something as simple as toilet paper will become a prized commodity. There will be no trash pickup and more disease will result due to the increased rodent population.

Clean drinking water and hunger will become the dominant motivator in society. Roving bands of looters, turned murderers, will sweep through neighborhoods seeking to obtain these critical elements of survival. Young women will sell themselves for a can of food for their children. Society will see the widespread loss of human dignity and self-respect.

Infanticide and euthanasia of the weak will become common events because there will be decided efforts to reduce the amount of mouths to feed. There will be the stark realization that the lights are not coming back on and the ensuing sense of hopelessness will lead to murder-suicides within families and simple incidences of suicide will be used as a means to escape the horrendous circumstances.

Humanity’s Darkest Hour

There will come a time when all the available animals will be devoured and then there will be only one place to turn to for food. History shows that cannibalism will set in by the beginning of the third week. Extreme hunger will lead to humans hunting humans as an available food supply. There is a real possibility that this could begin to occur within 15-20 days following the currency collapse.

The Government’s Version of the Final Solution

If the establishment military has properly planned, they will move into take control but they will not move quickly. The more death there is, the fewer people there will be to control. Government will typically move in with their solutions towards the end of the second week as has been the case in past economic collapses. The earliest the military could be deployed on the streets would be about four days from the event. Even then, the military cannot be everywhere. Christians should pay particular attention for when the Roman currency was debased in the third century, there was a revolving door for Roman emperors and Christians became the scapegoats for the economic issues. 

To fully understand the relationship that will exist between yourself and the government, Google “Executive Order 13603”. The reasons behind the creation of Executive Order 13603 will soon become readily apparent. You will retain ownership over nothing including food, water, guns, ammunition, your house, your car and even yourself. If you survive, you will be conscripted to work in some capacity in a specialty and location not of your choosing. The provisions for dealing with potential dissidents will go into motion under the NDAA which allows for mass arrest and secret incarcerations without due process. There is one ironclad thing that you can count on, food and water will be used to control the people following the collapse of the dollar

Who Will Help Us?

When past currency collapses occur, organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, the UN and the US have appeared to render their predatory version of help in exchange for control of critical infrastructure and other capital considerations. Because of this aid, more people survived in the impacted areas. However, what happens when the top dog collapses? Who would be able to come and render aid in America? Even in a world disgusted by our imperialistic ways would  offer help, could they? Not under the coming circumstances could anyone offer help because they will be in a worse situation.

In short, there will be nobody riding in to rescue the United States. Despite some rebelling against the dollar, the world is still dependent upon our currency. When the currency collapses it will pull the rest of world down with us. The subsequent collapse of global currencies will indeed constitute a major depopulation event and all the elite have to do is wait it out in places like the tunnels under Denver International Airport.

During this time, Americans will truly discover if there really are FEMA camps and what they will be used for. If people want to eat, they will be enticed to go where food is promised. Although you can count on the above mentioned events transpiring in the event of a currency collapse, what lies ahead is unknown to a large extent because the top dog will not have been economically obliterated in modern history.


In addition to what has previously been written, in an economic collapse, we can expect the government to impose travel restrictions and martial law. Life, as we know it will not be recognizable.

Obama is willing to talk about the $17 trillion dollar deficit. However, you never hear the government nor the media discuss the real debt? Our real financial obligations total $240 trillion dollars through programs like social security, Medicare, public pensions and welfare. Subsequently, I want to make one thing abundantly clear; It is not a matter if we are going to have a currency collapse, it is when.  And the when is much sooner than later.  It could happen tomorrow, next month and even next year. We do not have two years left in the American economic engine. A currency collapse is nothing to look forward to, and people who intend on surviving the event should be in the midst of their preparations.


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There Will be Signs in the Sun and Moon and the Stars…and on the Earth Dismay Among Nations…

“There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars…and on the earth dismay among nations…”

 Luke 21:25

Special Report from Sister Ciara

For those of ebionitic thought among our Order following kabalistic disciplines, these past three days have now been placed into their proper order with the predicted 14-year signs having been shown, interpreted and the path to follow now certain.

As this discipline explains, being a multiple of 7, 14 partakes of its importance and, being double that number, implies a double measure of spiritual perfection (i.e. knowledge).

The number 2 with which it is combined (2×7) also brings its own significance into its meaning, as it does in Matthew 1, where the genealogy of Jesus is divided up and given in sets of 14 (2×7) generations, meaning that 2 signs of significance would be made manifest…one for each 7 year period.

One must understand, of course, that according to this discipline, an event, especially those of world importance, can never be fully understood until its 14-year signs are manifested…which in this particular case was the 11 September 2001 (9/11) attacks upon the United States, and whose 14-year anniversary was yesterday.

And as predicted by these Sisters of ebionitic thought, the 14-year signs of 9/11 did, indeed, occur…the first being the double rainbow sign over the destroyed site of the World Trade Center complex in New York City on 10 September, and the other being the destruction wrought upon Mecca (Islam’s holiest site) when a lighting strike toppled a crane being operated by the bin Laden family (whose son Osama was accused of this attack) and killed at least 107 on 11 September.


In their most simplistic interpretation of these 2 signs, these Sisters note that the double rainbow over the destroyed World Trade Center site one day prior to the 14th anniversary of 9/11 can reaffirm to the peoples of this great city of God’s mercy should they turn to Him again…for He has been reminded of their tragedy and sorrow and what they were once like before this destruction was wrought upon them… “And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth.” Genesis 9:16

But, to those who caused the great 9/11 destruction and terror, however, the 2nd sign of lighting is a warning of a great destruction to come from God. “His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles.” Psalm 97:4

Now to fully understand both the “signs of events”, and their interpretations, one needs to know who these particular Sisters of ebionitic thought are…and which I’ll freely admit to you now is nearly beyond normal understanding; if not belief….but is, nevertheless, true.



WIKIPEDIA as Propaganda NOT History- MH17 as an Example ( Eric Zuesse)

Wikipedia as Propaganda Not History — MH17 as An Example

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.17.43 PM

Eric Zuesse

Wikipedia articles are more propaganda than they are historical accounts. And, often, their cited sources are misleading, or even false.

On 15 August 2007, the BBC headlined “Wikipedia Shows CIA Page Edits,” and Jonathan Fildes reported that, “An online tool that claims to reveal the identity of organizations that edit Wikipedia pages has revealed that the CIA was involved in editing entries.” I.e.: What the CIA doesn’t like, they can (and do) eliminate or change.

More recently, on 25 June 2015, an anonymous reddit poster, “moose,” listed and linked directly to 18 different news reports, in such media as New York Times, Washington Post, Telegraph, Mirror, Guardian, and Newsweek, reporting about wikipedia edits that were supplied not only by the CIA but by other U.S. Government offices, and by large corporations. That person opened with a news report which implicated Wikipedia itself, “Wikipedia honcho caught in scandal quits, defends paid edits,” in which Wikipedia’s own corruption was discussed. Most of the other news reports there concerned unpaid edits by employees at CIA, congressional and British parliamentary offices, the DCRI (French equivalent of the U.S. CIA), large corporations, self-interested individuals, and others. One article even concerned a report that, “All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) changed a Russian language version of a page listing civil aviation accidents to say that ‘The plane [flight MH17] was shot down by Ukrainian soldiers’.” Basically, wikipedia has been revealed to be a river of ‘information’ that’s polluted by so many self-interested sources as to be no more reliable than, say: “New York Times, Washington Post, Telegraph, Mirror, Guardian, and Newsweek.”

And that’s not reliable at all. For example, everybody knew in 2002 and 2003 that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling WMD “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” because they had read it in such ‘news’ sources asthat. Consequently, even when wikipedia links to those sorts of articles, it can be propagating lies. After all, The New York Times and Washington Post were stenographically ‘reporting’ the lies from the White House as if those lies were truths (not challenging them at all); so, the fame of a publisher has nothing to do with the honesty (the integrity and carefulness) of its ‘news’ reporting. Stenographic ‘news’ reporting isn’t news-reporting; it is propaganda, no matter how famous and respected the ‘news’ medium happens (unfortunately) to be. Some of the most unreliable ‘news’ media have top prestige.


As an example: wikipedia’s English-language article about the 17 July 2014 shoot-down of the MH17 Malaysian airliner is a shameless propaganda-piece by the U.S. Government and its agents. Its (at present) 320 footnote-sources don’t include any of the many reports (virtually all in the foreign press) that present evidence the Ukrainian government shot down this airliner. Among the important issues that aren’t even raised, are: why was the Ukrainian government given veto-power over any final report which will be issued by the official four-nation MH17 investigating team: Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, and Ukraine? Why was Ukraine even included in this team to investigate a crime in which one of the two main suspects is the Ukrainian government itself?

Why was the presence of 30mm bullet-holes in the side-panel next to the pilot not mentioned in this lengthy wikipedia article? (If this plane had been brought down by only a missile, such as wikipedia assumes, there wouldn’t be any bullet-holes — much less, hundreds of them, as there are.) Why was the first analysis of that side-panel — which is the best and most reliable piece of evidence that exists about how this disaster actually happened — ignored altogether in the wikipedia article? After all, that analysis of the side-panel has subsequently been further confirmed by other reliable evidence, all of which the article also ignores.

I have edited some wikipedia articles, but I won’t edit the one on MH17: it’s too thoroughly rotten with speculative and other bad sources, so that it would need to be entirely rewritten — and bogus ‘evidence’ removed from it — in order for the article to present an account that’s based upon the best evidence regarding each of its particulars. Wikipedia’s article is thoroughly based on anti-Russian propaganda; it might as well have been written by the CIA (like the case that was presented about “Saddam’s WMD” was).

Here is the wikipedia article, so that you can see what U.S. propaganda says about the downing of MH17.

Here is my latest article about the downing of the MH17.

Here is my most comprehensive article reconstructing, on a best-evidence basis, how and why and who shot down this airliner.

The core of my case there is the same item of evidence to which Haisenko first called the public’s attention: that side-panel. I basically accept his reconstruction of how the plane came down, but I supplement it with additional evidence. Please click onto any link in the article, to see the evidence more fully analyzed, in the given linked-to source, wherever you have further questions that aren’t directly addressed in the article.

My articles present far fewer items of ‘evidence’ than does the wikipedia article, because I exclude all but the most-reliable evidence about any given detail. There is so much speculation that’s published, and so much bogus ‘evidence’; my guiding principle is therefore to rely only upon the least-speculative argument that refers to only the most-reliable, assuredly untampered-with, items of evidence. This is what one is supposed to do in a court of law; it’s the reason why judges are authorized to exclude from being presented to jurors any ‘evidence’ that fails to meet modern legal/forensic standards of authenticity and reliability. It’s the only way that an unprejudiced verdict can even become possible. It’s the prerequisite to history, as opposed to mere myth.

That’s the contrast between my articles about the MH17 disaster, and the 320 articles from which the wikipedia article about MH17 is constructed. And it also separates my articles from wikipedia’s article itself about the subject, “Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.”

What’s especially wrong about the wikipedia account is that it doesn’t even refer to the 30mm bullet holes in that side panel — evidence that is inconsistent with the U.S.-Ukrainian account (wikipedia’s account) of how this airliner was shot down. (Wikipedia’s article is instead obsessed with “a Buk missile launcher” — the theory of the case that’s pumped by America’s and Ukraine’s governments, and which is entirely inconsistent with such bullet-holes. You don’t get bullet-holes from 33,000+ feet away.) And the wikipedia article also doesn’t refer to Peter Haisenko, the brilliant former Luftahansa pilot who first pointed out those bullet holes in the side-panel, and who noted that there wouldn’t be any, much less hundreds of, bullet-holes firing directly into the pilot’s body, if the only thing that had brought down this airliner were shrapnel from some missile fired from 33,000 feet below. You simply can’t target the pilot’s belly and pump perhaps a thousand bullets into it from 33,000 feet down. This side-panel decimates the American-Ukrainian theory of the case — and so decimates wikipedia’s propagandistic article.

And why wasn’t the autopsy on the pilot made public? Everyone needs to know what was inside that corpse. But wikipedia and the ‘news’ media show no interest in that crucial question, either.

We don’t live in a democracy. This is a dictatorship. The ‘news’ media cannot be trusted by any intelligent and open-minded person. To find the truth, one (unfortunately) needs to investigate on one’s own and take the attitude that only the most solid evidence and the least speculative argument constitutes authentic history, on anything. All else — any casual trusting of the ‘news’ media — is merely accepting lies and myths, which are designed to manipulate people (like when we invaded Iraq), instead of to inform them. There is more than ample reason to distrust the ‘news’ media. And wikipedia is just as manipulated as the rest.

We live now in a culture where lies and myths drown out truth. In other words: we live in a dictatorship. That’s today’s USA. This is the reality, in which we live. And the Big Lie is: it’s not so. But the evidence sadly proves: it’s so; it clearly is the case.


The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015…Guest Column…Michael Snyder

Red Alert Button

I have never done anything like this before.

Ever since I started The Economic Collapse Blog in late 2009, I have never issued any kind of “red alert” for any specific period of time.  As an attorney, I was trained to be level-headed and to only come to conclusions that were warranted by the evidence.

So this is not something that I am doing lightly.

Based on information that I have received, things that I have been told, and thousands of hours of research that have gone into the publication of more than 1,300 articles about our ongoing economic collapse, I have come to the conclusion that a major financial collapse is imminent.  Therefore, I am issuing a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015.

To clarify, when I say “imminent” I do not mean that it will happen within the next 48 hours.  And I am not saying that our problems will be “over” once we get to the end of 2015.  In fact, I believe that the truth is that our problems will only be just beginning as we enter 2016.

What I am attempting to communicate is that we are right at the door of a major turning point.  About this time of the year back in 2008, my wife and I went to visit her parents.  As we sat in their living room, I explained to them that we were on the verge of a major financial crisis, and of course the events that happened a few months later showed that I was right on the money.

This time around, I wish that I could visit the living rooms of all of my readers and explain to them why we are on the verge of another major financial crisis.  Unfortunately, that is not possible, but hopefully this article will suffice.  Please share it with your friends, your family and anyone else that you want to warn about what is coming.

Let’s start with a little discussion about the U.S. economy.  Most of the time, when I use the term “economic collapse” what most people are actually thinking of is a “financial collapse”.  And we will talk about the imminent “financial collapse” later on in this article.  But just because stocks have recently been hitting all-time record highs does not mean that the overall economy has been doing well.  This is a theme that I have hammered on over and over again.  It is my contention that we are in the midst of a long-term economic collapse that has been happening for many years, that is happening as you read this article, and that will greatly accelerate over the coming months.

Let me give you just one quick example.  When an economy is healthy, money tends to circulate fairly rapidly.  I buy something from you, then you take that money and buy something from someone else, etc.  In a stable and growing economy, people generally feel good about things and they are not afraid to spend.

But during hard times, the exact opposite happens.  That is why the velocity of money almost always slows down during a recession.  As you can see from the chart below, the velocity of money has indeed gone down during every recession since 1960.

Once a recession is over, the velocity of money is supposed to go back up.  But a funny thing happened after the last recession ended.  The velocity of money continued to go down, and it has now hit an all-time record low…

Velocity Of Money M2

This is the kind of chart that you would expect from a very sick economy.  And without a doubt, our economy is sick.  Even the official government numbers paint a picture of an economy that is deeply troubled.  Corporate profits have declined for two quarters in a row, U.S. exports plunged by 7.6 percent during the first quarter of 2015, U.S. GDP contracted by 0.7 percent during the first quarter, and factory orders have declined year over year for six months in a row.

If the stock market was connected to reality, it would be going down.  But instead, it has just kept going up.  As I discussed yesterday, this is a classic case of an irrational financial bubble.  If I was writing an economic textbook and I wanted to include an example of what a run up to a major financial crash looks like, it would be hard to come up with anything more ideal than what we have watched unfold over the last six months.  Just about every pattern that has popped up prior to previous stock markets crashes is happening again, and this is something that I have written about so much that many of my readers are sick of it.

And without a doubt, our financial markets are primed for a crash.

Only two times before has the S&P 500 been up by more than 200 percent over a six year time frame.

The first was in 1929, and the stock market subsequently crashed.

The second was in 2000, right before the dotcom bubble burst.

And by just about any measure that you can possibly imagine, stocks are massively overvalued right now.

For instance, just check out the chart posted below.  It comes from Doug Short, and it shows that the ratio of corporate equity prices to GDP has only been higher one time since 1950.  That was in 2000 just before the dotcom bubble burst…

The Buffett Indicator from Doug Short

Let’s take a look at another chart.  This one comes from Phoenix Capital Research, and it shows that the CAPE ratio (cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio) has rarely been higher.  In fact, the only times that it has been higher we have seen stock market crashes immediately afterwards…

CAPE - Phoenix Capital Research

Yale economics professor Robert Shiller is also deeply concerned about the CAPE ratio

I think that compared with history, US stocks are overvalued. One way to assess this is by looking at the CAPE (cyclically adjusted P/E) ratio that I created with John Campbell, now at Harvard, 25 years ago. The ratio is defined as the real stock price (using the S&P Composite Stock Price Index deflated by the CPI) divided by the ten-year average of real earnings per share. We have found this ratio to be a good predictor of subsequent stock market returns, especially over the long run. The CAPE ratio has recently been around 27, which is quite high by US historical standards. The only other times it has been that high or higher were in 1929, 2000, and 2007—all moments before market crashes.

But the CAPE ratio is not the only metric I watch. In my book Irrational Exuberance (3rd Ed., Princeton 2015) I discuss several metrics that help judge what’s going on in the market. These include my stock market confidence indices. One of the indicators in that series is based on a single question that I have asked individual and institutional investors over the years along the lines of, “Do you think the stock market is overvalued, undervalued, or about right?” Lately, what I call “valuation confidence” captured by this question has been on a downward trend, and for individual investors recently reached its lowest point since the stock market peak in 2000.

Other valuation indicators produce similar results.  This next chart is another one from Doug Short, and it shows the average of four of his favorite valuation indicators.  As you can see, there is only one other time when stocks have been more overvalued than they are today according to the average of his four favorite indicators, and that was just before the stock market crashed when the dotcom bubble burst…

Four Valuation Indicators - Doug Short

Another one of the things that indicates that a financial bubble is happening is the level of margin debt.  Whenever margin debt has gone over 2.25% of GDP a stock market crash has always followed, and today it is far above that level.  As you can see from the chart below, there have been three major peaks in margin debt in modern U.S. history.  One was just before the dotcom bubble burst, one was just before the financial crisis of 2008, and the third is happening right now…

Margin Debt - Doug Short

Something else that we would expect to see prior to a major financial crisis is a decoupling of high yield debt and stocks.  This is something that happened just prior to the stock market crash of 2008, and it is happening again right now.  The following chart comes from Zero Hedge, and it demonstrates this brilliantly…

S&P 500 HY Credit

Are you starting to get the picture?

And as I discussed yesterday, the smart money is beginning to pull their money out of stocks while they still can.  According to USA Today, mutual fund investors have pulled more money out of stocks than they have put into stocks for 16 weeks in a row

In a sign of stock market nervousness on Main Street, mutual fund investors have yanked more money out of U.S. stock funds than they put in for 16 straight weeks.

The last time domestic stock funds had positive net cash inflows was in the week ending Feb. 25, according to data from the Investment Company Institute, a mutual fund trade group.

In the week ended June 17, the most recent data available, mutual funds that invest in U.S. stocks suffered net outflows of $3.45 billion, according to the ICI.

Since late February, U.S. stock funds have suffered estimated outflows of nearly $55 billion. Those net withdrawals come despite the fact the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 hit a fresh record high of 2130.82 on May 21 and the Dow Jones industrial average notched a fresh record on May 19.

But it isn’t just stocks that are going to crash during the next financial crisis.  Bonds are going to crash as well, but what I am concerned about most of all are derivatives.

Derivatives are going to play a starring role in the next major financial crisis.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  In fact, if you want to listen for just one word on the news that will let you know that things have started to really unravel, just listen for the word “derivatives”.  This form of legalized gambling is going to crush “too big to fail” banks all over the planet during the next major financial downturn.  The “too big to fail” banks in the U.S. alone have 278 trillion dollars of total exposure to derivatives, but they only have 9.8 trillion dollars in total assets.  To say that they are being “reckless” is a massive understatement.

For much more on the coming derivatives crisis, please see my previous article entitled “Warren Buffett: Derivatives Are Still Weapons Of Mass Destruction And ‘Are Likely To Cause Big Trouble’“.

Of course I am not the only one that is sounding the alarm about what is coming.  Just consider what some very prominent individuals have been saying recently…

Ron Paul has just released a new video in which he warned all of us to “prepare for a bear market in bonds“.

Carl Icahn says that financial markets are “extremely overheated—especially high-yield bonds“.

Max Keiser recently told Alex Jones that a great financial collapse is coming.

Martin Armstrong says that his Economic Confidence Model predicts that the “Big Bang” is coming in “2015.75“.

Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante says that “we’re getting very, very close to the next crisis collapse” and he has specifically pointed to the month of September.

James Howard Kunstler has predicted that stocks are going to “crater in Q3 as faith in paper and pixels erodes“.

Lindsey Williams recently sent out an email alert in which he warned that his elite friend has told him that “they have a World Wide Financial Collapse scheduled between September and the end of December 2015“.

Gerald Celente has warned about “the Great Panic of 2015“.

Bill Fleckenstein has said that 2015 could be the year of the “big accident“.

Ray Gano has stated that we will see a financial collapse “probably starting in the third quarter of 2015″.

Legendary investor Jim Rogers recently said that he believes that “we will see some kind of major, major problems in the world financial markets” within the next year or two.

Alex Jones recently released a video in which he explained that he recently received “two different calls” from “extremely prominent wealthy people” warning him about what is coming by the end of this year and asking him why he isn’t leaving the United States “before October”.

Bible prophecy expert Joel C. Rosenberg has posted an ominous message on his personal blog in which he warned that “something is coming” and that “we must be ready”…

I feel a tremendous sense of urgency about this column.

The United States is hurtling towards severe trouble, and the events of the past few months — andwhat may be coming over the next few months — grieves me a great deal.

Something is coming. I don’t know what. But we all must be ready in every possible way.

When I read what Rosenberg wrote, it struck me that it was precisely how I have been feeling too.

In my entire life, I have never had such an ominous feeling about any period of time as I have about the last six months of 2015.  Like Rosenberg, I feel a “tremendous sense of urgency”, and I feel a great need to warn as many people as I can.

And it isn’t just a financial collapse that I am concerned about.  In a previous article, I detailed seven key events that we are going to witness before the end of this September…

Late June/Early July – It is expected that this is when the U.S. Supreme Court will reveal their gay marriage decision.  Most believe that the court will rule that gay marriage is a constitutional right in all 50 states.  There are some that believe that this will be a major turning point for our nation.

July 15th to September 15th – A “realistic military training exercise” known as “Jade Helm” will be conducted by the U.S. Army.  More than 1,000 members of the U.S. military will take part in this exercise.  The list of states slated to be involved in these drills includes Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California, Mississippi and Florida.

July 28th – On May 28th, Reuters reported that countries in the European Union were being given a two month deadline to enact “bail-in” legislation.  Any nation that does not have “bail-in” legislation in place by that time will face legal action from the European Commission.  So why is the European Union in such a rush to get this done?  Are the top dogs in the EU anticipating that another great financial crisis is about to erupt?

September 13th – This is Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar – the last day of the Shemitah year.  Many are concerned about this date because we have seen giant stock market crashes on the last day of the previous two Shemitah cycles.

On September 17th, 2001 (which was Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar), we witnessed the greatest one day stock market crash in U.S. history up until that time.  The Dow plummeted 684 points, and it was a record that held for exactly seven years until the end of the next Shemitah cycle.

On September 29th, 2008 (which was also Elul 29 on the Biblical calendar), the Dow fell by an astounding 777 points, which still today remains the greatest one day stock market crash of all time.

Now we are approaching the end of another Shemitah year.  So will the stock market crash on September 13th, 2015?  Well, no, because that day is a Sunday.  So I guarantee that the stock market will not crash on that particular day.  But as Jonathan Cahn has pointed out in his book on the Shemitah, sometimes stock market crashes happen just before the end of the Shemitah year and sometimes they happen within just a few weeks after the end of the Shemitah.  So we are not just looking at one particular date.

September 15th – The 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins on this date.  It is being reported that France plans to introduce a resolution which would give formal UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state.  Up until now, the United States has always been the one blocking such a resolution, but Barack Obama is indicating that things may be much different this time around.

September 25th to September 27th – The United Nations is going to launch a brand new sustainable development agenda for the entire planet.  Some have called this “Agenda 21 on steroids”.  But this new agenda is not just about the environment.  It also includes provisions regarding economics, agriculture, education and gender equality.  On September 25th, the Pope will travel to New York to give a major speech kicking off the UN conference where this new agenda will be unveiled.

September 28th – This is the date for the last of the four blood moons that fall on Biblical festival dates during 2014 and 2015.  This blood moon falls on the very first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, it will be a “supermoon”, and it will actually be visible in the city of Jerusalem.  There are many that dismiss the blood moon phenomenon, but we have seen similar patterns before.  For example, a similar pattern of eclipses happened just before and just after the destruction of the Jewish temple by the Romans in 70 AD.

In addition to everything above, quite a number of economic cycle theories that were developed by secular economists all point to big trouble for America between the years of 2015 and 2020.  For more on this, please see my previous article entitled “If Economic Cycle Theorists Are Correct, 2015 To 2020 Will Be Pure Hell For The United States“.

Earlier today, I publicly announced that I was issuing a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015 on the Alex Jones radio show.  You can watch video of that interview right here.  In this article (which is about three times as long as one of my normal articles) I have only shared a small fraction of the information that has led me to issue this red alert.  But if you want to know more, and you are not afraid to really go down the rabbit hole, I would encourage you to check out a full two hour presentation that I did down in Dallas, Texas on the nightmarish years that are coming.

The period of relative stability that we have been enjoying is ending.  What comes next is going to lead us into the worst period of time in modern American history.  I wish that I was wrong about this.

But the goal is not to scare you.  My wife and I live our lives with absolutely no fear, and that is my desire for all of my readers.  There is hope in understanding what is happening and there is hope in getting prepared.  Personally, my wife and I believe that the greatest chapters of our lives are ahead of us, and I hope that you have a similar outlook.

We need a generation of people that are willing to rise up and do great things even in the midst of all the chaos and darkness that is coming.  It is when times are the darkest that the greatest heroes are needed.

So what will you choose to do when the next crisis comes?

Will you cower in fear, or will you rise up to meet the challenge?

Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…

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The United Nations 500 Day Warning , Malaysian Flight MH370, Jade Helm & Asteriod Threat all Related?

French Foreign Minister: ‘We Have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos’

(CNSNews.com) – The world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said alongside Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department on Tuesday.

“We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos,” Fabius said. “And I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject and I’m sure that with them, with a lot of other friends, we shall be able to reach success in this very important matter.”



“Missing ” Malaysian Flight #370 most interesting passengers included about 25 of the worlds most advanced engineers..,.mostly from Freescale Semi-conductor of Austin, Texas. They had reportedly just invented the very latest gadgetry, specializing in electronic warfare and first strike nuclear disablement.

This valuable payload supposedly crashed, or vanished…or maybe whisked away to an undisclosed location. Perhaps it was an orchestrated multi country agreement to quarantine the best and brightest to work on the most critical weaponry this world has ever needed to insure our existence…

Maybe we should all be rooting for these most valuable engineers , rumored to be located in a remote Israeli underground area…feverishly working on an asteroid defense system . The 1996 movie Deep Impact should be viewed by all. Hollywood often preps the public for future events.

This September’s expected asteriod may be the real deal , it’s now starting to get sufficient journalistic and scientific confirmation to be a credible threat. Maybe there was a larger purpose to the sleight out of hand in regards to flight MH370. Governmental responsibility of predisposition assets in light of this possibility seems justified. Just how would citizens act if we knew we were at the end of the world as we know it?

Obama and Top Officials Secretly Briefed on Extraterrestrial Cover-up (Exopolitics.org)

Obama briefed on ETs

Obama Adviser Podesta’s Main Regret: Not Disclosing the UFO 

Obama briefed on ETsAfter White House Counselor John Podesta went public on Feb 13 with his failed efforts to have classified UFO files disclosed, it has been learned that one of his unofficial sources for the existence of such files is Disclosure Project advocate Dr Steven Greer. Greer announced on Feb 14 that he had unofficially “briefed” Podesta about an extraterrestrial cover-up in early 2009, soon after President Obama took office. Podesta at the time was in the process of completing his work as co-chair of Obama’s Presidential transition team. Greer’s briefing documents were to be passed on to President Obama himself, and to his then-CIA Director Leon Panetta.Greer explained the background to his unofficial briefing:

An attorney working with Mr. Podesta requested the briefing and we assembled an extensive file for Mr. Podesta to provide to the newly- elected President Obama. There was also support for this process from a senior CIA official who is friendly to Disclosure and the briefing was also provided to then-CIA Director Leon Panetta.

The cover letter to the extensive briefing documents provided to Podesta is six pages long and is titled “Special Presidential Briefing for President Barack Obama.” Dated Jan 23, 2009, the cover letter waspublicly released by Greer in Dec 2012. The cover letter contains references to some of the material provided to Podesta, including how Presidential administrations have been systemically denied access to information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology on the grounds of “misguided secrecy”. Greer wrote:

Because of this misguided secrecy, the wondrous new sciences related to advanced energy generation, propulsion and transportation have been withheld from the people. These advances include the generation of limitless clean energy from the so-called zero point energy field and quantum vacuum flux field from the space around us, and propulsion that has been termed (incorrectly) anti-gravity. The field of electromagnetic energy that is teeming all around us and which is embedded within the fabric of space/time can easily run all of the energy needs of the Earth – without pollution, oil, gas, coal, centralized utilities or nuclear power.

It’s significant that when Podesta was appointed Counselor to President Obama, his duties as described on the White House website “include overseeing climate change and energy policy.” This firmly suggests that the UFO files that Podesta requested involved some of the classified information on free energy technologies that were described in Greer’s briefing.

It’s important to emphasize that Podesta almost certainly had Obama’s support in accessing UFO files that could revolutionize the energy industry, and end U.S. dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Podesta’s Feb 13 twitter message signaled his frustration at being unable to access such classified files which he clearly believed existed. Podesta was undoubtedly taking one final swing at secretly appointed national security officials that had denied him and the President access out of “misguided secrecy.” Thankfully Greer’s disclosure of his secret briefing of Podesta in 2009 and the cover letter that accompanied the briefing documents is now a matter of the public record.